Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/06/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 123

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Love between the Two Hosts

Recorded 03-04-2014 – Release Date 03-06-2014

Production Number #123 Lucite

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Adam is opening the show with the standard intro and some “Good Day” comedy with Dr. Drew who seems to have some energy today but once again is citing the foggy year post surgery.

Adam is getting to how scary girls/daughters can be and Drew is asking him about it, Adam is telling him about his busy day yesterday and how his daughter was giving him some affection for a change, Adam was heard on Howard Stern by someone from her school and now Adam is famous and his daughter loves him again.

Adam is explaining that she has a friend whose dad is a big Carolla fan, he’s now listing all of the things in the media that make him seem more attractive to his daughter, weird.


Drew is citing Adam’s kid’s reactions to the Toyota Grand Prix and Adam is addressing the almost “sexual” component to this type of affection, he’s connecting it to her future self and probable horrible behavior.

Drew is pointing out what this teaches us about women and Adam is pointing out how steady Sonny is in comparison to Natalia who blows in the wind based on external input.

Adam is sharing the big hug he got from Natalia, with his ring of chest sweat between them and he’s citing how she tries to kick him in the nuts while dancing.


Adam is asking why he felt so satisfied when Natalia revealed that her hug was just an attempt to get him wet, he fooled her with his sweat ring soaking her ear.

Adam is making a point about Sonny not being affected by the word about Adam on the school yard, Drew is making a point about men vs. women and how women attach themselves to another and get inflated by their worth.

Drew is sharing the aspect he loved about his daughter’s media campaign, how she went at it alone and now Adam is asking what the story was and having Drew clarify.


Adam is now digging into the Amanda Knox case and how her reaction is now dictating her treatment, Adam is defending her and her story.

Drew is in agreement and Adam is sharing the other details, Adam is now riffing a “found your wife drowned” reaction and his onion cutting to make sure the scene looked right if needed.

Adam is sharing his secondhand reaction from Kimmel about his Stern appearance, he’s now citing the Andy Kindler Fitzdog radio appearance where he called Adam Hitler and Greg laughed almost knowingly then Andy complimented and sort of thanked him for tacitly agreeing with his unfunny, hackneyed, immoral and offensive “rant” it was very disappointing.


Adam is getting to the information that comes to him and how he doesn’t seek it out, he doesn’t want to see it, and Adam wants to know if things really exist if you don’t experience them.

Adam has a point about deaths worldwide and how “not being there” doesn’t affect you, Drew has a point about it effecting the audience and it’s accurate.

They’re doing a live read and now transitioning to the patent troll benefit show.


Adam is getting to the way that laws are used by attorneys to abuse the system and fleece money from business owners, he’s being very fair and has a great “Nutty Professor” reference and defense for the small time inventor against “the man”.

Adam is now bringing up his case, the guy who “invented the patent” and Adam who does the show, why do the attorneys have any role to play?

Adam is explaining why his fight is so important, this will decide the fate of the entire industry and could change the landscape forever.


Drew is now calling for a brainiac to invent a new format, Chris and Gary are on mic now explaining the stance of the trolls, and Adam says that everything on iTunes and YouTube will be rendered illegal if they lose, he thinks 96% of iTunes will be up for grabs.

Adam is discussing his hour on Stern with Drew, Drew really enjoyed it and cited Stern telling Adam that he loved him, Adam missed that or forgot about it.

Adam is now bringing up the story of the time he asked his sister Lauren the percentage of gay men in American, her estimation was 80-90% and he’s riffing about her surroundings at 23, great grandpa cocksucking tangent.


Adam is explaining the reaction he has to his “Tonight Show” appearances vs. appearing on something like Stern.

Adam is now telling Drew about driving between JFK and an interview, the story where Matt Fondiler was tasked with taking the rental car bullet, Adam is explaining this is how you make a documentary and he’s forgotten about that day now, but he accomplished so much at Lime Rock.


Adam is now sharing the story of the lounge with the “curried fish compote” and Chris gets on mic to confirm it, Adam is joking about the only people that caters to are businessmen from Bombay.

Drew thinks it’s either leftover or put out to show off but nobody will eat, the illusion of offerings.

They’re now doing another live read and going to break.


They’re returning from break with Adam’s new hit single “Beating off in a Flannel Shirt” as I shared on twitter, created by Miguel Ramirez @micmusic7


1st Caller Daniel, he’s bringing up his Lucite award that he will be receiving for contributing to “Road Hard” and Adam is now telling Drew that he’s been staring at the word Lucite.

They all agree it’s a Great Magnet moment, he’s joking about sharing this with Lynette when he gets home, and he’s doing a future reenactment about the “freak out!” nature of the moment.

Adam is bringing up the vegetarian pizza/Shelly story from Phoenix, Drew is citing the “batting cage” call from 1998 Classic Loveline, Adam seems to forget about BB trying to ruin this moment with bad info from a fan.


The female caller said “sports center” but Adam was off on mic and not listening, he was interacting with the guest or Engineer Mike, they were having audio drop outs.

Drew was manning the call, then Adam came back and joked about batting cage and she confirmed it, it’s still a win.


Daniel is now telling him about his dilemma with his girlfriend and her family history, Adam and Drew are now trying to get him to address his own metaphor.

Hilarious “Swiss Family Robinson” joke and now Adam is just screaming “What Are Her Fucking Parents Like!?” to get him to share the details, this is hilarious.

Daniel is now going very in depth on her upbringing and Drew keeps demanding to know about her mom, Adam is once again mocking Daniel and Drew compares the caller’s intellect to a Toaster.


Adam predicts that Daniel works over the phone in customer relations, kind of joking about his communication skills.

Adam is now doing an improv with Drew, hilarious van in the hoover dam comedy.

Adam is killing it, and scene!


Now Daniel is telling them about his girlfriend’s mom and Adam is sharing how insanely jealous he is of people who have relatives and in laws with real estate or other bonuses they share with you.

Adam is summing it up and Drew is confirming that he needs to set boundaries with the sister of his girlfriend.

Adam is now doing another live read.

Adam is now wrapping up the episode, back again Sunday for the 2nd hour as per usual.


Adam is explaining his efforts to explain “patent trolls” to all of these affiliates, Adam wants to know why that has to happen, and people are adults, why does he have to explain this shit.

Adam is now quoting Matt Fondiler who informed all of the staff about the goals, Gina is now yelling about people who host radio not caring, you can hear Adam cringe in response to the volume.

Gina is asking Adam if he imaged it going differently, he’s saying it’s his fault for cursing it by making a point about getting on top of the schedule.


Adam is now telling them about doing Huffpo live over Skype, Adam is asking who will be filing the class action lawsuit.

Gary is now on mic explaining how bad the Skype quality was, Adam wants to know if anyone else has solid results, hilarious Chilean miners reference.