Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/18/2014 – Jason Ellis and Deaf Frat Guy

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Guest Jason Ellis and Deaf Frat Guy

Recorded 03-17-2014 – Release Date 03-18-2014

Production Number #1283

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Adam is opening the show with a nice variant of the standard intro with a plug for the legal defense benefit and a nice joke about the radio talent often booked on live shows, Alison has a nice comment for Larry Bubbles Brown after BB plays a telling drop.

DFG is now joining them once again, you can hear his first several appearances on ACS 2009 Volume #1 and his appearance way back on Episode #90 all with the Carolla Amazon link applied of course.

DFG is telling them about the “San Francisco Jacks” a group of men that congregate to masturbate, Adam doesn’t understand the competition angle, and DFG is explaining it to the gang.


Adam compares this to how he doesn’t like to go to movies alone, they’re now riffing about Moose and his questionable sexuality.

Adam is bringing up the little earthquake from earlier in the day and his bizarre pre-dream thoughts about fault lines before he passed out.

Adam is now going off on why he never fears earthquakes, he’s citing his past work doing earthquake rehab and how the 3rd world is not a good indicator for how earthquakes will effect construction on the United States.


Adam is now saying that it’s nearly impossible to rip a piece of plywood off that’s been nailed down to 2×4’s.

DFG is telling them about his temptation to get that natty ice before bed, he made sure to grab it at 630am when he woke up.

Adam is now telling them about his handler “Melissa” the Spike publicist who showed up to assist him with is booking on “Chelsea Lately”, he’s telling the gang about the ethnic stereotyping going on where Adam assumes that Asian people are smart and good at what they do.


Alison has an interesting point about news anchors and Asian ethnicities and he’s now citing Melissa’s theory on Malaysia Airlines flight 370, he’s mocking her and the reactions she gave to his incredulous reaction to her insane theory that’s not on the table or even in the dining room.

Adam is sharing how he told her he would be covering this one air.

DFG is now mixing up Amelia Earhart and Dale Earnhardt and the Jr., great who’s on first esque back and forth and Adam is now commenting on Amelia’s name and the on the nose element of it.


Alison is telling the gang about her dog’s penis and having to help him with some KY and a Q-Tip, Adam is joking with her about it and Adam has a great “doggy KY” comment for when she tells this story again, great comedy between Alison and Adam about her tub/tap of KY in the house.

Adam is now doing a live read


J.V. or All Balls

“Truck Nuts” – Adam says that on the Ford F-250 it looks borderline retarded and he would find it funny on a smart car type vehicle, Adam just got his wish thanks to Gary.

“Words with Friends” – Adam is now being told it’s just Scrabble, JV.

“Chicken Fried Steak” – Adam says he never orders it despite his appreciation for the dish, he mentions his dinner with BB and Phil Rosenthal. Adam says what scares him is the white gravy, nothing good can come from white gravy.

“St. Patrick’s Day” – All Balls all around, DFG doesn’t like snakes and how the holiday brings out “Joe 18-30 pack” and he’s now telling them about the best holidays to get wasted, hilarious Easter comedy with Ace.

“Something in nature so beautiful it makes you cry” – Ala “double rainbow guy” and Adam has a funny deer one liner, Adam is getting to all of the guys DFG knows who have died of AEA.

DFG is now riffing about all of the people throughout history who have died from AEA, hilarious Edison riff, how to nut the best way.

George Harrison and Mozart are now added to the list.

“What if a hawk attacked you while you were beating off?” – Adam poses this one to DFG.

Now Adam and DFG are riffing about how fast they would ejaculate with a hawk attacking them Adam says it would be wildly confusing.


They’re now wrapping up the segment and DFG is plugging a Mangria event


Q and Ace

First Caller Wilmer, Wilmer who calls way too much is getting a little bit of criticism from Adam, he’s telling them about his girlfriend Rosie Perez Junior, referencing one of his many previous phone calls.

