Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/16/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 126

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Love between the Two Hosts

Recorded 03-13-2014 – Release Date 03-16-2014

Production Number #126 Clowns

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Adam is opening the show with the standard intro and a plug for the upcoming battle against patent trolls with their benefit.

Drew is claiming he’s going to stop doing the live shows with Adam because he’s been made fun of for his Rodeo clowns comment.

“Surround me with your banjo” – Adam on the idea of him being competitive with other comedians and the myth of him not wanting someone to shine on stage next to him.


Adam and Drew are talking about Adam’s true nature and Dr. Drew is now bringing up the “radio death” label that his former boss Jack Silver gave him in the KLSX days.

Adam has a funny preamble leading into this.

Hilarious Thomas Jefferson managing an Arby’s comment while talking about how great of a producer Jimmy Kimmel could have made but it would have been a waste of his talent.


Drew says he’s finally feeling better and he’s now launching into a live read.


1st Caller Wilmer again, he’s telling them about the explosion on NYC and its proximity to him, he’s telling them about the case of the man with a brain tumor and his desire for children that resulted from it.

Wilmer want’s Adam and Drew’s take on responsibility and accountability in this situation and Drew has a great dog analogy.

Adam is now using his kids to make a point about murdering parents, he’s citing the Menendez brothers and how something horrific had to happen to them to convince them to attempt to murder their parents.


2nd Caller Chris, he loses interest after hooking up.

Adam is citing the callers from the previous show but I think he means last night’s ACS #1278.

He’s telling them about his work as a teacher and his lesson plan of “percentages” and now Adam is advocating for the metric system in response to Chris’s comment.


Adam is telling them about eating with his Catch A Contractor coworker, a vegetarian guy sharing his prediction of no more fish in the see in 40yrs, Adam is now connecting that to the metric system and the notion at the time that if you didn’t know metric in 10yrs you wouldn’t have job opportunities.

Adam is now listing all of the stuff that people were wrong about and flip flop on, he’s now going off on the “Aids is a civil rights issue” on sunset Blvd.

Drew is now launching into the campaigns against tobacco and nicotine and the hypocrisy of the stance on e-cigarettes.


Adam says he knows what it is, the state is 50th in education and not a topic that the legislature want’s to broach after 14yrs at the helm of the local government.

Adam is now plugging a review of “Catch a Contractor” that they’ll share in the next segment, Drew gets some funny comments in mocking Adam’s status as a “fox news clown”.

Adam is now doing a thematic bark box live read.


They’re back from break.


3rd Caller Jenna, she recently got a job at the post office and needs a different car that sits lower, she’s asking him for an alternate car option for delivering mail.

Adam is now asking why the post office provided a vehicle and Adam calls it “Uber Male” another porn name, gold!

Drew’s been to the place of origin for Adam’s fictitious guy Uber.


Adam recommends a bullet proof Camry, or a Nissan Sentra.

Adam is now joking about not being in car mode and the idea of having to take her call.

Adam is now asking Gary which review he’s asking about, Adam says he Favorited the tweet and Gary says he hasn’t.

Drew is now doing a live read.


Chris is now reading the review from Variety, where it calls Adam a “fox news clown” and Adam is telling them fuck you very much in response.

Chris is informing them that it was written the Friday before the premier and Adam is now making a point about political affiliations and the names used for people who appear on programming on the right.

Adam is now joking about the concept of his drinking the main “Kool aid” from the right, not that his opinions are his own and things he believes in.


Adam is now making a point about personal objections and biased reviews, how your shit talking isn’t required, you taking your personal bullshit and shoving it up everyone’s ass.

Adam is now giving an example of how this critic could have made an honest review, he’s telling him to be more effective at his job and focus on the show at hand.

Adam is now making a point about his stance on Obamacare and what that has to do with contractors and home repair.


Gary says the review is almost positive and Drew is objecting to the critic’s tone and Adam is now calling out Brian Lowry, who seems to be a morbidly obese hack writer, probably dealing with the same demons as Tom Shayles the other critic who had a “BONE” to pick with Ace.

Drew is saying that the fake claims of the left, about freedom and not judging your fellow man actually reflect his own libertarian viewpoints, Adam is continuing to mock the hypocrisy of the left and how they abuse people for disagreeing with them.

Adam is asking if anyone even knows what happens with him on O’Reilly, it’s mostly him talking to Bill and making fun of him, such as his recent appearance on Kimmel.


Adam asks why the opinion woven into this review is so negative. He’s got a great referee who hates “The Dodgers” and how you could be more effective as a critic or as an asshole who wants to bust Adam’s chops or make a biased call.

Adam is mocking the notion of his desire for more personal responsibility in America, which makes him a clown?


4th Caller Kira, she’s attached to a guy who is a poly drug addict and she can’t let him go.

Drew is now commenting on the trauma bleeding through form Kira’s voice, he’s now going into Classic Loveline mode and Drew is explaining that her voice sounds arrested at age 12.

Drew is now commenting on abandonment and how it’s considered by many to be the worst kind of abuse, she’s confused and dragging her feet on the call.


Drew is trying to drag out the trauma and she’s obfuscating, she just revealed that she was adopted and how her different race resulted in some culture shock.

Adam has some great comedy mocking the idea of minorities and the school to prison pipeline that only feeds on certain nationalities.

Adam and Drew are recommending a 12 step group to help support her with dealing with this guy, they tell her to leave him and that meth is the ultimate deal breaker.


Adam is now doing the live read with the “James Tran” draft king’s winner riff that he’s been doing for over a week on all of the shows.

Adam is now giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.