Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/13/2014 – Tim Draper and Drew Curtis

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Guest Tim Draper and Drew Curtis

Recorded 03-12-2014 – Release Date 03-13-2014

Production Number #1280

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Adam is opening the show to a great intro from Dawson and the freshly married Alison Rosen, Adam gives her an under 2min time limit to tell him everything.

Alison is explaining her struggle to remain in the moment and says her expectations might have been too high, she says that nothing can live up to the fantasy.

Adam is now making a point about men and how we grow up to view marriage, he’s describing Lorenzo Lamas “Renegade” but calls him outlaw and he’s mocking the rambling music of the 1970’s and the message it sent other men.


Adam is now talking about Fonzie and 007, making a point about James bond as a cultural hero for males and the message that sent.

Hilarious “Coozie McVulva” bond girl name.

Adam is now using a movie built up too much as his ultimate analogy for how unfair it is for women and men, how one party has been dreaming of this moment and the other dreaming of the freedom of Lorenzo.


Adam is now doing a live read, he says that Molly is coasting to a stop and he’s joking about her sock and shirt outfit, Adam says that once she has some spats he’s going old yeller on her ass.


Drew Curtis of Fark.com is now joining the show for his ACS debut and Adam is asking him how Fark all started, including where the name came from.

Alison has a great “I’m squatting on cunt” one liner in reply to the topic of 4 letter URL’s not being available since 1998.

Adam is now asking Drew about his battle with Patent Trolls and how he won the case.


Adam is now riffing with Drew about goat fucking and this is not the first time that has happened, Drew and Adam had an infamous caller who practiced goat love.

Drew is giving his take on Adam’s patent troll lawsuit and how the guy has no case, he says its complete bullshit.

Adam is now sharing his motorcycle cop/jay walking ticket in Rapebank ticket story.


Adam has a great joke about the idea of these patents being taken out but happening after his litigation, much like a cure for a disease you died of 3 years ago.

Adam is now making a point about rich whitey wetting his beak on the internet, how long can the internet get by without someone trying to steal money from it.

Adam has a great the more you know about sleeping with the wife of a man who runs an outdoor billboard business for an analogy as to why it was a wrong move to sue people with a platform and an audience.


They’re wrapping up with Drew and BB is giving his take and Alison wants to know about the hesitation to fight it, Adam says that they’ll always resist it.

Adam says part of it is that attorneys don’t want do to their actual job and Adam is making a point about settlements vs. trials and how regardless of whether it’s right or wrong they’re going to do it.

Adam is now doing a live read.


Alison is sharing her experience from the wedding while offering a nice outside perspective on the events too to flesh out the details.

Alison is sharing her Kevin Nealon moment of public speaking the night before, BB is playing a fake clip made from last June.

She’s going beat by beat and telling them about the “getting ready” photos that are done for ceremonies and hers was not faked like her sisters was, she’s explaining why she didn’t quite enjoy that with some very honest admissions.


Adam says that the time that you least want the videographer is the stuff you’ll be most thankful to see 10 years later, BB is asking for an example and Adam is citing this patent troll stuff and how Chris Maxipada is following him around filming everything.

Adam is sharing the snapshot in time aspect of it and why he’ll appreciate it.

Alison is sharing what she wish had done differently, she’s telling them about her parents and her dad’s difficulty with walking for long stretches.


Alison has a funny description of emerging from behind a tree and her fear of falling off the golf cart used to transport her.

She’s telling them about her arrival at the ceremony and how she felt alone before arriving to her parents, she’s trying to explain how unusual that feeling was for her and how it put her off.

Alison says that Daniel thought it was a choice and was very dramatic, Adam says she should pretend it was and Adam that sounds like a viable option for choreographing a wedding.


Adam is now mocking the lack of hard liquor at her wedding, hilarious boot flask comedy with BB and she’s apologizing for her beer and wine options to Adam.

Adam is continuing to mock her with boxed wine and natural light beer barbs, Adam says that nobody thinks about the alcoholics for events, the vegetarians, gluten free people but not the drunks.

Alison says she didn’t care for the time constraints put on her by the venue and the pressure from the people she wasn’t anticipating.


Adam is now wrapping things up, he says that weddings aren’t made for folks like us, Alison disagrees with the center of attention point, perhaps for comedic sake.

Adam is telling them about his trip to Austin for SXSW and the eventual shit he always has to take during any of these events, Adam wants to be able to shit with impunity in a public stall, your wedding is one long that says Adam.

