Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/07/2014 – Howie Mandel, Matt Atchity, and CA State Assemblyman Mike Gatto

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Guest Howie Mandel, Matt Atchity, and CA State Assemblyman Mike Gatto

Recorded 03-06-2014 – Release Date 03-07-2014

Production Number #1276

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Adam is opening the show with guest news gal Syd Wilder and Assemblyman Mike in studio, Adam is joking about how he could clean things up in Los Angeles and Mike seems well aware of Adam.

Adam is sharing how Mike brought Adam an honorary award, the law that was passed thanks to him, suitable for framing and Mike is giving Adam some great compliments about transitioning from radio to podcasting.

Adam is doing a quick “traffic and weather” for Mike, Adam is going back to the award and joking about framing it a 2nd time and discussing Adam’s business and residences in Mike’s district.


Mike is telling them about the law he passed that allowed real license plates on classic cars, Mike is explaining where the plates come from and the molds they use.

Adam says he would pay an extra 15-20 if the guy who stamped the plate would write what he was in for, Mike revealed they come from Folsom Prison.

Adam is praising Mike and thanking him for coming by the show, Adam says he doesn’t have to leave but can’t stay.


Adam is now talking to Syd, he’s asking her about her work and journey, Matt Atchity is in studio.

Syd’s telling them about her sister’s centerfold in Playboy that allowed for Syd to follow her out to Los Angles, Adam is saying that Playboy is now considered quaint, almost a lateral move from an MTV award show.

Syd is telling them about her sister’s transition to porn and the difficulty in resembling her, Adam is now doing a quick improv scene with her, pretty good.


Adam is joking with Syd about pornstars and the idea of doing real work after being paid to fuck.

Adam is now joking about kids using the centerfold associated with their birth month as a trump card with other dudes, so true!

Syd is now telling them it’s her sister and BB was able to find it.


Adam is asking her about her own offers to pose nude and she’s saying she’s got camera shy nipples, Adam is sack shy.

She says her father favors her sister, Adam is now asking her how she knows that and why she thinks that, he’s giving his take on his kids earning their places in his heart.

Adam is responding to the photo of her sister and now he’s asking her about her family’s separation and Adam wants to know what BB or Matt would do if every guy in school wanted to fuck them, hilarious back and forth with BB


Adam says he would have been such a slut he would’ve created a backseat in the back of a corvette, a car that doesn’t have one, just to slut it up with car sex.

Syd has a quick comment about “getting it out of her system” while spending ages 15-16 at the Playboy mansion a lot, nobody makes note of that.

Adam is saying how much he enjoys the old campus searches for playmates, he doesn’t like the submitted photos and Matt doesn’t understand guys who want to advertise how hot their girlfriends are, Adam is referencing “Star 80”.


“A guys shows up in a fucking neckerchief and starts whaling away on your old lady’s pussy…” Adam describing the events of “Star 80” and the true story behind it, hilarious Peter Bogdanovich comedy, this is great.

Adam brought this up before on ACS #1059 about a year ago, Adam is now doing a live read and requesting details on the Dorothy Stratten case.

Adam is now calling for a hot tub filled with Quaaludes for him, Woody Allen and Roman Polanski and see who sodomized whom first.

Adam is plugging the upcoming patent troll defense fund benefit it and his live Mangria events.


Rotten or Fresh Time Travel Movies

Adam is now ranting about “Peabody and Sherman”, who under 50 knows what the fuck it is, he’s using “Land of the Lost” as a counter example.

Matt is defending the producers of these films and their lack of options in a difficult creative landscape with the studio system.

Hilarious “I Just Put It on Her Tit” one liner in response to Syd making a joke and she’s got an “it’s fake” topper that Adam rolls with perfectly, gold!


1st Movie Back To the Future (1985)

2nd Movie Hot Tub Time Machine (2010)

BB and Syd both didn’t enjoy it much and Adam hasn’t seen it, Adam is blaming BB for his score.


