Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/06/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 315

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/06/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 315

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 03-01-2016 – Release Date 03-06-2016

Production Number #315 – Modern Family Table Read

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Adam is saying he doesn’t want to shame Drew and Drew is explaining his POV on Adam’s eye infection and why he prescribed the eye drops.

Adam explains he uses his forearms in lieu of a pillow while sleeping on his stomach, he thinks his mom heard pillows were bad for posture at some point and that’s how he got into the habit.

Adam has a great ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ reference and jokes about them remaking that movie with black actress and how awkward the “master” dialogue will be.


Gary gets on mic to explain they have yet to do a theatrical big budget remake, Adam references “that Will Ferrell piece of shit” in regards to 2005’s theatrical adaptation of the classic sitcom.

Drew is telling Adam about his wife texting him for help for Adam’s eye, Adam is now getting to the ‘Modern Family’ table read and how his kids were able to learn so much from going to the set, he compares that to a typical school day.

Adam says that’s the kind of thing you remember when you’re 40, Adam says it was the last episode of the season and he explains they’re marveling at the photos of Adam’s family on the couch in Cam’s apartment set.


Adam is talking about the societal judgment of an eye infection, Adam has a killer “tried to fuck you dog” line and Drew tops it with a stripper’s panties line that Adam loves and Gary crushes them both with a “stopped showering” addition, wow!

Adam is now explaining the perfect storm of the ophthalmologist appointment and the scheduling conflict with Modern Family, he explains how concerned Dr. Bruce was with the eye and his warnings that echoed Drew’s.

Adam explains how he tried to line up a trip to a local urgent care facility around his work schedule that night, he shares how Lynette then stopped to think if Sonny has lunch or not and Adam says he guilted her into getting the information for the emergency room.


Drew is now defending the prescribed drops and explains how Bruce and the doctors both recommended oral antibiotics.

Drew is commenting on Bruce’s willingness to break down the biosphere by overprescribing antibiotics, wow!


Drew is doing a Live Read

Silent Adam edition


Adam is explaining the dynamic of kindness and genuine care that has led to the easy success of ‘Modern Family’ he comments on Brett Butler and Roseanne Barr, he also name checks Tim Allen.

Drew objects to the Tim Allen part, Adam might have particular insight but he’s not spelling that out for Drew as not to throw a certain guy under the bus.

Adam is now breaking down all of the cast he did or didn’t know before meeting them on set.


Drew recalls Julie Bowen on Loveline when she was promoting ‘Happy Gilmore’ in 1996, she may have been on the MTV show as well as the radio show.

Adam is breaking down the character dynamics and he uses Ed O’Neil instead of his character name, Gary gets on mic to explain it might be confusing to listeners and Adam gets a bit snippy in reply breaking down the logic of his interchanging character and actor names.

Adam is sharing his proposed “imagine if Ed was anti-gay” example for how the show wouldn’t work if in real life he was bigot, ala something like ‘Community’?


Adam is telling Drew about meeting Eric Stonestreet on a plane as he was heading to his onscreen partner’s wedding.

Adam is further explaining his logic of how the dynamic wouldn’t work, Drew asks for the clip of the Rodeo Drive flub that Gary doesn’t have.

Drew asks about people like Lisa Lampanelli getting off unscathed ala Don Rickles and Adam explains that being straight white and dude is the worst recipe for this realm of humor in today’s world.


Adam is talking about the pressure cooker of making a sitcom and Drew goes into a live read.


Drew is doing a True Car Live Read

The Return of Silent Adam Edition


Adam describes his life as seeing a pothole 50miles ahead and how nobody will listen to his warning and then just tell him to shut up and change the tire once it eventually blows out.

Drew is focused on the calls.

Adam is explaining how Lynette’s niece is in town and they were going to head up to Lynette’s father’s place to visit before she heads back home after the weekend.


