Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/25/2014 – Jay Mohr, Harley Morenstein, and Jo Koy

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Guest Jay Mohr, Harley Morenstein, and Jo Koy

Recorded 03-24-2014 – Release Date 03-25-2014

Production Number #1288

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Adam is opening the show with BB giving some nice “fuck them’s” to the people who hate the way he says #TopDrop, they caught BB trying and now they want to make him feel bad.

BB it’s not you, most people listen in the AM, they are pissy, you are the 3rd thing they hear, it’s that, they are not “night time slick” trying to talk smooth, it comes off as annoying, but if you said it any other way they would still bitch, so slick it up BB!

Adam is commenting on Jo Koy and his son, who he brought with for this recording.

Jo is quickly approaching his 20th appearance, this should be #18 if memory serves.


Adam is riffing about the “hygiene horse” and Jo’s son who refuses to clean himself up, Adam is now telling Jo about his daughter being stuck in “Star Fucker mode” since his show premiered.

BB is joking about it and Adam says he’s right, it’s not inaccurate and he’s sharing how his daughter even called him asking when he would get home to spend time with her.

Adam is explaining that this has drastically changed how his daughter treats him and highlights the wiring differences in men and women, citing his son’s reaction to the success.


Alison has a great one liner about Natalia and her take on new media, Alison is making a point about the podcast audience and the TV audience and the relatively similar size, if not larger for the ACS.

Adam has a point about advertisement and says all you would need to get laid is commercials running for a show that never comes out.

Adam is further explaining how his family and the kids are reacting to his TV show, he’s commenting on Lynette and her first viewing.


Adam is now talking about live shows and how when you come from the place he does, it only means hassle and has little upside, Jo totally agrees.

Alison confirms never seeing Lynette at any of the live shows, Jo is telling them about a recent show in Vegas and the comps in the audience, his mom had 19 people.

Bald Bryan is now forgetting a few live shows where Lynette attended, including at least two I was also in attendance for.


Alison and BB are telling him about the time Olga’s daughter came to a show, Adam is saying how much he likes the lack of interest in his work and is saying he honestly doesn’t know if his wife has read any of his books.

Adam says he is not offended and is sharing her reaction to the Paul Newman doc, Adam says “she likes me for me” Jo has a funny reply and BB is asking them about his wife.

Adam has a hilarious box with fire/cookies explanation for why Christy is different and their relationship is different.


Alison has a hilarious reaction to Adam joking about being left out of the dinner order at “In and Out” almost like he’s not part of the family he pays for.

Adam says he’s been using his juicer and now Jo is making a point about girls he once dated, Jay Mohr is entering the studio and it’s now what Jay calls “2/3 of the trilogy”, interesting.

Adam is now saying how underrated Jay is as an actor, BB is now praising his work in “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone” and Adam is also complimenting his work and explaining how Jay will be having a nice part in his film.


Adam is now asking Jay about his wife’s involvement in his writing process and how she helps him flesh out his material and callbacks.

Jay is explaining “similar hates” to Adam and riffing about his mutual hatred with his wife for “Counting Crows” and now Adam is asking Adam D. to the list of guys he’s most angry about getting laid.

Jay is bringing up Jacob Dylan and adding him to the list, Adam is citing George Clooney as the guy nobody has a beef with getting laid, and Alison wants to know how they feel about David Spade.


Adam is now saying he wants to know the list, Pauley Shore is being added by Jay, Jo defends all men getting laid and Jay is mocking him.

Alison wants to know how far he takes that and Jay is now jumping in, Jay is now adding Billy Corgan to Adam’s list.

They’re all riffing all the guys, Jay is telling Adam about the “two at a time” rule of Carrot Top, Carrot was doing Loveline in the era Jay is mentioning, and Adam is now mocking his baby on board joke.


Adam is now asking if Jay thinks that Carrot/Scott is tortured in spite of his pussy crushing abilities, Jay is now riffing and doing impressions.

Adam is doing a live read for BarkBox.com


Adam is commenting on a current picture of Molly, BB is interrupting to add Fred Durst to the list of the guys, Jo is joking about him still rocking the hat backwards.

