Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/13/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 317

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/13/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 317

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Jo Koy

Recorded 03-08-2016 – Release Date 03-13-2016

Production Number #317 – Jo Koy

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Adam welcomes Jo Koy to the show promoting his new Carolla Digital show ‘The Koy Pond’ and he promoted the first episode with Anjelah Johnson and how he wants people with made up funky names to have them spelled normally with common spelling when listed for plugs and promo etc.

Adam explains how it all gets confusing with dates when it comes to plugging events and airdates vs. recording times etc.

Gary reminds Adam that Anjelah Johnson was on ACS #1685 from October of last year.


Adam is getting to the kernel of doubt created by these bad dates and infrequent mistakes and how in the world of made up names it only goes off the rails even further.

Jo is sharing how he signed a shirt for an Amy with an Aimee spelling, Adam is now joking about flipping a coin with Bryan vs. Brian and he even adds Carl to the list, Jo says that Marc pisses him off and it must be with a K.

Adam says it’s a word, call it name but it’s a word and Adam has a killer “mark with a d, douchebag” joke that he tells Jo he can incorporate into his act, he loves doing that mocking the people who actually do that to comedians.


Jo talks about black names and Adam says that’s about correcting people, it’s a way to correct others and change some imagined power dynamic.

Adam talks about the angry left loving to correct and uses the victim vs. survivor phraseology.


Drew is doing an Live Read

Drew has metabolic syndrome but Adam says he made it up edition


Jo is talking about the Chinese people and their common names, Adam says this is why Mike August is Adam’s hero, well it’s certainly not his email replies and he mocks his “yep” and Gary cites his use of “Xcellent” as well.

Adam explains why he changed his last name to his middle name August, he did it for himself like the way the parents of Mitsuk change her name to sally.


Adam says it marginalizes people and he talks about the crazy name of the black daughter on ‘Catch A Contractor’ who he couldn’t address, Adam quotes Phil Hendrie with Sizzlean and references his buddy who names his daughter Nechilla while riffing about black female names.

Adam is telling them about his buddy Doug Deluca who named his daughter Nechilla, Adam is talking about how they avoided saying the daughters name and how it ended up with everyone on location and the crew skipping over her name.

Adam is now sharing how he was playing a couples’ game night and how an Aimee corrected him about her spelling on his cards with everyone’s name, it was just for keeping track in the game, he knew that correction meant she had a narcissism issue.


Jo is telling them about the white concrete they’re using and how the next batch didn’t come out the same shade, Adam says the batches can vary, Jo says it looks like getting a display show from Footlocker, it always looks used and not as fresh as the one in the box.

Drew is asking about the place that’s being covered in concrete, Drew asks about concrete and inevitable cracking, he talks about his gym slab and how cracked it is now.

Adam is talking about ways to stave off cracking and ways to only encourage it, Adam talks about going with rebar and beefed up footings for better longevity.


Adam is telling Drew about “Bow Ties” that stop the concrete from expanding, like stapling flesh or a wound, you’re a doctor man!


Drew is doing a TrueCar Live Read

Jo’s got the Super Tesla, he talks about the year long waiting list and Adam says he needs the passenger side mirror and Gary chimes in and mentions Lynette was late and that was the reason, she busted up her mirror.

Adam didn’t care about her damaging the mirror and comments on Lynette’s hesitance with telling him and he explains why he doesn’t care about mistakes, it’s all intention and he says the part he did care about was the missing pieces she didn’t go back and retrieve, Jo asks how that’s a mistake.


Adam is taking it to the Erin Andrews case, the criminal vs. the guy who made a mistake and gave out the room number.

Gary updates them on the ruling and they move on to the calls.


1st Caller Scott, he’s been fired after a week at a new job, he shares how he let out some proprietary information to bartender at Hooters who is related to a former coworker at the would be new job.

Adam is complimenting him on internalizing the problem and Adam is giving him a no sir/yes sir and he jokes about “blowing apart a cock ring while sighing” hilarious Forrest Gump reference and drive by weaponized cock ring damage.