Wilmer wants to know if there’s such a thing as being too open with your partner, Adam is now giving his more mystery less history advice.

Allison wants to know some examples Adam has a half drank a can of seven up analogy, is using to make a larger point about waste.

Analyst of the fantasy is a says either finish it or throw to way you’re never coming back to it, not ever and now Adam is doing a very exaggerated scream asking why.


Adam says he can understand why people do this stuff and why he’s considered insane for no longer want to see it, he says it will never change and nobody will ever reuses the substances.

Adam is now giving them practical real-world advice about what to do in a relationship, Allison sharing her newlywed mindset about openness and relationship, Adam has a great crazy open riff and reply.

Now DFG is weighing in, is giving a great “more than a” in reply and now having DFG horrific about the world’s most inquisitive midget a possible new Mangria spokesman.

Ball Bryan is now explaining the “who screens these calls drop” from season 2 of the Simpsons and Adam is telling the infamous Jackie Gleason LL story in response.


Second Caller Jeremiah, he wants Adam’s take on March madness. BB is joking about with him and is ranting about the endless scroll of college teams on ESPN.

I’m assuring anecdote from his bathroom in her about the preseason baseball games on his bathroom radio is now objecting to the necessity of knowing about the preseason.

Adam is telling them about the time him and Jimmy Kimmel on a tryout for the Dodgers.

They’re now playing the Man Show bit where they tried out for the team, Adam is doing some live commentary.


Third Caller Jim, he wants Adam’s take on his previous relationship and meeting up with his ex, Adam says that her agenda will be based off what he wants and the opposite.

Adam is now asking Allison for her advice, DFG has a great “more than” in reply, Adams now going really in depth with Jim about his feelings.

Adam has a great riff on soul mates and the concept of a job you once had as a greater analogy for the passage of time and the relative importance of events in your life solely based on your perspective.

Adam is telling him and his buddy Marmlestein who worked on “Too Late” and now Adam is explaining why he never thinks about those things, it’s an endless event a series of possibilities and what if scenarios.

DFG has perhaps his greatest “more than” this entire episode taking it back to the French Revolution.

Adam is now doing a live read for GoToMeeting.

They are now heading to break.


They’re now back from break, Jason Ellis is now making his ACS debut and Adam is praising the title of his book.

Jason is telling them about his origins in radio, and complementing Adam Carolla and Howard Stern, Jason says Adam is the best.

Adam is giving his take on talk radio and echoing Jason’s sentiment about hearing other people and being inspired or defeated based on their performance.

Jason is explaining how to get started with Tony Hawk and quickly realize he was better at Tony on-air, is explaining how he became competitive and pursued his career in radio.


Alison has a great one-liner mocking their live show guests the local radio ones specifically, Adam is now making a point about rough cuts in film and how the lack of a soundtrack makes everything feel flat and shitty.

They’re now discussing accents and Jason has a great point about French rappers, Jason Ellis is telling them about breaking Denny Way’s skateboarding record.

Adam and Jason are now discussing the Jake Brown X games incident, Jason is telling Adam about being the first responder and how even considered throwing himself in front of Jake to break his fall.


Jason is going very in depth on the G forces and force of Jake’s fall, Adam is sympathizing with what Jason is saying and Jason tells me thought his friend was dead.

Adam says that we are shoes Pop off that is a bad, bad sign, they’re now watching the video clip and Jason is doing live commentary.

Adam is having Jason breakdown the physics and what it means to be “out of shape” upon landing, Alison is having them break it down further.


Jason is telling Adam about being a second person ever to go off the big air skateboard ramp at the X games.

Adam has a great “they put alligators” one-liner reply, Jason is joking about the lack of options with the big air skateboard ramp.

Adam is marveling at the physics of landing, is now bringing up the infamous snowmobile stunt, and Jason explains most of the snowmobile guys are really just motocross guys, Adam has a great gay/straight porn analogy.

Alison is a hypothetical question about gay porn and Jason argues its universal among all porn, Adam is now trying to get Gary to pull the snowmobile stunt footage, Jason says Robbie Madison.