Adam is telling the story of how his buddy Nick Santora whose script was directed by Fred, BB has a hilarious drop that’s very appropriate.

Jay is now doing some Big Momma and Adam is telling her about the lack of support from his own mother, he’s doing a plug for the patent troll defense fund.


Big Momma has a hilarious Marc Maron pronunciation and now they’re riffing about Bobby McFerrin and Jo is in character as Brown Sugar, his character.

Adam is now working at the intermediary and they’re going nuts riffing around him, killing it.

This is gold!


Alison has some great reactions as they riff about bifocals, Adam is in the mix and he’s getting steamrolled by accents.

Brown Sugar is telling them about Big Momma shitting in his Honda, a passion shit after he fucked the shit out of her, wow!

Adam is trying to explain to Big Momma why she doesn’t shit on a cloth interior, Brown Sugar is now trying to show his dick to the gang and Big Momma is bringing up mice.


Brown Sugar is telling Adam about big dick problems and traveling with a mouse for his dick, what?

Adam is clearing things up, hilarious “Computer, what?” delivery from Jay.

Adam is trying to get them to say the word “mouse” instead of mice, hilarious “a cannonball” misunderstanding from Adam.

They’re talking about his show “Catch a Contractor” and Brown Sugar is taking offense with Adam, he’s got a great use of “huh” and now Big Momma is telling him to let her Honda poop incident go.


Big Momma is now telling Adam about her “sugar” and Adam is asking her about hypoglycemia and Brown is taking offense, they’re further riffing about “RX” and BB is in the mix asking follow up questions, Alison’s reactions are priceless.

Adam is now asking what it would sound like if Big Momma spoke to “Mr. Wong” the pharmacist who she visits, they’re now doing it for him.

Adam is now doing a live read for a new sponsor as they guys close it out on a high note.


Jay is doing some Huell Howser and they’re calling it “Neighborhood Playhouse” for when they riff together, Adam is giving out the plugs and mixing up the location, Jay is in character as Harvey Keitel and Adam is now bringing up Mashantucket.

Adam is now bringing up the backstage moment where August asked Fitzsimons what they fed him when he was volunteering in Mexico at an orphanage, Gary is on mic confirming that story.

Adam is now mocking the old Houston Improv that used to be a “Rain Forrest Café” and Adam is now making a point about crazy fucked up architecture and they’re calling it the most bizarre place to do standup.


Adam is explaining this was one of the gigs where he had to discuss splitting his take with the club due to low turnout, Jay jokes that Jo is not accustomed to that experience that they’re both familiar with.

Adam is doing a live read, Jay has a great “What!?” in reply to Adam saying they’re going to break.


They’re back from Break with Harley making his 2nd appearance, he was last on ACS #993 from January of 2013, and Harley is giving them a thumbnail sketch of his work and origins.

Adam is now joking with BB about how he’ll wish he invented a cracker, Alison just invented a cookbook you can eat.

Adam is now asking Harley what his best known dish is, he’s telling them about the 50 birds and 10 pigs baconator sandwich, he’s complimenting Gary on his super-fast image of the very dish.


Harley is telling them about his option to push it to 300lbs instead of going back down after getting fatter from this show and this line of work.

Adam is digging his theory on how elite it could be, many cultures have never had a person to reach 300lbs.

Adam is asking if they also get offended when a super muscular ripped guy is trying to get down to a weight that’s still more than them.


Adam is now describing the black dudes he’s seen with giant balls in their triceps, he’s citing his own genetic limitations.

Adam is now bringing up the guys on the NFL network with biceps building through their suit jackets he’s transitioning to a Draft Kings.com live read.

Adam and Alison are asking Harley about his TV show version of what they do on YouTube, Adam is now asking for Sterling Sharpe and Vernon Davis pictures to comment on their arms.


Adam is now commenting on the arm of Shannon Sharpe, saying that he must have extra muscles and Adam is now asking Harley to be his motivation speaker.

Harley is riffing about a de-motivational speaker job, he’s the perfect guy and Adam is riffing with him, helping him flesh it out.

Adam and BB are commenting on the Sharp genetics and Adam is now talking about how NFL players use the Canadian football league much a guy about to hit success in Hollywood and his relationship with a cute model that’s doomed to end when his show makes it to series, wow complex analogy.