Great beer and wine callback, Alison is sharing her closing highlight memory and even Adam is impressed.


Adam is now adding “Heartbreaker” by Dionne Warwick to the Tool Tunes playlist, BB is now plugging his free playlist of tool tunes for everyone to enjoy.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Tyson, he’s interrupted for a live read and now they’re playing some of the song and BB is telling Adam it was written by Barry Gibb, Ace has a killer reply.

Adam say this song came on when his girlfriend broke up with him and he was crying so hard driving home from Vegas he wanted to turn on his wipers.

Tyson is now telling them about his relationship and desire to breakup with his girlfriend and his temptations to sleep with a coworker.


Adam is now asking how he knows the coworkers is interested and Adam says that women almost brag about their pubic grooming, Alison say she had a full bush till 23, rad!

Adam says that Tyson is doing the dumb what if stuff and how everyone needs to live it a little bit before realizing it, Adam is citing the advice that he and Drew always give.

Adam has a great “let’s make a deal” analogy and is using the box phrasing over and over, this is great!


Alison has a nice other use of box and BB is spelling out the innuendo, Adam is asking Tyson follow ups about his past breakup with the same gal.

Adam says he should stay with her as he’s already tried this, Adam says that there is no problem with them, it’s about the advertising and temptation of 80yrs on earth and beer commercials tricking people into elevated expectations.


Adam is now mentioning the light switch shut off he did in episode two of “Catch a Contractor” and he’s explaining why he’s not weird for not wanting to waste cosmic energy, like he’s Silver Surfer or some shit.

Alison and BB are now in the mix and Adam is sharing his biggest impulse to shut off the lights in public restrooms and BB is telling them about his constipated chemo days and the motion activated lights that would signal he’s been in their too long.

Alison has a great the more you know about dark restrooms and Adam has a great bit of bloody comedy with BB.


Adam is explaining the reaction to this new show and how his appearance on TMZ indicates the level of success and attention on his new show.

Adam is now doing a live read.

They’re now playing the TMZ clip where Adam gives his “To Catch a Predator” advice he gave, hilarious!

Adam says they turned his comedy bits into comedy bits and sweetened them up, he wishes they would follow him around 24/7.


Adam is citing a dinner with Kimmel and his lovely wife Molly, he’s mentioning how Daniel Kellison is the guy who always drifts to the uncomfortable conversations and Adam tries to avoid them.

Daniel brought up Jay Leno and Jimmy Kimmel at the dinner, trying to stir up some shit and Adam is now giving all the laps back and forth over what Adam and Leno do when they hang out.

Adam is now bringing up the girl Erin who had a crush on Adam back in the “Man Show” days and Adam is now sharing how his later sifting through the conversation back in his hotel room made him snap a mental pencil.


Adam says it’s about power, you’re in control in that moment and become the judge by putting the other party on the defensive.

Adam says he always likes that kind of person but with a little booze in them they go towards the topics you wish they wouldn’t.

Adam is now explaining how Daniel would mock him for leaving to record Loveline from the Man Show writers room, Adam is sharing a time travel prediction of Daniel’s future divorce.


Adam is talking about the shitty parting gift to make someone feel bad about leaving, they’re now talking to Dawson who turned 40 today and Adam is asking him about an achievement day.

Dawson seems to have forgotten about the concept and he’s very excited about his birthday cake with an avocado on top.

Happy Birthday Mike Dawson!

They’re now going to break.


They’re back from break with Tim Draper making his ACS debut and a listener voicemail about the Theo theme song for “Germany or Florida” back in the classic Loveline days.

BB explains it in passing but doesn’t go in depth on Theo’s history with the show.

Tim is now telling Adam about the reasoning for his initiative to break up California into six states and he’s now listing off how badly California has been managed.


Adam is now explaining his “salmon” cable provider back in La Crescenta and how he would argue about their rates in comparison to the other companies using Tim’s analogy.

Tim is explaining why he thinks California is ungovernable and he’s giving off some stats and now Adam is transitioning to the topic of competition and how it’s the only thing that truly matters.

Adam and Tim are talking about the hippy movement against competition that was part of the 1970’s and the way that completion was framed as a negative as opposed to neutral motivation.


Adam says that the people who want to get away from the podium are naturally the people who are not so good at competition, that’s when you don’t want it.