Alison’s News

Her Top Story, is on the earthquake in Los Angeles, BB is now commenting on how the epicenter was reported in the media and has some sympathy for the Valley.

Adam is now doing some commentary on the snowmobile footage which you can view via page link above.

Adam is now joking about reanimating Evil Knievel and mocking him with accomplishments of the modern-day stuntman and X game athletes.


Adam and Jason are now riffing about Evil, Jason and Adam are joking about evil sitting on his bike and his use of the Cape.

Alison is now getting Adam to explain the truly safe places in your home event of an earthquake, Adam is explaining the differences between commercial and residential buildings.

Adam is joking with the notion of assuming a position in the event of emergency, discussed sad and probably true point about the planes on 9/11.


Alison has a great point about the betrayal of these lies when someone realizes they don’t actually work, Adam is joking his kid like tendency to get excited whenever there is an emergency hoping it means he can get out of work.

“It shakes enough I might not have to do what I have to do today” – Adam Carolla.

Alison has the details on the aftershock and the lack of damage, BB is explaining the mirror placed over his bed, Adam and BB are joking about using their love ones protection for falling debris.

Jason is asking Adam Castillo boxing, Adams now is explaining his origins in radio and boxing and how it links to the Northridge quake 94.


Alison wants to know why the stories making her brain think herpes, Adam says he got herpes that’s why, Adam had a strange facial rash after the Northridge quake right as is girlfriends mom came to town, we always joke he was exposed to some sort of ancient Indian bacteria unleashed from the rubble.

And as being unusually forward and declaring them herpes, Adam is clarifying and says the herpes jury is still out, Jason Alison are bonding over Dr. drew in his impulse to declare everything serious.

Adam is now splitting the bizarre earthquake illness that was spreading across the Valley, Adam is telling them about his horrible fever and illness associated with the sores.


Jason is telling them about a blood clot missed by Dr. drew, Jason wants to know if Dr. drew has ever seen Adam Carolla’s penis, and is now giving him the story of one drew examined it live on air in 2000.

Adam is telling Jason about his history with boxing, Adam is now doing a stripper DJ bit.

There now discussing the transmission of communicable diseases in gym environments, Jason is telling Adam about his one professional MMA and boxing match.

Adam is now doing a live read.


Third Story is on the murder and arson of Billy Burchett, who turns out is one of Mike Dawson’s good friends, Alison is now reading the grisly details of murder.

Dawson is now Mike and getting a sweet eulogy for his deceased friend, Mike assuring all the details he has.

Adam says he feels like he hates everyone under 30 now and people do whatever they want to do and think about later, is asking Dawson how he knows the guy.

Dawson is now telling a story about Billy as an example of what a sweet guy he was, Dawson is now getting choked up and it’s a very beautiful moment in the show’s history.


Adam is now telling the story about Max Kellerman and his brother, “The Hammer” story as it were.

Adam is telling it in full as it has some similarities to Billy’s story. Jason is telling him about how he would cry every time he took a shower after suffering a knockout and concussion.

They are now watching the footage of the cheap shot from “The Hammer” that sent him to prison.


Jason is sharing his experience of knocking someone out in the cage, he’s got a funny spin on the post-fight drama on twitter and his own concerns of approaching the corner after the fight in response to Adams point asking why this doesn’t happen more often.

Adam is telling Dawson he has his sympathies and to take time off if he needs it to attend the funeral to wake.

Jason is now offering some advice for Dawson about grieving a loss, Dawson jokes about having some friends in common with Jason.

Adam is now doing a live read for Life Lock with Alison and a hilarious “Hammer” one liner too.


Adam is now giving out he plugs for the Fund Anything campaign against Patent Trolls and for Jason Ellis and his shows/book.

Adam calls Jason the 3rd best, end best on Sirius.

Jason is joking about Adam staying the fuck away from Sirius, they’re now wrapping up the show, great job Jason!