Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/14/2014 – Stephen Bishop, Ray Oldhafer, and Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Stephen Bishop, Ray Oldhafer, and Matt Atchity

Recorded 03-13-2014 – Release Date 03-14-2014

Production Number #1281

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Adam is opening the show with Ray live in studio and a great intro from Dawson, Adam is welcoming Alison and BB to the show with A-Rose’s great new drop.

Adam is explaining the intro and it’s scene from “Animal House”, Adam is now breaking down the scene and the comedy of it, BB is in agreement and they’re really breaking it down.

Alison is sharing the “steamed hotdog” BO that Ray just had him smell, Adam is now breaking down the body odors of a locker room and he’s now saying how the smell is great depending on context.


Adam is now explaining the funky stench agreement he has with Ray, Alison is sharing her buddy’s giant poop lamentation and Adam is telling them about his dad finding Ray’s poop.

Adam is now explaining the circumstances of Ray’s mysterious shit trap, Adam is now thanking god he never had many conversations with his dad, they would have been all uncomfortable.

Adam is now bringing up his dad and asking Ray what he was probably like as a youth, not able to understand the behavior of crazy popular kids.


Ray is stopping on the nude gravel fight where Chris and Ray tried to humiliate him in front of his entire school, Adam is explaining how he got the strength of 10 men.

Adam is saying they once stripped a kid and burned his underpants, he’s also citing the “brewing in the cage” locker room pee stories.

Adam says this is why hazing and ritualistic strange sex stuff doesn’t faze him.


Adam is talking about reactions form people, Ray peeing and farting on strangers and Adam is now taking it back to chubby young Jim Carolla not being able to understand this type of behavior, the sexually macabre early 80’s.

Adam is now giving Ray shit for using one of their buddy’s last names and he’s telling them about the time Alex was driving Ray and he pissed on him then Ray freaked out wondering why he was being forced to walk home.

Adam is now asking Ray about the time he raced them home after being thrown out of a car from 12 miles away and he actually beat them to the house, Alison wisely labels it akin to science fiction.


Adam is now doing a live read with Alison.

Adam and BB are now teasing the arrival of Stephen and their favorite moments from “The Blues Brothers” and now BB is playing some “On and On” from the film’s soundtrack.

Adam is now sharing his revelation from the “Adam and Drew Show #125” recorded earlier in the day, he’s telling them about downs syndrome and drinking.


Adam says his number one thing would be beer if he was afflicted with downs syndrome, Ray has a hilarious “maybe he’s gotta drive” reply.

Adam is now sharing Dr. Drew’s comments about this and his agreement about the “Yummy Phase” and now Alison is joking with Adam about a new audience for Mangria.

Adam is now making a point about sympathy and pity and how the ones who don’t suffer with the constant grind should be the ones to be pitied.


Adam is now bringing up happiness vs. satisfaction and making a point about the rich people he knows and is citing Drew’s comments about people getting used to whatever their situation is.

Adam and Ray have a great back and forth about the low grade depression those who have to live around Ray suffer through.

Adam is suing pill addiction and Alison’s wedding to make his point and the idea of deciding that anyone is less happy than you based on the things and status they have in life.


Adam is joking about the shit Ray slammed in his ear, Adam flat out asks him was that you shit and Ray says it doesn’t matter.

Adam is now bringing up BB’s brain tumor and the lack of a change in his demeanor, Adam says that if BB can do that anyone can adapt to anything.

Adam has a point about the elitist attitude of viewing others and proclaiming them unhappy, BB has a finer point about over achievers and the bottomless cup they can never fill, Adam agrees.


Adam is doing a live read and mentioning the accident Molly had on the bed last night, Adam is doing a heavy dog breathing impression.


Just the Tip

Adam says that intro theme is both Matt and his old lady, Matt is the dude?

Ray is giving his tip and Adam is telling BB to prop the door open to get some air in, Alison is joking about smelling Ray’s armpit and Ray is finishing up his tip.

Ray threatens to shove more poop in Adam’s ear, Adam is asking him what he would have done if that ruptured his ear drum and you can hear the glee in Ray’s reaction to that idea.


Adam is now asking Ray how many days he missed his senior year, out of 176 he missed 118 days.

Adam is sharing his history with truancy with Alison and telling them about the time he got busted with the emergency contact card that he filled out with comedy answers.

Ray is fleshing things out explaining how football players got to choose their teachers and Adam is telling them about the time Ray walked in front of the line of 500 people in registration and was faced with a teacher demanding that Ray wait till the end.


Ray skipped out and went to the beach and Mr. Smith laughed in reply, he threatened that Ray wouldn’t get any of the classes he wanted.

Ray says that Mr. Hanson ended up giving Ray everything that he wanted despite his classes being full, Alison says it’s not a learnable moment and Adam is explaining it was only a temporary solution.

Adam has a hilarious reaction upon remembering that Ray was in the future farmers of America and lived in an apartment in the valley, Alison reminds them of the time Ray witnessed a pig being slaughtered.

Ray is joking with Adam about sticking around to play the game, good stuff!


They’re back from break with Matt Atchity and Stephen Bishop making his ACS debut, Adam is giving out the plugs and explaining how the double booking will work.

Adam is now asking Stephen about his origins in acting and performing, he’s telling them about his friendship with John Landis at the time.

He’s telling them about “Kentucky Fried Movie” and they’re bonding over the movie and its success with teenage boys of the time period.