Tim is sharing how his adult children all want to settle in California and he’s encouraging them not to, he’s telling them about the lack of completion and choices in the state.

Adam has a great point about the great opponents of Muhammad Ali and what they mean for history and he’s citing his time at the “Groundlings” and how being let go from their only built up callouses for him.


Tim is telling them about the flight of film production from California and Adam is now citing the hypocrisy of the Hollywood types fleeing the state for work.

Tim is taking it to the positive and sharing how the new six states will look, he’s making points about anti patent troll laws and electronic voting possibilities.

Adam is getting to the districts and the way people manipulate addresses to make a better life and education for their children.


Adam just invented inept and corrupt “cornept” and Tim is telling them about why they can’t allow for electronic voting due to the word “attach” being used in the law.

Tim is explaining why 6 California’s is better than 4, he’s telling them about why 6 allows for people to choose which California they want to live in based on government performance.

Adam says he doesn’t need all 6 and is calling it “CarollaBurg” Hurst castle to just past Jennifer Aniston’s house and he will take just that stretch of coast, he’s extended it to Johnny Carson’s place down by the pier.


Tim says that hey arbitrarily chose the counties and the counties can choose which state they want to be a part of along with a proper name too.


Adam is now sharing his “city ranking” theory with Tim and how they use these names to entice people to live in shitty areas.

Adam is now doing a super smooth segue into a live read with Alison, great “Whaat!?” from Adam.


Alison’s News

1st Story is on the gas explosion in NYC, it’s not mentioned but it was on the same block Loveline archivist Adam Dristle Aka Unclepenny lives and works on, he’s safe.

They’re all now commenting on the accident and Tim is encouraging them to move on with some almost too sentimental reply.


2nd Story is on a list of foods that color your poop, Tim is now in the mix again joking about the story and who enjoys these lists.

Adam has a great reply and Tim seems to be enjoying himself.

Alison wants to ask Adam about his take on pubic grooming in response to Tim saying he loves the show, Adam is giving his theory on grooming and surgery, and how the goal should be to make it invisible.


Adam is explaining why people are attracted to genetic symmetry and taking it back to the “groomed without looking like its groomed” look.

Adam says the natural look, he’s got a nice hair analogy and Alison has a hilarious chunky bush closer.


3rd Story is a clip of Matthew McConaughey on George Stroumboulopoulos’s show in Canada.

Adam is now saying he hates the guy who gets two hoop earrings in the same ear, right next to each other, Adam is unfamiliar with the man and his history with Much Music in Canada, and he’s the Canadian Carson Daly.

Adam is further going off on dude earrings that bother him, Alison and Adam are both sharing their immediate reactions and he’s arguing against the idea of tattoos and piercings to define yourself as an outsider.


Adam says that he was the rebel sans tattoos, Tim is giving his take on searching for entrepreneurs and how trendy styles tip him off that they aren’t the most original people.


Adam is telling them about a guy he met in line in security who Adam spotted as military, Adam is explaining how he was able to discern the fan was a soldier.

Tim is telling them about his daughter witnessing the LAX shooting after Adam references it, Adam is sharing how he profiled the guy in line next to him and surprised him with his observations.

Adam calls Austin one big “tattooed, pierced, framed fest” commenting on the hipster/poser citizens.


4th Story is on a former city councilman who embezzled several hundred thousand dollars from Montrose California, Alison is giving the details on his conviction and upcoming sentencing.

Adam is explaining why he’s scared of the farmers market, mostly about getting run over by an old man, wow!

Adam is riffing about the people who go to farmers markets like those who stay at bed and breakfasts, Adam says it’s a waste of a Saturday and jokes about coming home with a bag of shit that grew in the dirt.


Adam says there is no way you escape a farmers market without talking to a lesbian, BB is saying this just happened to him and Adam is killing it on a nut based cheese riff.

Adam says the farmers market is a place of unbridled bullshit, “we’ll have to remember this place” –BB on the bull-shitting fake talk people do to avoid buying stuff.

Tim says he’ll never be able to return to a farmers market again and BB riffs a great “Raising Arizona” reference closer to the news with Adam.


BB has a great drop and now they’re doing a live read.

Adam is now plugging the appearance of Daniel on Alison’s podcast this week, Adam says the “Quantz” throws him as he forgets Alison’s husband’s name.

Tim is giving out his plugs and they’re wrapping up the show.