Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/17/2014 – Gavin McInnes and Jo Koy

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Guest Gavin McInnes and Jo Koy

Recorded 03-16-2014 – Release Date 03-17-2014

Production Number #1282

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Adam is opening the show with an impassioned intro and a great classic #TopDrop from Ace himself and Jo Koy in studio once again.

Adam is now giving an update on the super sad pathetic listener(s) who shot him the breakdown of the last Rotten Tomatoes Game via his twitter account, taking away Alison’s win.

Adam is telling the gang about animals that sit upright like people, he was with his daughter and they saw a squirrel through the window of their home, once it witnessed them it took off.


“There’s Carolla he only eats Squirrel soup… Only Karl Malone eats squirrel” – Adam

Adam wants to know why they squirrels runaway and act all nervous, he’s got a solid point about pigeons and great acorn comedy, this is great.

Adam is now explaining how he understands the relationships between certain animals and humans but not this one, he says it makes him feel guilty, his description of the squirrel running away is great.


Adam has a new entry into the “Pantheon of what is more pathetic” he’s listing off some of the most famous ones, Adam is telling them about a guy propelling himself on a single rollerblade, Alison has a great follow up and Adam is describing a man using one foot to rollerblade.

Jo wants to know what happens when that gent arrives wherever he’s heading, Adam is now mocking the idea of seeing this in 2014.

Jo is telling them about a meeting he had with a man wearing “skate shoes” and Adam gives a quick recap of the time his daughter ate shit while riding them, Adam is wondering why e-cigs will soon be illegal, but no issues with the dangerous tennis shoes.


“Hey! Tennis shoes with banana peels attached to them… this is a divers mask, it comes with fire ants” – Adam mocking bad/dangerous inventions and the hypocrisy of making harmless items illegal.

Adam is joking about the gift Jo’s mother bought him, Adam is describing these strap on skates that went over your shoe, and you can view the photo of them via the show page link above.

Adam is joking about eating shit and getting tetanus at the same time.


Adam is now doing a live read for a new sponsor and he’s got some in depth flower bouquet advice, just because flowers he says are better than the ones given on typical holidays.

Adam is bringing up the “Ruby” comedy with Norm McDonald from the KLSX Adam Carolla Show and how he was talking about Norm with Daniel Kellison, I assume at that same recent dinner where Daniel ticked him off a bit.

Adam is now describing what happened between Regis and Norm on the show, he’s going in depth and BB is offering his expertise as a former contestant*

*Meredith Vieira syndicated version of the show


They’re now playing the clip and Adam is doing live commentary, this is great.

Adam is now having Gary rest the clip and playing it from further back to highlight how much Regis screwed over Norm and the charity, BB has some praise for the show and its overall feel.

Adam is now giving a postmortem on the clip and breaking down what we just heard, BB is further giving insider expertise about the instructions and legal requirements.


Adam says Norm is still pissed about that and Jo is mocking a guy whose intro took longer than his tenure on the show.

Adam is telling them about the re-launch of “Pictionary” circa 1997 and how it was his first experience with parlor games, hilarious hunger games riff in reply to BB’s sarcasm.

Adam is now mocking the premise of the show and he’s got a great “singing along with your favorite music” analogy in comparison.


Adam is now telling the “Elephant never forgets” story from the show, classic and rare!

Adam wants to know how you could draw “forget” how you possible could convey that.


Bung Lu Su is now trying out for the song “Ruby” by Kenny Rogers, Adam is walking Bung through the premise and the history on air with Norm.

Jo is adding the “Rooster” to this classic, he’s riffing as one of the men in town trying to fuck Ruby while her man is at home, bent and paralyzed.

Adam is now in the mix and joking with Bung about how that man feels, Jo is now one of the “Asiatic” men who fought against Ruby’s man in that crazy war.


Adam is now introducing a new Rich Banks tune in celebration for Alison’s wedding, hilarious “Blood or Poo” lyrics.


Q and Ace

1st Caller John wants to the know most chicken-shit ticket Adam has ever heard of, he’s telling them about turning your wheels in and why it’s now an irrelevant issue.

BB agrees “wheels aren’t curbed” tickets and he’s telling them about law enforcement tweets and his own replies to them, Adam is now expounding on that topic.

Adam is telling them about “lock it, hide it, keep it” and John is telling them about the “hide your cell phone” advice given out in his city, Adam has a hilarious broken broom stick up your ass rape defense reply, gold!


Adam is telling them about the guy who hit the house, BB now remembers what Adam is referencing and Adam is giving all the details to make a point about the ambivalence of authorities.

Adam is telling them about a guy who was killed because a man who lied to the police saying the person who robbed him was armed, Alison is now following up with Adam about the news story and if the guy feels guilty because a death is on his hands.

Adam is giving his dual nature on this topic, he has a great Rottweiler/hibachi analogy.


Adam is now doing a live read


Hooray for BaldyWood

Grand Budapest Hotel, BB is telling them about the film and Wes Anderson’s filmography.

BB is giving out the full cast and is describing the plot of the film, he calls it a “hipster inception” and classifies it as a Quirkedy, and he’s now sharing his “white Tyler Perry” label for Wes that he shared on the most recent episode of his other show “The Film Vault”.