Adam and Jo are riffing about a dead baby named Nechilla, Adam wants the broad strokes and Scott tells them about losing a high paying job and he wants to know how to deal with this huge fuckup.


Adam shares his “you’re fine” designation for Loveline callers who wanted to know how to best care for their baby, Adam says that he hears a person with the tools to bounce back and be successful, Drew tells him it’s a lesson learned and Jo tells him to get Hooters out of his life.

Adam talks about the multiple times his agent has called telling him about a possible VO gig where he will be the voice of a brand and how nothing ever comes of it, or something like his 500k contract with Telepictures and how Kevin Smith got him fired from it over a “Poddammit” scheduling misunderstanding and made up anti-gay narrative by Smith.

Adam says you can’t stay up and worry about these things, you must move on to what’s next.


Adam has a 1 out of 10 cookies that will be busted on the assembly line metaphor, Jo has an old Nordstrom’s Rack story and Drew jumps in with a live read.


Drew is doing a Five Four Club Live Read

Adam is now riffing about the Nordstrom’s rack and the leftover different sized shoes.


Jo is telling them about his days of struggling and doing standup with a young baby at home, he is riffing about the variety of racially themed standup nights.


Adam is predicting that there are less standup comedians who are Asian due to them being smarter as a whole than other people.

Adam is talking about his son ‘The Vegetarian Cheetah’ and Nick is on mic again telling Adam how legit Sonny’s basketball handling skills are.

Adam is saying they did this thing, Sonny did not make the All-Star team and his buddies accidently let it slip that they made it and he didn’t when a scheduling question came up, Adam talks about how good these kids are.


Lynette witnessed the conversation form the front seat and she felt so badly for him and Adam then had a talk with him about it where he said that if they picked 3 he would have made it, Adam told him about how he might make it next year and shares Sonny’s reasonable response.

Adam put his fake dad hat on and tried to talk him up about getting better over the next year, Adam is talking about shooting for 2nd place for the next/final Toyota Celebrity Grand Prix.

Adam talks about trying to talk his son out of “me talk” and brings up Jimmy Vasser again, Jo has an idea and Adam talks about watching 5 games on a Saturday where he eclipsed the entire Carolla family with his rate of attending games.


Adam is doing a Live Read

Adam would get that old saint, his grandpa Lotzi so he didn’t have to walk to the post office every day, he also seemingly preferred coin op laundromats.


2nd Caller Tony, he’s 39 and living it up in Costa Rica, he compliments Jo’s performance on the ACS and Adam asks him about being in Costa Rica, Adam is insanely jealous and angry.

He is calling about smoking pot and “experimenting” on himself and Adam jokes about him living like people in a Corona beer commercial, Adam is riffing up a storm about the various hardships he must have while living there.

Tony is trying to riff along with him and he wants to know about the placebo effect and marijuana and mood stabilization.


Drew says he’s really talking about anti-anxiety effect, Adam talks about diet and how a candy bar affects you vs. anything else you put in your body.

Adam says this is a thing that grows and you put in your body, can it be argued it helps like putting broccoli in your body.


Drew says that cannabis can last for days when it comes to mitigating anxiety, Adam thinks practicing Tai Chi for would have a residual relaxing effect.

Drew says Tony is right and it does have a lasting effect that combats anxiety.


3rd Caller Joseph he’s got some obligatory ass kissing and talks about Adam leaving Loveline and catching up on the ADS after discovering it last year.

Joseph is talking about left turn arrows and Adam brags about driving around two lanes full of cars lined up at a red turn arrow, Adam talks about how insane that arrow is at Burbank airport, Adam mocks the “city planners” and explains why there is no traffic out near Burbank airport.

Adam asks if we can’t handle arrow placement how are we going to handle big real issues, Adam has a killer Gavin Newsom riff joking about him busting a nut on a woman instead of taking action to shutdown check cashing places.


Adam talks about him pretending to care about black and Hispanic people, Joseph is now trying to combine the red turn arrows and the race baiting.


Adam is doing a Live Read for High T Pro Turbo


Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show, he mentions his new Carolla Digital podcast ‘The Koy Pond’ and Drew plugs his own podcast as they close it out.