Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/21/2014 – Greg Proops and Adam White

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Guest Greg Proops

Recorded 03-20-2014 – Release Date 03-21-2014

Production Number #1286

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Adam is opening the show with a “Good Juju” intro, bald Bryan has the “Ad Carolla” top drop of Adam impersonating the girls who would flirt with him by saying his name to the tune of “My Sharona” and he’s marveling at how profoundly flattered he was by it.

Adam is now telling again about Chris Laxamana trailing him for the documentary about patent trolls, Adam is explaining his “jump in the car and ride around with me” policy the getting things done.

Chris is on mic confirming how busy Adam is and how truly exhausting is trying to keep up, Adam is telling again about talking to Dennis Prager on his show about the band the police/Sting and his lack of knowledge about pop-culture.


Adam is now sharing his “Zima” and “World’s Most Interesting Man” anecdotes about trying to convince people of things that exist in the ether that they should know about.

Adam and Allison are now pondering if people are happier when they focus on their interests and tune out the rest of the world.

Adam is explaining how terrible he is at returning text messages, he’s now telling the story of how he took three years to reply to Dickie Barrett of the Bosstones.


Bald Bryan is giving a vague sketch of bit coin and Allison has some superior info, Adam is now doing a live read and asking Gary for some info he had for him.

Adam White is now interrupting that and joining them for his ACS debut to discuss crypto currencies, Adam is asking him about his work in optical engineering, he’s now telling them about the “Airborne Laser “and his work on it.

Adam White is now describing chemical lasers to Adam and giving some of the details he’s allowed to share while stopping short at anything that’s classified.


Adam is asking him about flying and working on F-16s, Adam White is telling them about his software to help unconscious pilots, Carolla is now delivering a hilarious Kennedy reply.

Adam White is explaining how he was given advice from his Harvard professor about where and how to make his mark in the world, Adam White is trying to explain crypto currencies to Adam.

Adam White is qualifying Adams “loaded comment” and saying they’re always be a place for actual currency as well as digital crypto currency, he’s giving some examples of why it’s beneficial and Adam has a great reply about international applications.


Adam White is explaining what “Coin Base” his company does in very clear and easy-to-understand terms, Adam wants to know what ideally the marketplace would look like in 10 years in Adam White’s eyes.

Adam has a great question about the future and a hilarious joke about him still being alive 50 years, killer premise.

Adam loves the term crypto currency and says it sounds like a bond femme fatale, Alison has some wise questions about security and what risks bit coins may pose to users.


Bald Bryan says he donated a bit coin was given to him to be patent troll defense, of course.

Adam is now joking about some hoodlums in the alley next to the shop pitching bit coins.

Bald Bryan is bringing up the “Mt. Gox” controversy and how his company intends to alleviate concerns among users and potential new users.


Adam has a very astute summation comparing bit coin to the early days of online transactions and credit cards, Adam is giving an update on the fund anything campaign.


Q and Ace

1st caller Nick, Adam has a great “Fat Kid Beating off with the Thinning Hair” statue riff as Nick and bald Bryan try to bond over their homeland.

Nick wants to know who initially got Adam into organized children’s sports leagues, Adam is now sharing a clear memory of himself at age 9.

Adam is commenting on his daughter and her incredible core strength, he’s comparing it to his own and contrasting it against his sons while joking about it.


Adam is now telling the story of how he signed up with “The East Valley Trojans” and how his family would ask him to see if he could sign up for the scholarship and pay a reduced amount to enroll Adam, the hard luck discount.

Bald is sharing an anecdote of what is cool Little League coach would do to raise team morale.


2nd caller wants to know how Adam and Allison met, Alison is now sharing how they first met back in 1998 when she was working for random notes.

Alison is telling them about how kind they were to her, Adam now has a point about booger omelets, Alison is still praising Adam and he is explaining how he never tries to punish the person interviewing him and tries to have an attitude of gratitude.

Adam is describing the flattery in someone being curious about your wisdom and insights, Alison is now sharing her questions for Adam and drew, now my memory is starting to get jogged as well.


Adam is now remembering that party and Rose McGowan’s infamous dress, he says he remembers Chubbing up on the red carpet while following her.

Alison is now giving him an assist with the name Selma Hayek, and he’s correctly telling the story of her approaching him to tell him what a fan her brother was.

Adam is also remembering calling Rose nuts and he’s citing the few people he declared nuts who then called in to settle his hash.


Adam wants to know if his nuts declaration hasn’t actually held true, bald Bryan is now remembering that Rose was in “Planet Terror” with Michael behind.

Now Michael’s son Caelan is on mic to confirm that and share some behind-the-scenes dirt, Adam has a funny accusatory tone mocking Caelan, Adam says he misses Rose dearly.


3rd caller Mike, he wants to know how to tell the wife to tone down her pubic hair, Adam is now asking him to gauge the hair level.

Adam is now predicting that Mike has carefully etched facial hair, Alison has a funny comments comparing it to shaving a dog.

Alison is asking how Mike’s wife grooms now, Adam says he’s going to need Mike to back off and wrap up his obsession with her pubic hair.

Adam is now making a point about trying to force women to augment their behavior and their biological impulses to resists your efforts.

Adam and BB have a funny improv back and forth and Adam is summing things up.


4th caller Donnie wants to know if Adam ever employed any techniques to battle or augment his vocal tone and nasally drone, Donnie has his own nasal sound and wants to watch a podcast but is concerned about his voice.