Adam says the guy in “Fistful of Yen” ended up umpiring a high school baseball game he was at and totally freaking him out upon sight.

They’re back to Stephen and his work with John Landis and Adam is asking him about the “Twilight Zone” filming and the Vic Morrow accident that resulted in the death of 3 people.

Adam is asking Stephen how he first met John and he’s setting up the game.


Rotten or Fresh Car Movies Edition

1st Movie “The Fast and Furious” (2001) and Adam is now mentioning the fluidity of reviews and how his favorite “The Blues Brothers” is only about 50% on Rotten Tomatoes.


2nd Movie “Rush” (2013) Adam is praising the acting of the film.


3rd Movie “Days of Thunder” (1990) Adam is now joking about Jerry Bruckheimer doing gay porn and how it would be, he’s joking about the use of motorcycles where they don’t belong.


4th Movie “Gone in Sixty Seconds” (2000)

Adam is now mocking the movie, Angelina Jolie’s appearance with one slick of oil on her face, he’s joking about the gear talk in the sex scene, hilarious jizzing inflection from Ace.

Adam says it’s what a 12yr old would write if he was imagining what adults who liked cars would do while making out, Adam says a gay 12yr old wrote it.

They’re now playing the scene Adam was just mocking, Adam is offering up some mild reactions during the clip and joking about Angelina’s character’s name in the movie.


Adam wants to know how quickly Bran and Angelina will turn that movie off if it comes on cable, Adam is mocking the idea of that scene making it past a table read and Adam is telling them about Robert Duval and his chop shop with the slow moving fan for ambience.


5th Movie “Talladega Nights the Ballad of Ricky Bobby” (2006)

They have a tie and it’s between Adam and Stephen, Gary is now in the mix and he says that Alison is actually the winner, whoa!

They’re wrapping up the segment.


Adam is now discussing great unsung guitar players from bands with Stephen and he’s complimenting Neil Shaw from Journey and Jimi Hendrix.

Adam wants to know about guys from pop bands, surprising names and Stephen affirms that Andy Summers is very talented.

Adam is now wrapping up with Matt and giving out his plugs.


Stephen is now playing live in studio and he sounds amazing.

Stephen is wrapping up and they’re praising his immense skill.

Adam is doing a live read.


Alison’s News

1st Story is on the series debut of “Catch a Contractor” which pulled the best numbers Spike has got since 2011, BB is mocking Adam and he’s taking the compliment and sharing the talks about doing 20 more episodes of the show.

Adam says he has too many projects happening and explaining how burnt out he is, Alison wants to know if Adam thought this series was going to take off, he says that anything he initially doesn’t want to do will then become successful.

Adam says maybe he’s done too good of a job spinning all these plates in response to life without a contact.


Stephen is telling them about pot shops being closed down and Adam is joking about cocaine prices dropping with his rise in wealth, Alison wants to know if coke has ever done any good in art or life.

Adam says it’s great for movie scenes, citing “Boogie Nights” and James Woods in “Casino” and he’s joking about women looking even more floozy ’er by sporting a shawl over a bikini.

Adam and BB are now praising James Woods in that movie, the portrayal of a scumbag he pulled off.


2nd Story Is on the first tabulated tax income from the legalization of Marijuana, They all proclaim it’s too late to put it back in the bottle.


3rd Story is on the fatal accident at SXSW and Alison is reading all of the details of the incident and the graphic details and Adam is predicting a lawsuit against the cops for having a sobriety checkpoint.

Adam is wondering why this doesn’t happen more often, the proximity between large metal objects moving fast near people in city settings.

Stephen is telling them about a DUI hit and run he experienced, he’s giving them all of the details of the guy doing 90mph and his pathetic attempt to get away.


Adam is telling them about the guy who hit his car in a DUI accident in the 90’s, his name was Kenny and Adam’s telling him them about running into the guy years later and how he revealed himself to be a fan and was following his career.

Adam is telling Alison what he said and how he shot out the man’s full name and Adam is saying he knew the guy was having this moment and was probably one of his best stories.

Stephen says he’s been rear ended 6 times in Los Angeles, Adam is now doing a live read with a nice Walking around Money intro.

Alison is giving an update on the story, Gary and Stephen are chiming in.


4th Story is on the idea of “banning bossy” Alison is explaining the campaign and now they’re playing a clip of the campaign.

Adam wants to replace bossy with douche nozzle, gunt or BeHymen, two of which he made up.

Alison says they mean bitchy and Adam says he has both gender children and his daughter is 1000x more bitchy and bossy than his son, not at all in fear of being perceived as that way unlike this campaign portrays.

Adam is now going off on these too precious campaigns, humans too in love with themselves, Adam says convincing everyone of everything doesn’t work in society, great examples about word policing.


Adam is asking Stephen about his ambition when it came to the guitar and how his buddy Ray couldn’t have been instilled with the same spirit regardless of how hard you tried to force it

Adam says bossy is almost quaint and thinks this is a worthless campaign, he has a “fucking knock it off” campaign about unwanted kids, making a point about focusing on the little stuff.


Alison is wrapping the news to a great new drop, which is familiar to listeners of her excellent podcast Alison Rosen is your new best friend.

Adam is doing a live read with a great Mike Altier “make a bow tie” riff, about hinting about needing one as opposed to asking him to make one.

Adam is riffing about trying to make Mike Altier catch onto his hinting about wanting one without asking him to make it, Adam is finishing up the live read.


Adam is wrapping up the show and giving the plugs with another great new drop.