3rd Movie Time Cop (1994)

Hilarious delivery from Adam shouting out the title before Matt can name it.

4th Movie Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989)

Adam reveals he’s never seen it and can’t believe it scores in the 80’s.


5th Movie The Terminator (1994)

They’re tallying up the scores and BB wins it, Adam still “podiumed” and feels bad about Bill and Ted scoring higher than him with the top critics.

Adam is now doing a live read. They’re heading to break.


Howie Mandel is now making his 3rd appearance on the Adam Carolla Show, his first visit was #879 in 2012 and his follow up was at the Cinco De Mangria event last year for Episode #1071.

Adam calls Howie one of the good guys and Howie is sharing how impressed he is with Adam’s warehouse, it’s his first visit and he’s telling Howie how it’s just overcompensation for his horrible childhood, so he always has a project going as an adult.

Howie is telling Adam about buying a warehouse and realized he has nothing to fill it with, Adam has a hilarious butt plug and anus analogy for what Howie did, nice reaction from Syd.


Howie was a Loveline with guest with at least 2 known appearances from the Adam Carolla era, Adam is talking to Howie about his production and what he’s working on.

Adam is sharing he doesn’t know that much about Howie’s sexuality and says that guys that won’t do the first bump don’t do the fisting downstairs.

Howie is sharing his difficulty in getting prostate exams, Adam is telling him about being in the same boat and he’s joking about the doctors and patients not doing it for pleasure.


Adam has a great “killing prostitutes” analogy for Howie and its wonderful while making total sense, he’s now connecting that to exotic organ based food products.

Howie is now asking Syd about his sister’s love of anal, he’s going in depth on her take and Adam is asking Howie about his independent film and wants Howie to play himself in “Road Hard”.

Adam is joking about Anal, Anal and now explaining that Howie will be doing some cussing in the movie and he’s telling Adam he does swear in his standup.


They’re plugging Howie’s show “Deal with It” on TBS, Adam is explaining why he likes the premise and Howie is saying it’s a great experiment in humanity, he’s giving an example of what they do.

Adam is now referencing the story from Loveline November 24th 1998m Howie told the recent story of his son’s bris.

Howie is now telling the story and Syd’s reaction are pretty great.

Howie is telling them about a friend converting for a marriage and getting circumcised as an adult, Howie is telling them about holding the baby’s legs and how the honor doesn’t feel the same at 24.


Howie is telling them about his manager and the bris for his son, they had all of the sorority sisters of his wife attend and Howie witnessed one pass out cold upon witnessing it.

Howie is sharing the joke about the reaction and Adam says he would make a horrible elder, he’s explaining that when all of these things that were added to the faith he would try to change it to push ups.

BB is now in the mix as a fellow elder, they’re haggling over ceremonial cock cuttings, hilarious “you’re a fucking weirdo” line from Ace, Howie is complimenting them for explaining his heritage to him.


Howie is telling them to google the Hasidic sect that is responsible for the herpes infections, this was reported on the ACS, and Adam has a killer riff about explaining that a guy died of herpes at a couple weeks old.

Syd is unaware of smegma and Howie catches it, they’re now back tracking and Adam is joking about Howie’s use of “Smegma-less” like he was proclaiming an ancient god or roman emperor, this all has a god of war/gladiator motif.

They’re now explaining smegma to Syd, she’s unaware and wants to discuss it further with her mom, she’s now telling Howie about her sister and her work in lesbian porn.


Adam is doing a half assed “stripper DJ” bit and Howie is now responding to the photo of Syd’s sister, Howie is now quoting his 2005 loveline visit and why he can’t enjoy porn with penis in it.

Adam is explaining that he would miss it if it was gone, like parsley on the side of the plate, he doesn’t need it but he likes the look of it.

Adam is now joking about acting ability and says that Matthew McConaughey, as good as he is, he can’t convincingly blow a guy on camera like Syd’s sister can do lesbian porn but not be gay in her person life.