Adam is now asking Donnie what kind of podcast he wants to launch, Donnie is basically describing Mike Dawson’s superior “Front of House” podcast.

Adam is alleviating his concerns and telling him that a unique voice might be more valuable in today’s market and his got a great modeling analogy, Donnie feels great and Adam has a very supportive and realistic summation.

Adam puts on hold as he wants to plug his social media accounts, Adam and Allison have a funny back-and-forth about it.


Adam is now doing a live read for GoToMeeting.com, and they are now going to break with a tease for a video “service owl”.


They are now returning from break with Greg Proops returning to the podcast and Adam is giving out the plugs for Greg and his book and podcast.

Greg is telling Adam about his deadline and trying to finish his book, Adam is mocking the “Drop-dead Date” in publishing and has a killer joke that even BB groans at.

Adam says that authors are the white version of rappers and there is nobody flakier than a white comedian author, Alison is asking Greg about the premise of this book.


Adam has a funny day game Negro leagues joke, Greg is telling them about the offer for a hired book Dr., and Adam is telling Greg about frequent guest David Wild and his work ghostwriting books.

Greg and Bryan are singing the praises of José Canseco’s books and Greg has a nice Jimmy Pardo reference, Adam is sharing his audio book pearls of wisdom with Greg.

Adam is telling Greg about spreading out the recording time into bite-size morsels and how emotionally it is much easier to do then his first book which was three days stuck in the studio.


Greg is telling them about reading someone else’s book and his choices that eventually became tiresome and he forgot them.

Greg is busting out his Adam Carolla impression and now Greg is sharing his experience reading while in the casting process.

Greg is telling a secondhand anecdote and another that he likes even more, both are pretty good.


Adam has a point about parking tickets and hot chicks, for once their beauty can’t prevent them from being treated the same way average and ugly people are treated.

Adam says that meter maids seem like a profession that cannot be swayed by sexuality, he’s riffing this out with some funny quotes and now Greg is telling them about a recent parking ticket he got.

Alison is now citing the news story from a few weeks ago where a car inhabited by a dead woman was being ticketed.


Adam has a great live read for “Un-tuck it shirts” with Greg making it really sing.


Alison’s News

1st Story is on the death of Fred Phelps and Greg has some funny one-liners, Adam is joking with Greg about what wordsmith Fred was.

Alison is now quoting the church and their statements about the media and its reaction to Fred’s illness and death.

Adam says you can’t look forward to things when you’re dead, Adam says if Fred is destined for hell he will be a bar back at “Mr. Fister” and Greg has a funny reply.


2nd Story is an update on the missing Malaysian Airlines flight, she’s explaining what was spotted with satellites and what the officials have said about these objects.

Adam says he doesn’t like that we have the ability to now debunk everything, Adam and Greg have a funny Amelia Earhart riff.

Adam is now bringing up the floating garbage island, Greg knows exactly what he’s talking about and Adam is suggesting that we banish societies worst offenders to the floating garbage island where they would take them at least four or five days to die.

Adam has an act of God caveat and Alison assumes the garbage island smells disgusting, Adam is now reading some information about the size of the garbage island.


3rd Story is on a Maine man whose home was stormed by police after he threatened a tree removal company away from this property with a gun tattoo.

Adam is now riffing up a storm mocking this gentleman and his tattooed weaponry, Adam is now suggesting even more variants of this.

Adam has a great tampon tattoo one-liner, Alison has a great reply comparing it to a wood shop with organized tool placement.


4th Story is a local news fuck up from Denver, it was a report about my hometown KOMO news helicopter crash story, during the story a picture of “Edward Scissor hands” a burrito and a dick pic.

Adam is now complimenting the “leather phase” on the guy’s penis, Greg is asking about the photos and Alison is explaining their defense of what happened.

Adam says who can complain in this day and age, it’s too late to try and be sheltered now, and he’s citing infamous news and war photography.


Adam is now sharing how Robert Schimmel introduced him to “2 Girls 1 Cup” before shuffling off this mortal coil, Adam says it’s really hard to unread that bell.

Alison is sharing how she was exposed to the Vern Troyer sex tape, Adam has a great one liner and Alison has the statement from the Denver news affiliate.

Adam wants to know if we now have to apologize for everything including things that are clearly mistakes, he says it’s like the people you run into in public who freak out over mild accidents like stepping on their toe.


Adam is now sharing how when he was talking to the producer of Dennis Prager’s show, he had to use a “What Did I Just Say?” In reply when the producer asked twice if Adams TV show would be canceled.

Adam won’t comment on the lawsuit but does say “it’s completely insane” which if you saw episode 2 of “Catch a Contractor” then you know exactly what is talking about.


5th Story Alison is asking about seasonal allergies and talking about her use of antihistamines, Adam says he’s never had any allergic symptoms nor acid reflux.

Alison is shocked that Adam has never been constipated but he admits to having diarrhea, Greg has a great callback to the shuttle and the foot stepping.

Alison is quick to point out that Adam had Lasix surgery, but she’s forgetting the endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy and the inguinal hernia surgery.


Alison is now sharing the clip of the story, a trombonist who sneezed in the middle of a performance, Adam is now commenting on mike August.

Adam is now ranting about sneezing and the people who seemingly only have one volume and the people who sneeze into the open-air, Alison is joking about her warm-up procedure pre-sneeze.

Alison is now wrapping up the news and commenting on the news closer from last night in front of Robert Wagner.


Adam is telling the getting about Robert Wagner traveling with multiple fresh shirts.

Adam is now doing a live read for draft Kings.com.

Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.