They’re all now mocking some local Los Angeles attorney billboards, with an abundance of 7’s in the phone number, hilarious one liners from Adam.

Adam is now bringing up the 29$ teeth in South Central, Harley is asking some questions about how that could work, Adam is now saying whichever state has the least amount of billboards for attorneys and he’s comparing that to the Megan’s law sex offenders websites.

Adam is saying you can use both to gauge where to move, he’s saying the government needs to setup a similar program for lawyer billboards.


Harley is telling them about his gold grill he bought for his teeth on a whim.


Alison’s News


1st Story is the final update on the missing Malaysian airlines flight, Adam is now commenting on the reactions 17 days after the missing flight.

Adam is joking about his show’s publicist and Harley had the same theory, he’s sharing his angle on Kony being involved.

Adam says it was sad and Alison is saying this is like the same thing as meeting in person to break up, Adam says he would be the world’s worst everything.


He’s citing the way he would move on with his life if he was related to a passenger on the doomed flight, Harley is giving his take and how he thinks it’s almost a media setup.

Adam says that Alexander Graham Bell has to be pissed, if he found out that his invention was just being used to setup face to face meetings, Adam is now on a historical riff about information.


2nd Story Is on the death of the front man of “Gwar” and now Adam is saying they were always super funny on the show Red Eye, Alison is confirming that and reading the statement from the manager.

Adam is saying what a horrible member he would be if he was a member of Gwar or Kiss, he saying he would be “sweatpants man” the Marilyn to the bands “Munster’s” and he’s commenting on all of the mess and work the makeup requires.

Adam is joking about one regular dude in Gwar, he would make the rest of the group pop, and Adam says he would wear a baseball cap and sweatpants.


Alison has an interesting question about fame and being able to travel under the radar, Adam is now joking about sweating through foam rubber costumes.

Harley is telling them about DeaMau5 DJ’ing and how he takes the helmet off about halfway through the show, Harley is explaining how people idolize his every action.

Adam is riffing about Eddie Vedder removing a shirt mid concert and not knowing he’s going to need to do that ahead of time.


Harley is telling them about Eddie Vedder throwing someone out from a show, Adam is now joking about doing the same and he’s accusing someone in his crowd of farting.

Adam is now doing a live read.

Alison is asking the guys about lifting butt cheeks, she doesn’t understand its practical application to reduce noise, and Harley is giving her an education on it, including lower back bubble farts.


Adam is telling them about Maxipada using the lobby for shitting while staying the same room with the other guys, Alison is asking Chris why he does that.

BB is now tattling on Matt for wrecking the can moments before he entered it pre-show.

Adam is telling them about racing and how you want your bowels to be completely evacuated before hitting the track, he’s talking about shitting in a port-o-potty and hot sounds like shitting on a hot rock.


Alison and Adam are now joking about an app that makes “Ker plunk” sounds for when you shit without the presence of water.


3rd Story Is on Kanye West buying Kim Kardashian 10 Burger King restaurants, Harley is now sharing his take on Kanye and his relationship, he’s explaining how he’s trying to setup a competition with his domestic Fat Burger restaurants.

Adam and Harley are joking about the idea of this as a gift, Harley recommends something less extravagant to blow her mind and Adam is saying why not just 3 Burger Kings.

Adam is saying he doesn’t need both P. Diddy and Kanye, Harley is telling them about P. Diddy and his vodka endorsement, Adam is telling them about sitting down with the guys who brought him to endorse their brand.


Adam wants to know if you would want to be with Kanye, Adam is bringing up many points and Alison is giving her take on the idea of wearing G-String underwear for a spouse.

Adam is now saying that women are setup for high heels, G Strings and childbirth, Harley and Alison are riffing with him about underwear up ones ass.

Adam is joking about getting a Doula for underwear butt removal.

Alison is wrapping the news to a new drop from BB, it’s her pronouncing the name of the deceased lead singer of Gwar’s alter ego.

Adam and Harley are riffing about them replacing him in the band, Adam is now launching into a live read.

Adam is giving out the plugs for everyone and wrapping up the show.