Adam is now explaining how he set up them preparing all of his steaks just taking up space and waiting to go bad, he does multiple laps on his confirmations with Lynette’s niece about the steaks they would be making when they got back.

Adam heard the kids and dog get back early and notices these giant tubs of ribs and side dishes, ribs from the place Adam doesn’t like.

Adam says he was agitated and confused at the same time and he explains the story of what happened.


Adam explains that WAZE took his wife over Angeles’s Crest Highway and her brother instructed her to get a bunch of food for the family, she pulled over at a park where the kids played for 2hrs and then they turned back.

Gary has a killer “was this park on the moon” question and Adam jokes about eating a bullet after the discussion about getting rid of some of the meat that’s overflowing from his freezers and fridges and was left out thawing.

Adam shares his feelings about throwing away food, Olga told Adam about Arianna Huffington who her sister worked for and he explains she would throw out all of their old food, they would never give it away.


Drew recalls first meeting Arianna back in the 90’s and Adam says you either throw out food or you don’t.

Adam is doing another lap on people who chuck food and tells Drew about picking up a drywall screw he found and how many tires he’s lost due to other people being so fast and loose with them.



1st Caller Zoltan, he’s calling about the 1% and how shocked he was that the income range was less than a million dollars, he first compliments Drew’s appearances on the Howard Stern Wrap Up Show, Drew says he’s a Stern Superfan.

Drew is talking about the top 10 percent and how they’re hurt most by taxes, those who make 250k per year.

Adam is now quoting Dennis Prager about the country being like a country club where part of the citizenship doesn’t even pay dues to belong and of course are for raising the dues you do pay.


Drew is asking Adam what he pays for taxes in percentage per year and he explains his accountant told him he will be cutting a check for 1 million to the government in April, he’s not sure if he has a million.

Adam says he loves numbers and stats but this is the one area if he was full aware of he would go full Ruby Ridge firing at government agents.

Drew bets that Adam pays about 60% and Zoltan is now further trying to explain his point to Drew.


Adam is now bringing up the statistics on how many people are needed to find two with the same birthday, he guesses 38.

Gary found that it’s 23 people, he also has the 380k per year figure for the top 1% nationally.

Adam is now explaining that he doesn’t know what his water bill is and he doesn’t want to as he will get angry.


Adam is mocking the notion of his fair share being more than 12k and he quizzes Nick asking him if there is a movie he wants to see, he’s on mic and uses ‘Deadpool’ movie tickets, diesel fuel and the upcoming UFC 196 as examples for things Adam pays for that cost the same for both of them.

Gary says it’s more for Adam as he’ll be paying for all of them to watch the fight.

Adam is saying he’s fine paying 100x his fair share, he just doesn’t want to pay 25,000x the amount of everyone else.


2nd Caller Ryan he’s calling about a news story that was brought up on the ACS last week, he quickly transitions to genetic engineering and his concerns about the future.

Drew immediately calls him out on his lack of biological knowledge and explains how complex biology truly is, infinitely so.


Drew says we’re not going to create monsters or doing anything insane like that.


Adam is doing a Slender Tone Live Read

Silent Drew Edition


Adam is now talking about the Brahma Bull that was cloned and how it gored the guy who created it and raised the original that loved him.


3rd Caller Ryan, he’s calling about a severe depression that kept him from attending classes for 2 months, Adam was trying to take a quick call and Drew now explains how he can get over it and how to use a professional to get back on track.

Drew has a great comparison to traction and a car accident and how you could overcome even that.


4th Caller Dave, he’s got a phobia about large objects hanging over his head and Drew brings up the Spirit of St. Louis in the aviation museum and he’s actually been there.

Drew offers up some practical advice about how to overcome this fear.


Adam asks Drew if he’s in town this weekend and Drew explains he’s going skiing with the family, he bought it as part of the charity auction for Hillsides and Adam mocks him for it being a tax write off.

Adam has a funny “moguls busting moguls” line and they close out the show.