Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/20/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 319

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/20/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 319

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 03-15-2016 – Release Date 03-20-2016

Production Number #319 – Weren’t You Student Body President?

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Adam starts the show with a “yeah?” then get it on, Drew has a head of steam and he plugs the new format for his HLN show that covers the latest episode of ‘Forensic Files’ and Adam brings up HBO Autopsy and describes ‘Autopsy 4: Dead Men Talking’.

Adam is commenting on how they blew past the “vaginal liner” part of the story and he describes how the guy stole the woman’s corpse.

Adam moves on to Tammy Homolka, he’s mocking Paul Bernardo.


Adam is talking about ‘Autopsy 8: Dead Giveaway’ which covered two of the most frightening and disturbing cases in the show’s history, Dr. Michael Baden presented the details of the Paul Bernardo & Karla Homolka serial rape and killings along with the story of Belle Gunness, though Adam never comments on that case.

Adam keeps using the name Tammy Homolka, but she was the victim, he means Karla the sister and killer of Tammy.

Adam is breaking down the murder of Tammy, he moves on to Full tard Gary painting over the side of a bird as a hypothetical dumb guy move, a special needs environment they all live in and how Lynette needs to monitor their pool guy the same way that Rob needs to monitor Gary Butters.


Adam brings up Karla’s defense argument and argues how people could actually end things if they were in fear for their lives.

Adam is saying that Duran Duran has caused more harm than Paul Bernardo, Drew loses his voice and Adam is now saying that he is a little bit unhappy when he hears various songs of theirs, when it comes to the cosmic threshold it’s more damage overall.


Drew is doing a True Car Live Read


Adam comments on the look Nick gave while Adam was citing a song, he’s now on mic telling them about seeing some Autopsy pictures.

Gary says it was Tammy, while Adam is talking about Karla.


Adam is now bringing up the video tapes they found with Karla laughing and Gary is on mic but Adam interrupts him.

Gary brings up the various evidence they found in the casket when they exhumed Tammy Homolka and now Adam is asking Drew about the flawed person who agrees to kill their sister after allowing their husband to rape her.

Adam talks about how people die every day and we don’t care, Adam wants to go Tim McVeigh on everybody, you’re gone, just kill them and let’s get on with it.


Drew and Adam learn she was released in 2005, Gary has the details and Adam jokes about her working at a Color Me Mine in Toronto and Adam mocks the notion of “rehabilitated” and describes the person who kills someone while driving and how they need to do 10 years.

Adam rightfully predicted she had a kid, Adam says this is why we got to kill these people.

Drew talks about doing a podcast with the antisocial Bob Forrest, their “This Life” program and Drew is talking about the 1970’s aesthetic and antisocial rhetoric of the era.


Adam is now talking about how we now want to bring down the classic icons, Adam gets his point about the lacrosse player now being a rapist and not a wholesome college student.

Adam is using Christopher Columbus and how he is perceived today vs. when his holiday was created.

Drew talks about listening to Sally Field on ‘The Howard Stern Show’ and how she longed to be the antisocial Janis Joplin type.


Drew is asking if Trump isn’t another buck against the system, a new antisocial movement and Drew connects ‘The Beatles’ to the 2nd world war and they move onto a live read.


Adam and Drew are doing a Five Four Club Live Read

Philly Cheesesteak likes to put his mug on Adam’s lap while he eats dinner edition.


1st Caller Josh, he gives them a compliment and thanks them for introducing him to MCT oil, Adam says sharing of information is a good thing and he says he’s an excellent carpenter as he listened to advice and adapted his methods.

Josh asks about the Terry Crews porn addiction, Josh brings up the way that everyone’s phone can just pipe in pornography and Drew says they’ve been seeing this coming on in the addiction community and now it’s here.

Adam says he if he saw Terry beating off he would have to start beating off in unison, like overcome with desire or need, possibly in fear.


Adam talks about how Terry talked about working as a fine artists and getting cut from NFL teams on his episode of ‘Take a Knee’.

Adam has the ab belt on.


Adam and Drew are doing a Slender Tone Live Read

How hot is the curry, Adam don’t need that pain edition?


Adam says everything is a backlash and he cites the KLSX 2008 recording where he predicted Trump would be president in 8yrs, Adam talks about instincts and for him the more stats in his head, the more space wasted.

Adam now goes over the time Matt Fondiler was busted wearing his dad’s shoes, he was bothered, now he’s no longer bothered once he knows the story.

Adam says it’s like the time Lynette wanted the buffing compound to get the mark of the Jag, Adam talks about being late and how if Gina Grad is late you know something must have happened or she was given the wrong time or mixed up the changing schedule, she’s never late.


Adam talks about hair metal and the backlash against that with grunge, Drew suggests Dr. Robert Rey as a guest for ‘Take a Knee’ and Adam is now bringing up the comments from Obama about Treyvon Martin and how he feels it wasn’t appropriate.

Adam is commenting the way things are going and how people are reacting to the over policing of the world, the people who fought the wars, who pay the taxes and want Christmas to remain Christmas, call it what it is.

Adam brings up Dennis Prager and then takes it back to Kurt Cobain and how Trump is becoming a comic book character, adolescent fantasy of the conservative movement.


Adam is bringing up how we need it big and loud, we need a man who is all hair and jowl and weighs in at 240lbs.

Adam is telling drew not to be scared of this and they move on.


Adam and Drew are doing a Live Read for Side Line

Gary has this too and Adam calls Drew Steve Wozniak Edition


Adam gives out some plugs and Drew hijacks them again.