Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/13/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 125

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Love between the Two Hosts

Recorded 03-13-2014 – Release Date 03-13-2014

Production Number #125 Wetting the Bed

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Adam is opening the show with the standard intro on this show, fresh off the presses recorded and released on the same day.

Adam is giving out a plug got the legal defense fund benefit at the end of the month.

Drew is sharing his pain for Adam’s legal fees and headaches, Adam is now moving it forward to a story from Brunch with the Carolla’s.


Adam says it was this past Sunday, he’s telling Drew about eating breakfast and the table he noticed but first a couple, he’s now saying you want these people hung from the streetlights but are also wildly envious.

Adam is describing the packed parking lot and his 2nd lap around that led him to a party returning to their vehicles, Adam is describing their conversation by the trunk of the cars and were well aware of the cars waiting to take their parking spots.

Adam is calling it a “cheat open to the camera” stance to describe the man’s awareness of him waiting for them to leave, Drew is now bringing up his double bad feeling if he were in Adam’s shoes of holding up the person behind him.


Drew is having Adam break down the scene and he’s telling him it’s a simple “that’s not me” attitude of entitlement and he’s got a great coin toss analogy.

They’re now breaking down the story of the “Van Nuys Permit Office” and the learning curve Adam made sure took place, he’s going more in depth than he’s ever gone and Adam is calling it a 95/5% situation and how he feels about 50/50 in comparison.

Drew is in the mix and deconstructing this story and Adam’s reaction more than it’s ever been covered on air before, including the Loveline episodes of the era.


Adam and Drew are doing a live read.

Adam is back to their brunch and he’s asking Adam what he should do, he’s telling him about an adult with downs syndrome eating with his family at a nearby table.

Adam says that you can’t tell the age of people with Downs’s syndrome, much like black women they don’t crack.

Adam is explaining how the mother was drinking chardonnay, Adam comments on never seeing people with down syndrome consume alcohol, Adam says he would never stop drinking and wants to know “why not?” and Drew ups the ante with a question of why not become a drug addict?


Adam is saying that they’re “stuck in the yummy phase” hence no taste for booze and Drew has a comment about their overweight frames and how it could be connected to their reward response for “yummy” food.

Drew is now asking about the familiar component of drinking among downs people and Adam is fleshing out his “yummy phase” theory and Drew has a nice comment about them not experiencing the “distress” that causes non downs people to need/seek out a solution for the pain from their insular cortex.

Drew is breaking down the brain science behind all of this and Adam is now sharing his own person analogy of why he needs a beer after a long weekend of working, Drew is taking them into a live read with a flawless and yet totally awkward transition.


Adam is now joking about having people with downs sued by patent trolls and pitching a TV show where he intervenes to make the lives of downs people miserable.

Adam is now arguing about the 99% and the idea of being poor and how misery wasn’t always associated with it.

Adam is making a point about free pizza and beer when he was poor compared to now where a Ferrari can barely excite him.


Adam and Drew have a great “fun dude/fondue” riff, Adam is now making a point about his old poor guy poker games and free concert tickets.

Adam is bringing up his first review in the LA Weekly and how he can barely be bothered to read pieces written about him in the New York Times.

Adam and Drew are getting into how people always grow accustomed to everything, a constantly adjusting baseline.


Adam has a killer riff about a constant state of being surprised by everything, his own impression of himself being shocked at his warehouse and Asian man employee, gold!

Adam is saying that assuming someone who is in the 99% is miserable is elitist and that it’s possible to be happy and not be wealthy.

Adam says his life is far more satisfying now but not happy, they’re going to break.


They’re back from break and Adam is saying how satisfying a new set of tires for his car would make him when he was living paycheck to paycheck

Drew is giving his take and Adam is telling Drew that he noticed the ding in Dr. Drew’s car which was caused by a crazy woman insisting upon pressuring him in a parking garage leading him to rush into his spot.

Adam is telling Drew about the posts in parking structures, why they were used and how they were wrapped with shitty shag carpet in various apartments, Adam and Drew say that kind of shit defined the valley in the 1970s.


Adam is now making a point about the poles being stucco covered and he proclaims that “Rocky Stucco” is his new porn name.

Adam is now doing another live read.


1st Caller Clay, Adam has a great Plato joke that Drew seems to appreciate as they try to figure out the history of his name.

Clay wants to know about Drew subsidizing his son’s party adventure in Australia, Adam is calling it a double standard and doing funny mouth noises with Drew, comedy gold!

Drew is explaining how hard his son has been working and how deserves a little vacation, Adam says he doesn’t judge and is giving Drew’s take on young men to see life and sow their oats.

Drew agrees and says he doesn’t have any patience for the adults “purging the jizz” out of their system, they’re clearing things up with Clay.


2nd Caller Grant, His two kids are pissing his money away on diapers and bed wetting.

Drew is asking if anything in the household has changed and caused some chaos, he’s getting into the family history.

Adam is now giving his history with bed wetting, he’s going super in depth and explaining how his mom used her parents as a babysitter to get rid of the kids so they could sit around and do nothing at home.

Adam is giving his take on the strategy to remedy bed wetting and his own resistance at getting it used in his home with his son.


Adam is now asking what’s to repel, what’s to push off, why resist him?

Drew is telling Adam about the sunken drop sink in his urologist’s office, he’s showing him a picture and Adam is telling them about his urine sample that was dumped in the sink.

Drew is now pitching Adam on installing these, his own pee sink.


Adam is now doing a live read talking about Molly’s recent tinkle accident on his bed, he’s complimenting her aging dog noises that he loves to hear.

Adam and Drew are giving out the ways to support the show and Adam is plugging his new reality show “Catch a Contractor”.

They’re wrapping up the show.