Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/09/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 124

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Love between the Two Hosts

Recorded 03-04-2014 – Release Date 03-09-2014

Production Number #124 The Dogs Have Come Home To Roost

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Adam is opening the show with the standard intro and plugging his new show “Catch a Contractor” and how its premise immediately hooks people.

Adam is explaining to Drew how this show is destined to wind up a hit because he didn’t want to do it, he’s explaining that he hasn’t really had a successful show on TV in over a decade.

Adam is bringing up the “great show” compliments for “The Adam Carolla Project” his TLC program from 2005 and Drew just complimented Adam’s recent Stern appearance.


Adam is explaining how the launch of the show means the network has faith in it, the timeslot and back to back episodes being the indicator.

Adam is explaining how much he hates the repetition of television and Drew says a good reality producer won’t make you do the stuff Adam is describing suffering through.

Drew is now mocking “OTF” On the fly Interviews and Adam is ranting about his take, saying he doesn’t need to describe every action he takes on screen, Adam is now blaming the producers and executives who use “I was confused” to give production notes and can’t be argued against.


Adam says that “I was confused” means “I’m stupid” for the most part and Drew is asking Adam about his battles on location, Adam says he just caved about 5 episodes in and is going along with it to save time.

Adam has a hilarious Army Jeep Transformer metaphor for someone not understanding plot and being unable to follow a movie.

Adam is now explaining why this premise is hard to fuck up, Adam is great and a “Cash Register” and the pathos of the families dealing with these broken construction jobs.


Adam is explaining how these contractors are just like the guys he grew up with and how these jobs run away from them, great teeth cleaning analogy.

Drew is asking great follow up questions about how these jobs get left unfinished, Adam calls it the “D- student syndrome” the only thing that needs to be addressed in society.

Adam is explaining the macro and micro version, he’s giving the example of the guy living on minimum wage with multiple kids he can’t support vs. his kids constantly being stimulated and how the lack of that as a child leads to that adult, both sides of the mountain.


Drew is bringing up the “90 percent ’er” accusations Adam was labeled with when he used to do this type of work, Adam is explaining it from his angle while agreeing with Drew.

Adam is using Ray and his truck that’s perpetually robbed, the one day he doesn’t bring them upstairs, Adam says around the 10th time it’s on the person if they don’t modify their behavior, great addiction and open flame examples.

Adam says they only have the muscle for survival, he’s using homeless people pushing cans up the street on a daily basis to make his point.


Drew is now asking how the contractors react to being confronted, Adam says they’re not the internalizing type and respond like children.

Adam has an excellent “organized the fridge” example and he’s mocking the response of “I was coming back” that many of these contractors give.

Drew is now launching into a live read.


Adam is summing up the cycle of poverty and telling Drew about both sides of the financial river with a nice self-satisfied snort, Adam is explaining how he fronted money for jobs and ordered doors and then even flaked out.

Adam is citing his self-esteem and how he didn’t know how to ask for things or demand fair payment and materials costs, he would spend it out of his own pocket.

Adam wouldn’t even charge for Home Depot runs and Drew is saying he still loses thousands every month because he can’t go after patients and cares too much.


Adam is citing his relationship and time with “The Groundlings” and how he didn’t react in response to being cut.

Adam is referencing the radio show that he and Kimmel tried out for and how they didn’t shift blame when they didn’t get it, Adam has a great “man titties/Dolph Lundgren” riff about being delusion with themselves and their performance, Adam wants to know how lying to yourself will work out big picture.


Drew is blaming envy, he’s explaining today’s society and how the reaction to being cut from the groundlings would be thoughts of how to “get” the ones who weren’t cut.

Adam says it’s narcissism and Drew explains that envy is a narcissistic trait, Adam is further explaining how deciding that someone has it out for you is the most supreme narcissism, Adam say’s it 1 step removed from stalking Jodie Foster.


They’re going to break, a great prerecorded audibooks.com live read where they reference Classic Loveline guest Clive Barker, Drew is killing it.


They’re back from break.

Adam is making Drew sell the call!


1st Caller Jayme, he’s telling them about his growing addiction after complimenting Adam and telling him about supporting the pirate ship via the fund anything patent troll campaign.

They’re going in depth with him on his sobriety and weight gain, he’s asking them if he should delay his return to daily life form his sober living environment.

Drew is asking him about his sponsor and then challenging the “long as possible” recommendation from the sponsor, Adam and Drew are both really interested and now Drew is asking him about his family history and just stumbled onto the possibility that he’s bipolar.


Adam is doing a live read and Drew is now getting back to the callers situation and summing things up for him.


2nd Caller Alissa, she’s calling about her son’s possible topical steroid addiction and withdrawal symptoms, Drew is explaining the different between the skin problems and Drew is explaining what eczema is and what it’s connected to.

Drew says it’s a grab-bag term used in place of a better diagnosis.

Adam is asking Drew about the university setting recommendation for the caller, he’s connecting that to his barber college haircuts and explaining why it costs more money to be poor.

Adam is sharing his families cost cutting attempts and how they end up costing more in time than you could ever save.


Drew has a point about time being meaningless, Adam says it’s worth something if you have a job and he’s going in depth on the “freak haircut academy” where it would take 2hrs for a cut due to the supervision of the instructors.

Drew is having Adam explain why UCLA made him think of the haircuts, Adam is explaining how when you’re on someone else’s dime it allows unlimited time for problem solving, and Drew agrees and is fleshing it out.

Adam is giving a plug for the upcoming podcast patent troll benefit show in Redondo Beach.

Drew is now doing a live read.


3rd Caller Pat, he was reminded of Adam’s recent story about his breakfast meeting with the “therapy dog” sitting on the booth, with its asshole spread on the booth vinyl.

Adam is explaining to Drew the reactions he gets from people about eating off the ground is mocking the germaphobes that are so selective in their freak out reactions.

Adam is now addressing the concept of having anxiety about brunch, he’s leaving out the flight anxiety argument, just asking about this woman he brunched near.


Adam is asking why in a state that requires all food service workers to wear gloves its then ok to have bare dog assholes on seat cushions in the same restaurant.

“Even signs are signs” – Adam with a self-satisfied sniff follow up, joking about why he moved from Los Angeles, it’s a piece of shit.

Adam is joking about set directors for post-apocalyptic movies such as “Escape from L.A.” not even being good enough to think of razor wire on the freeway signs.


Adam is now connecting it all, he’s making a point about bogus service dogs making it all the more difficult for disabled people who actually need them.

Adam is now commenting on the hypocrisy of the Hollywood elite critiquing businesses for leaving L.A. yet they’ll happily board a plane to go film overseas to save a buck.


Pat is now telling them about a co-worker who was bit by a service dog and is now in an argument/legal situation with her restaurant and the dog owner.

Pat wants to know the restaurant owners rights in this case, Adam is now making a larger point about dignity and why ultimately we have to police ourselves.

Adam is killing it explaining why you need to pick up your own dog shit, Adam is making a point about government paternalization and what it does to the dignity among a populace, Drew is quoting Alexis de Tocqueville once again and they’re wrapping up the show.