Adam is now asking them what movies people love that he made, Adam is now telling them about “Rushmore” with 15yrs of distance and how it is a good film but it’s very stylized.


Adam is sharing his love for “Election” and now Adam wants a head to head on Rotten Tomatoes from Gary, BB is right and Adam says they both are, but he’s more right so.

BB is now sharing his love for Wes and his previous work, he just didn’t like this and now Adam is breaking down the top critics on Election and Rushmore.


Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up with Jo Koy, they’re now heading to break as Adam explains how busy he is to explain his intent to hang up Jo’s gift of an Evil Knievel picture.

Adam is now telling them about the pictures of all of his kids that have been leaning against the wall to be displayed and his efforts to hang the pictures and seeing the kids in much younger and sweeter stages as Lynette is being driven nuts by Natalia.

Adam is riffing about this bizarre scenario and Lynette’s “I don’t care, draw a fucking moustache on it…” They’re now heading to break.


Gavin is now joining the show for his ACS debut, Adam is now asking him about “How to be a man” and he’s joking about stealing the premise from “My Life” the 1993 Michael Keaton film.

Gavin is sharing the premise and Adam is giving the plugs, Adam is now asking about his history with “Vice Magazine” and he’s telling them he split in 2008.

Gavin is explaining about starting up in Montreal, how Quebec views itself and outsiders, Gavin is telling them about these government grants and welfare programs and his own “tarding it up” performance to get some of this money.


Gavin is going in depth on this split between Quebec and the rest of the Canada, he calls them spoiled welfare brats after mocking their intellect and now he’s telling the gang about the locals’ term for their province.

Gavin is telling them about the tendencies and prejudices of the “cave people” in Quebec, Adam is now citing the early 2000’s incident at customs, where he lied about his schedule, and she recovered his itinerary and busty magazines.

Adam is now giving the full story and Gavin is making some great analogies, including a point about the Hassidim.


Gavin is explaining the “Canadian Content Laws” and he calls them communist songs forced down their throats as a nation.

Adam is sharing the pornography content restrictions he was tweeted about.

Adam is now making some points about the British invasion and going specific on “The Beatles” vs. “Paul Revere and the Raiders”.


Gavin says he loves Canada and contracted every STD buts crabs and AIDS, ewww.

Adam is now giving the macro and micro of the big man on campus, funny grade comedy, Adam is making a point about nerds and the focus on the popular people who don’t think about the, he’s saying the same is true of the united states and Canada.

Gavin is being very explicit and hyperbolic about his parting youth and Adam is now making a point about men and refines it saying that never before have men been so immature and simultaneously mature in other ways at the same time.


Adam is saying that dudes arguing about superheroes into their 30s need to be cut off from women and punished with the pussy, Alison says she’s never hopped on one of those dicks, holy shit!

BB is now trying to throw Alison’s new husband under the bus and Alison is asking Gavin about Vice magazine and she says it almost felt sociopathic.

Alison is now clarifying her question and Gavin admits that he posed as multiple writers to speak from different voices but it perhaps then sounded all like one voice as it truly was.


Gavin is referencing his “So I Married an Ax Murderer” style Scottish/Canadian parents and Gavin is now defending Ann Coulter.

Adam is now getting the victim/survivor language and attempting to own something through phrasing isn’t’ healthy, the words mean nothing.

Gavin blames the Baby boomers and Gavin says that humor is the best way to get over rape.


Adam is now referencing their regular bling female caller and her “seeing impaired” label despite being blind, Adam is making a point about needing the differences to understand language

Adam and BB are now joking about black names, using Duvetyne as an example.


Alison’s News

Her Top story is on the missing Malaysian Airlines flight, she’s giving all of the most up to date information so far.

Adam is now commenting on the idea of the transponder being able to be shut off from inside the cockpit, Adam says it should be hardwired into the tail rudder and sewn inside aluminum.

They’re all discussing the theories and Gavin is going off on the third world and now Russia, he’s using a bootleg cam copy of “Splice” to make his point.


2nd Story is on the death of David Brenner, Adam is now commenting on the narcissistic angle of feeling like you weren’t notified that someone was sick and they die without you being aware.

Adam is now telling them about the Michael J. Fox element of his customs story after Gavin mixes him up for dead, Adam is now doing a live read.

Adam is telling them about David Brenner’s book, “nobody ever sees you eat tuna fish” and Gavin is now telling them about “jab, jab, jab right hook” and now Adam and Gavin are mocking that punch combo.


Adam is adding the guy who wears high top desert boots and can’t commit to the actual boot nor is the tennis shoe, Adam telling them about confronting someone wearing surf slippers to work.

Gavin is complaining about people who wear sweatpants on airplanes, Gavin is once again taking it to the third world.


3rd Story is on the medical condition of Fred Phelps, Adam is now asking why these guys get such long runs and he’s referencing their old ACS calls with Shirley.

Adam said Fred is cruising for a funeral bruising, Adam says that his body will have to be transported with a “Little Miss Sunshine” and now is riffing about Whoopi Goldberg as Duvetyne.

Adam is now riffing a “Weekend at Bernie’s on Fire Island with Fred Phelps, hilarious.

Alison is wrapping the news, Adam is now doing a live read.

Adam is now wrapping up the show with the plugs.