Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/12/2014 – Adam Carolla Live from SXSW

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Guest Adam Carolla Live from SXSW

Recorded 03-11-2014 – Release Date 03-12-2014

Production Number #1279

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Adam is opening this live from South by Southwest with Bill Zanker the creator of Fund Anything, Adam is explaining they just saw some of the info about the crowd funding behind “Road Hard”, I assume the played the Bryan Cranston video.

Adam is explaining how dry he usually finds the videos for these crowd sourcing campaigns, Adam is explaining the back story behind the recording of the video, citing Bryan’s work in the new “Godzilla”.

Adam is explaining the 2nd crowd funding campaign they’re doing, he’s explaining the patent troll lawsuit to the audience and calling it a very different form of crowd funding.


Adam is explaining what a patent troll is at the behest of Bill, Adam is saying that somehow Adam and the network made it to their list.

Adam is saying that it has something to do with sequencing and is calling it spurious and without merit, Bill is following up with how most people end up settling with the trolls.

“If you’re going to get raped you might as well be in your bathrobe” – Adam on the idea of moving the venue for the legal battle to his backyard, nice reaction from the crowd (women included).


Adam is saying how they’ve motivated other shows to promote this legal defense crowd funding campaign, Bill is saying that Adam left radio 4 years ago, Adam is now correcting him and explaining his exit from radio.

Adam has a hilarious “Odd Couple” reference, Adam is making a great point about a fan base and how he didn’t want to lose us after so many years of his connection to us and ours to him, wow!

Adam is getting to the relationship one has with a radio host/podcast host.


Adam is getting to the origins of the podcast and how Andy Dick forced the move to the warehouse, Adam is citing the cigar and lunch meat incidents, joking that a hidden half smoked cigar is like a fish on a radiator.

Adam is saying how they keep their 5 day a week schedule and how the success may have only brought a target for his shows back.

Bill is now asking him about “Road Hard” and the previous film “The Hammer”, Adam is joking with a woman in the front row who hasn’t seen the film, good stuff.


Adam has an interesting “people I thought were my friends” comment about trying to raise the money for “The Hammer” and Bill is now adding some great follow ups to have Adam flesh things out more.

Adam says everyone got paid back but him.

Adam is joking about trying to raise financing or get interest from Happy Madison and he’s sharing how Bill got in touch with him for this find raising campaigns.


Adam and Bill are going in depth on the rewards and the amount of time and energy along with funds that go back into covering the costs to fulfill the promises made to the fans.

Bill has a great point about people’s names in the credits and the built in DVD sales that will result in for all 13k credited financers.

Bill is explaining the executive producer reward and how the business card addition changed the interest level in that perk/reward.


Adam is now joking about crowd funding anything, including lunch via quarters from the crowd.

Bill is saying this is the first crowd sourced legal defense in history and Adam is saying how he hopes this will send a message to these greedy attorneys and prevent some of this frivolous litigation.

Adam is saying he loves it, this will now make them have to think twice before coming after a mom and pop operation.


Adam is now sharing his history with computers and the internet, including the computer bought for him at the Man show office to make him look smart.

Adam is getting to the irony of his association with this cutting edge technology when there could be nobody further away from it than him, very eloquent words from the Aceman.

Adam is now putting an even finer point on this, calling all the technology merely a modality and that it’s neither here nor there if he can work a computer or not.


Adam is now explaining the history of Mangria to the audience and how it all took off.

Adam is now sharing his theory about books vs. booze and how much more you can make selling alcohol and the smart logic of the clubs he visits serving his booze, the double dip!

Bill is now asking about the premise of “Road Hard” and the people involved in the writing and production, Adam is giving his personal take on the film.


Adam is now citing his early standup days in 2010 after the end of his radio job, he’s telling them about Mansfield Pennsylvania playing a college to 80 people in the auditorium and how the cold pizza combined with the red roof inn led to Adam’s lowest moment at the end of this tour.

Adam is saying the guy who brought him on stage listed off all of Adam’s credits, almost an obituary to his own career, the audience has now been lowered to 35 kids.

Adam says the movie is about all of the comedians who had the sweet deals of the 80’s and 90’s and are now back on the road doing the thing they swore they would never do again, now they’re 50 and back at the same clubs.


Adam is now giving a production update on “Road Hard” saying it will be released by spring of 2015, he’s also plugging the latest book.

Adam is saying how presales help boost the New York Times bestseller ranking and how it affected his first book.

They’re now taking a break added in post-production.


1st Question from Terry, She wants to know if Adam has considered buying up some of these podcasting patents himself, hilarious riff from Adam about buying these patents and then suing other podcasters.

Adam is sharing he has considered this option but it’s so vague it seems ineffective and Adam is giving his theory on how winning this one legal battle means they won’t be so eager to go after Marc Maron or Chris Hardwick.


2nd Question from __, he say that Adam looks like a spitting image of Adam’s uncle, hilarious riff from Adam asking if he looks so much like him that he could sleep with his wife, comedy gold!

He wants to know about Fund Anything and is mentioning the groupon clones, he wants to know how Fund Anything is setting themselves apart from the other crowd sourcing websites.

Bill is explaining how they work the campaigns and try to help the artists unlike the other platforms that don’t want to help.

Adam says he thinks they would’ve been fine if they went anywhere and is now actually complimenting Bill for the living and breathing nature of the campaign and how they kept it fresh.


Adam is joking about having god on his side, despite also being an atheist while joking about Penn’s crowd sourcing campaign.

Bill keeps saying “patent trollers” and is trying to explain the historic nature of the campaign.


3rd Question She wants to know about “pulsating” the campaign and how much Fund anything takes off the top when a project is financed.

She’s now making a point about producing inventions vs. artistic endeavors and she’s sharing how people are frustrated with the time it takes for an artistic endeavor to be completed.

Bill says they take 9% and pay out daily.


Adam is now answering his part of the question and saying how they use social media to update the fans, including his own twitter campaign and how he doesn’t want fans feeling like they were hoodwinked or bamboozled.

Bill is talking in circles again and Adam is joking about husky fans.


4th question is about if they’ve considered joining forces with the EFF and other people fighting these trolls, Adam says they are trying to join forces and making a nice analogy to the French resistance.

Adam is explaining how fractioned the groups are and answering his 2nd question about the TSA at the airport, Adam is telling them about his southwest flight he got on.

He ran into an employee with zero sense of humor, Adam is sharing his interaction with the employee he was trying to joke with.


Adam is now joking about how unsafe he feels at the airport and how he put his tail between his legs and ran onto the plane, of course Adam gets the only prickly non hack joke loving southwest employee.


5th Question he wants to know if Adam is ever going to the subscription model or if he’ll stick with the advertising model.

Adam is giving his radio esque theory on podcasting and how it’s no different to him than his previous work on air.

Adam says they’ll stay the course.


6th question wants to know about the struggling comedians he was mentioning about the “Road House” plot and if he can do some fund raising to help these guys out and he’s now joking about “Funny farm” his group home for all of these comedians who no longer have successful careers.

Adam’s retirement home for comedians, Bill is wrapping things up with some plugs.

Adam is now wrapping it up with a Mahalo!

A Commercial Free Episode.