Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/23/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 128

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Love between the Two Hosts

Recorded 03-18-2014 – Release Date 03-23-2014

Production Number #128 Gene for Alcoholism

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Adam is opening the show this time with a series of mandates, Adam has a plug for “Catch a Contractor” and Dr. Drew is marveling at the episode featuring José.

Adam and drew are now marveling at how much of life is open to interpretation, citing that he said she said drama of the show and dealing with a contractor.

Adam has some great points about profiling a good contractor and Drew has a point about craftsmanship, Adam says most of the problems on his show are the result of the homeowners taking the lowest bid.


Adam has a solid analogy comparing $4 surf and turf buffet to the lowest bid offered by a contractor, he saying but it seems too good to be true it always is.

Adam is now telling Dr. Drew about the lumber supply facility he used to frequent the featured the rare and strange varieties of wood including “Purple Heart” and is explaining there used to be businesses that were mean.

Adam is now citing the sarcastic signage and salty attitudes of mechanics from a bygone era, Adam is now quoting a sign and paraphrasing it, something to the effect the sting of paying a premium wears off much more quickly the lasting effects of a bad job.


Adam is making a point about spending money on the place you live over other items in life, Drew is telling Adam about his house and the addition of a giant walk-in closet since the kids departed for college.

Adam wants to know what he’s doing with the kid’s rooms and upon finding out as one of the funniest reactions in the show’s history, Drew Is Explaining the only reason they keep the house is for the kids to feel comfortable and he’s sharing his own feelings about his parents moving while he was away at college.

Drew says he would just move into a condo if not for them, Adam is now doing a live read.


They’re back to the topic of Drew’s house and the idea of retiring somewhere simplistic Adam is praising the idea and the concept of not having to worry about a roof when there are five units above you.

Adam is sharing his fantasy for a super modern house, Dr. Drew is chiming in saying that Adam was bringing this up back on loveline so long ago that drew didn’t even understand what Adam was talking about.

Adam is explaining that while these so far only rehabbed old homes his dream was always to build something “Thoroughly Modern” and he’s now describing his dream home.


Adam says no wood in the house, he’s now suggesting they just go gay instead of remodeling Drew’s home, Adam says he’s a daiquiri away from cool and Drew is loving it.

Adam is suggesting the type of lawn he would have, Drew is adding to it with his mister addition and now he’s launching into a live read.

Adam is now asking Dr. Drew about the monthly music clubs of yore, such as Columbia House and he’s explaining to Adam how it all worked.


Drew praises the service and Adam says it’s unclear if the people in his family had checking accounts, he’s citing that as why he never had anything like Drew’s experience and now Drew is offering up some theories on why Adam’s parents were so dysfunctional.

Adam is explaining his mom’s stance on spending money, how she felt about pleasure vs. driving 40 miles for something free.

Adam has a great “trident of money, effort and joy” and how that wouldn’t fly with his mom, he’s telling Adam about the Academy Award soundtracks that his grandpa would receive.


Adam is joking about the score to “Dr. Zhivago” and “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” and now he’s clearing up a mix-up with Drew, now it’s a “Poseidon Adventure” reference and Adam is singing the theme “There’s got to be a morning after…” and now they’re launching into live read #3.

Drew is bringing up the “Rodeo/Rodeo” clowns bit from the live show with Greg Fitzsimmons and Eric Stonestreet, he’s now asking Adam when Rodeo became Rode Drive.

Adam has a nice Jane Hathaway reference and Drew gets him to add a “Mr. Drysdale” addition and he’s bringing up his grandma’s lament about “Canon drive” and Adam is now suggesting that all umlauts are just the worms from tequila bottles.


Adam is on a killer riff, Drew is getting Chris on mic to explain it’s called a “Tilda” and they’re wondering why its missing from the sign for “Canon drive”.

They’re now no a full “Beverly Hillbillies” riff and he’s joking about the premise, Dr. Drew is now on mic and confirming it and Adam is mocking the premise of a banker bending over backwards for a rich guy.

They’re further remarking on the changing language over time and have now transitioned back to the premise of the sitcom.


Adam wants to know where that ass kissing has gone, he’s asking Drew about their credit history and mortgage payment records.

Gary has found a street sign with the umlaut/Tilda for Canon drive, vindicating the Aceman.

Adam is making a point that in spite of their collective 50 years of making lots of money for banks with 0 downside and the extreme difficulties they would face along with 30% down required despite their history of good credit.


Adam is now bringing up the point about people who think its only fair for him to pay the same amount others pay, Adam has a great report guard analogy and Drew has an equally great NFL football one, followed up with a great “Chumbawamba” reference.

Adam is now arguing against the logic and Drew asks if he knows who is actually requiring the 30%, the government.

Adam and Drew agree, let the bangers agree and decide, not 0 regulation, just less.


Drew is now doing live read #4 for GoToMeeting.


1st Caller Dave, He is telling Drew about his Irish girlfriend and he’s immediately citing Drew’s theory about addiction genealogy and ethnic heritages resulting from genocidal assaults throughout history.

Drew is really going off on his theory, he’s has this one since Classic Loveline, Dave is now asking almost as if he’s writing a research paper.

Drew is telling Dave to think more abstractly, he’s asking “why?” and Drew is now making a point about addiction and its role in battle and action, the “Fighter Jet Pilot” theory.

Dave’s calls seems bogus, this is a bogus call.

Here he goes, he says “her anus is the size of a mason jar” and the guys praise him, but that’s not the line, it’s “her butthole was the size of a mason jar”, that’s the line.


2nd Caller Josh, he’s clearly inebriated or non-medicated and even seems to brag about being so, pressured speech and he’s asking them what topic they want to get into, now he’s ranting about the history of question marks and the connection to cats tails.

Josh admits that he’s hypomanic and Drew is now asking him about his medication and diagnosis history, he keeps going a mile a minute, he says he went to Africa for two weeks and doesn’t remember it due to a mood stabilizer.

Drew is now asking Adam about being bi-polar and how much he could get done if he had the condition, he’s telling them about his drug induced mania.


Adam is mocking Josh for using the term “Vulcan” and Joshua is losing it, Adam has a killer one liner in reply and a wise reply about mania.

Drew is now suggesting some treatment and they’re commenting on how tired they feel from talking to him, Drew is now doing a live read.


3rd Caller Nick, he’s recently got a job at a children’s event center and wants some tips on how to behave around kids while at work.

Drew is elaborating and Adam has a great one liner about what not to do when people bring their kids in, Drew is giving practical advice and Adam is giving the perspective from the boss as opposed to a parent.

Drew is now offering a guess and says “hustle” real hustle, Adam is shocked and has a funny high pitched affirmation indicating Drew was right.


Adam is now on an epic tangent about being a good employee and being on top of things, he’s sharing why bosses expect their employees to always be working.

Drew says anticipate needs, he’s giving examples.

Adam has a crazy right, riiiiight, rawwwwwwwwgh.


Adam and Drew are now doing a live read for BarkBox.com and they have some great Molly, Rex and Natalia anecdotes too, nice read.

Adam is now giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.