Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/26/2014 – Jon Taffer, from the Nightclub and Bar Convention in Las Vegas

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Guest Jon Taffer, from the Nightclub and Bar Convention in Las Vegas

Recorded 03-25-2014 – Release Date 03-26-2014

Production Number #1289

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Adam is opening the show from Las Vegas with Jon making his 2nd appearance after his debut on ACS #1240, they’re at the nightclub and bar convention in Las Vegas, and Adam just delivered the keynote speech.

Adam is now bringing up the trade show element to this event, how everything from straws to fog machines are being represented.

Adam is now asking Jon about his creation of this convention and how it all came about, he’s telling them it’s the most powerful event in the industry.


Adam is thanking him for the nice lead in on Spike and asking him about the 60 episodes they’ve shot, Adam is plugging his book and the upcoming episode featuring Mangria that will be airing this Sunday.

Adam is bringing up the analogy he always makes about actors filming in swamps and how you actually have to be in it, Jon says it’s the perfect analogy and Adam is making the point that it stays with you after you leave.

Adam is commenting on the smell of a closed bar, Jon confirms that they smell and look awful with lights on and the fans off.


Adam is now asking what the booze industry is in the United States, he says 22 billion in beverage related sales.

Adam wants to know about the biggest consumers and spenders across the globe when it comes to spirits, Jon is giving Adam an in depth global picture of the modern booze trends.

Adam is asking about adding water and ice to scotch, he’s telling them about mineral matching water in some places overseas.


Adam is bringing up his tour of the Coors facility in Colorado, he’s bringing up the water in St. Louis and how it matches exactly, and Adam is calling bullshit and asking Jon for the most value vs. bullshit behind the bar.

He wants to know what processes actually mean something and he’s citing how Jack Daniels is produced and how he thinks they’re not charging enough per bottle for that stuff.

Jon is now telling Adam about the history of the martini and the “Gibson” along with the origins of many drink names including “The Screwdriver” and a “Harvey Wallbanger”.


Adam is asking Jon about his drink of choice, “A Godfather” and he’s explaining his variant on the recipe vs. the actual common one.

Adam is now asking him about walking the bartender through his drink creation, Adam is now bringing up bring on set and having a PA hit him up for coffee.

He’s explaining how just a touch/splash of milk always turns into a flood and he has to then adjust it, Adam says we live in a society where people just hear you say the word and you get what you get, not a measured amount.


Adam is calling the classify bartender a dying art and he’s commenting on the staff at “Musso and Franks” and how old-school they are in comparison to the transitory staff at most locations who are trying to make it in Hollywood.

Adam is now doing a hilarious live read with Jon, taco the sack!

Adam throws it to Dawson for some legalese but it never comes, Adam is complimenting Jon on his motor and how he loves people who achieve things.


Adam is commenting on how 20/20 has contacted him after their profile on Jon for how to spot a scammer, Adam is asking Jon for his top 5 list for success as small business owner.

  1. Own your failure
  2. Have extra money
  3. Experience, find someone who has it if you don’t.


Adam is explaining how they got involved with their partner for Mangria because he wasn’t familiar with this business.

Adam is explaining how when he was a contractor and would farm out certain jobs, the idea of paying people to go out and make him more money.

Jon is giving them the history of his show “Bar Rescue”.


Adam is now explaining how his goal is to make enough money to enjoy the life his family enjoys, he’s citing their upcoming spring break trip to Catalina and how he would have liked an invite even if he can’t attend.

Adam is asking Jon about his average week and what his schedule his like, he’s going in depth on the production of the show and his 2 businesses that leave him with about 4hrs sleep per night.

Jon is explaining how he likes being handed money while people are smiling and Adam is bringing up the parts of “Catch a Contractor” he enjoyed and didn’t enjoy.


Adam is citing the swamp of emotions on the show, Adam is bringing up the unpleasant fights Jon has on his show.

Adam and Jon agree that the “Reveal” day is the best day of filming, Adam is now assuming what Jon likes is the journey part of the show.

Adam is making appoint about 20/40min running times condensing a 6 month journey and how audiences respond to that.


Adam is now doing a live read.


Adam is now telling Jon the story of the time Jimmy Kimmel wiped his ass with a Clorox wipe instead of a baby wipe.

Jon says he has a friend who used bengay instead of lubricant, Adam is telling them about the time that Ray was wiping his face down with a Tux medicated ass pad, instead of a Clearasil.

Adam is now commenting on his sister taking the toothpaste to school and the few reasons that might be done, he’s telling Jon about brushing his teeth with Vagisil.


Adam is asking Jon about his schedule for the event today, they’re commenting on the huge amount of products and items on display.

Adam is asking him how much of life is networking, relationship building, not bullshitting.

Jon is making a point about making friends and feeling good about the people you work with, including a point about humor and doing business with the people you want to.


Adam is trying to convey to people a point about avoidance, he’s citing the person who calls and you hesitate answering the phone to, Adam says relationships are a two way street and need more back and forth.

Adam is making a point about “what can he do for me” and how he thought about his relationship with Jimmy Kimmel early on, trying to do be a positive influence on his life.

Adam is telling Jon about the time he built Jimmy’s daughter’s playhouse when she was 3, Adam is saying people should try to make themselves of value to their friends and partners.


Adam is bringing up his upcoming filming for “Road Hard” and how they cashed in favors to get things done, he’s citing how they reached out to Bryan Cranston and Nick Offerman.

Adam says he heard back from all of the people he reached out to, he’s telling Jon about filming Howie’s show over a year ago and how that plays into him now working with on Road Hard.

Adam is even thanking Norm Pattiz of Podcastone who is allowing them to film in their offices, Adam is citing Naomi Scott and her request to come film at his house just 3 days earlier.


Adam is now giving out the plugs, including for the upcoming episode of Bar Rescue featuring Mangria.

Adam is now wrapping up the show with a hilarious “Mark and Bryan” flub.