Syd is joking with them about Adam’s older for her sister, Howie is suggesting she do a film with her sister, they’re quickly transitioning away from that.

Howie is bothered by her sister’s shoes on the furniture and Adam is now citing the people who sit with their feet beneath them, the “Sarah Silverman” move, you can hear BB sweating about the dog pillow situation but Adam moves past it.

Syd is telling them about seeing 65yr old vag, Adam is a cunt one upper and saw 71yr old snatch the other day, comedy gold!


Howie is telling them about walking in on the wrong gynecology exam, he saw a lot of flesh and is describing it, he was witnessed checking her out and gave her a thumbs up on exit.

Howie is telling them about his buddy making a fortune on vaginal rejuvenation and Howie wants to know about hymen restoration and Adam is now explaining that strange ethnic based sexuality.

Syd is telling them about getting vajazzled and he’s asking her about the process, Adam is now asking if Howie has ever seen a vagina and thought that it needed some kind of decoration.


Howie is getting her clarify that she doesn’t do vajazzling but does keep it shaven, Adam is mocking her use of “natural” to describe it.



1st Story is on some children that were caught smoking marijuana last week, She’s reading the story and Adam is joking about how you don’t need to get high as a kid, everything is mind blowing and incredible.

Adam is joking about the idea of learning that Abe Lincoln existed and how he could use an episode of “Dukes of Hazzard” to blow a kids mind.

Syd is asking if anyone has ever gone swimming while high on weed, she’s telling them about going swimming after taking an edible.


She’s describing that feeling and Howie is joking with her about it, Adam is now clarifying that eating the pot makes it all the more groovy and he’s asking Howie about the last time he got high, he was recently in Amsterdam and he is sharing his efforts to avoid coffee shops frequented by tourists.

Adam is now joking about Howie, he’s telling them about getting lost in the city and joking with Adam about the signage pointing to Anne Frank’s house.

Adam is now joking about the person who dropped the dime on Anne Frank, how poor the timing was and how horrific it is that someone decided to turn her in.

Adam is now doing a live read.


2nd Story is on a girl suing her parents for college tuition after being thrown out of the house, Howie is giving his take as a father.

He’s sharing his own daughter’s comments in reflecting on how difficult she was to raise, Adam is now giving his take on what he says to his kids when they complain.

Adam is sharing the BBQ story and the vote that Natalia suggested on their walk, Adam is sharing how his wallet tyranny worked.


Adam and Howie are talking to Syd about her sister’s screenplay “Cockmuncher” and now Howie is asking for her to find it on her phone so they can do a live rendition on air.

Howie is asking her about her family, her father and his preferences is once again the topic and she’s getting heated about her sister getting her hair school paid for while she had to pay for her own acting school.


3rd Story is on Arby’s buying Pharrell Williams hat from the Grammy’s, she’s reading the details and Adam is asking about his headwear at the Oscars.

Adam is now sharing the Arby’s oh R.B.’s thing he used to think that a fan then corrected, it doesn’t stand for roast beef it’s someone’s name.

“They chose the name “Arby’s”, based on R. B., the initials of Raffel Brothers.”


They’re now doing a scene from the script, Howie and Syd are going back and forth and Adam is making it funny with a great Nora Ephron reference.

Adam is joking about picturing two people who can’t act sitting on a futon and Adam is saying that she needs to get her into porn, Syd is explaining her sister’s “scene writing” job.


4th Story is on a robbery victim that was left hypnotized, Adam is joking about how this story is so Germany and how only dumb people get hypnotized.

Howie is now acting out a scene of someone trying to hypnotize you on the street, Adam is joking about this happening, great “no”.

Syd is now wrapping up the news and BB is commenting on how that confuses everyone, the extra story from last night’s show is what he’s referencing.


Adam is now doing a live read with BB.

Adam is plugging his new show premiering this Sunday, Howie’s new season on the 19th and Syd’s YouTube channel and website.

Adam is now wrapping up the show.