Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/20/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 127

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Love between the Two Hosts

Recorded 03-18-2014 – Release Date 03-20-2014

Production Number #127 Taylor Williamson

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Drew is opening the show with Adams standard intro, he explains the Adam is en route and will be there soon, Taylor Williamson is a studio and their briefly catching up on his history with “America’s Got Talent.”

Taylor is talking about his history as a fan of Adam Carolla Dr. drew, drew explained the patent troll lawsuit to Taylor and Adam is entering the studio as Drew is finishing the plug.

Dr. drew is doing a stamps.com live read.


Drew is now asking Taylor what he was doing before standup comedy and Taylor is sharing about his struggle attempting to escape poverty.

Drew wants to know why Adam walked in the studio and then just walked out, drew was telling Taylor about Adam and his family.

Taylor is telling Dr. drew about owing his mother money and his hopes she’ll forget about it, Taylor is now referencing his recent appearance on Loveline and how he told Drew that as a listener he would always relate to guests with dysfunctional families.


Drew is quizzing Taylor about his background and home life, Adam is now joining them and Drew is giving him a quick refresher.

Adam is asking Taylor about San Diego and his history of going to Tijuana with his family, Adam is now telling Drew about his epic search for a donkey show with “Most of the Usual Suspects” and now Adam is segueing to the unfinished construction throughout Mexico as a metaphor for their whole culture, profound!

Taylor is bringing the underground tunnels for drug smuggling and how he wishes to go down inside one Adam is now referencing “Fast and Furious” while thinking it’s the fifth movie.


Adam is now asking for clarification about Taylor and his familial history, Adam is explaining the chasm between feeling and reality, he’s now giving an explanation.

Adam wants to know what Taylor’s dad would say it Adam asked him what his absence was about and if you try to reconnect, Taylor says he’s done trying to fight this and the summing things up.

Adam is now telling them about his mom and how she likes to cling to others who are doing worse than her to make yourself feel better, Taylor is giving his point of view of comedy and life mean to him, he thinks he’s the greatest person and he needs to show everybody how great he truly is.


Adam and drew are doing their standard back-and-forth about self-esteem and self-worth, Taylor is sharing an anecdote about Drew Carey and tipping.

Adam is now ranting about tips and tipping, he saying it’s a tariff of sorts in modern society and drew is now sharing his perspective on traveling to Europe and how they view tipping.

Adam is talking about town car drivers and pre-included tips, Taylor is telling Adam about trying to buddy up with the driver and find out whose cheap and who tips nice.


Adam is now sharing a pro-tip about asking the driver if he’ll be with you the whole trip, if so you wait to tip them until the very end of the trip.

Adam is now giving his theory on funny versus compensation, is making a point about Drew Carey and contrasting him against Dana Gould and Mitch Hedberg who have much more comedy horsepower but made much less.

Adam Is Now Going off on Aaron Spelling, Drew is launching into a GoToMeeting live read.


Adam is now going back to comedic horsepower vs. success, Dr. Drew is now praising “Catch a Contractor” and Adam is explaining the satisfaction of low-paying work and the sad realization that the waiter is going to be making close to what and attorneys paid per hour.

Taylor is now making the point about only making money off of tips and Adam is making clear he’s against people with a high school education or less Making More Money than Dr. Drew.

Adam is now in defense of the short order cook living without tips on his feet all day standing behind the grill, Chris is now on mic sharing his expertise as a former restaurant professional.


Chris is telling them about making $500 in tips working as a bartender one day, Adam is now combating the notion of tipping waiters and spa employees, Adam is argue against the notion that some businesses can simply choose not to pay their employees.

Adam has a great “It’s Your Job” about the contrast in expectation and pay between the typical Home Depot employee and Burke Williams’s employee.

Taylor has a Panera bread reference that throws Drew, Adam is explaining away and calls Taylor doughy, they’re now going to break.


They’re back from break and Adam is doing up like for the fund anything campaign to fight the patent trolls and the upcoming benefit show.

Adam and Drew are further exploring the parallels between Adam and Taylor and their home lives, Adam is explaining that there are a fair amount of people to whom doing something is always worse than nothing including raising children.

Taylor is explaining how everyone has come back around now that he’s been exposed to fame, Adam is making some points about his dad and canceling his dad podcast and how that means he will never turn the warehouse because it’s no longer about him.


Adam says he never calls his dad in a cordial but rarely speak, Drew is telling Adam merely because of his medical experience over the past couple years he might need to speak to his son.

Taylor and Adam are joking about calling each other’s parents.

Drew is being hyperbolic and exaggerating about Adam’s repetition and tenure as cohost of Loveline will joking with Taylor, Taylor is telling them about his family and their eagerness to support him on his TV appearances.

Dr. Drew is having Taylor share a story about his mom befriending Marianne from Brooklyn, the Howard Stern contributor, Taylor is further explaining his mother’s lack of boundaries and telling them about her celebrity tweets.


Taylor is telling them about his mom trying to steal the spotlight on one of his “America’s Got Talent” appearances, he’s got a hilarious Sbarro closer to the story.

Adam is now doing a live read for draft Kings.com.


1st caller Ralph, he’s actually standing outside of Panera bread right now and he’s curious about the tests he should be getting at the doctor as a 50-year-old man.

Adam is now joking about “The Rectal Screen” sounding like the exact opposite of IMAX.

Drew is still listing off the recommended tests for man to stay healthy post 50, Adam is asking Drew about family history and ethnic heritage.

Drew has a point about cardiac screening and calcium levels, Adam is now mocking full body scans and Dr. Drew is interrupting to go off on Oprah and her campaign endorsing said scans about half a decade ago.


Adam is doing the classic “Are You Real Dr. or Just Love Dr.” riff.


2nd caller Drew, his friends don’t think he should give his ex-girlfriend a chance at getting back together, he’s now giving them a breakdown of how the relationship ended.

He wants to know if he should give her another chance or not, Adam says yes, his heart says yes.

Adam is now doing a live read for bark box.com.

Adam is now giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.