Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/06/2014 – Deaf Frat Guy and Tom Sizemore

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Guest Deaf Frat Guy and Tom Sizemore

Recorded 03-05-2014 – Release Date 03-06-2014

Production Number #1275

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Adam is opening the show with a solid intro from Mike Dawson, Gina Grad is filling in once again and BB has a great #TopDrop.

BB says Adam looks as tired as he’s ever seen him, which must include when he was filming the movie and doing the morning show, wow.

Adam is sharing his “drop dead date” for his next audiobook and BB’s own request to have him record the forward for his audiobook.


“I don’t want to kill myself but I don’t want to live either” – Adam, his reaction to BB asking him for the recording.

Adam is telling them about going to the restaurant “Cut” and how difficult it is for him to commute there at 7pm.

Adam is explaining they were meeting to celebrate the new show on Spike TV, airing this Sunday the 9th.


Adam is explaining why he loves Cut so much, it used to be “The Pink Turtle” and he used to clean the carpets, BB has a solid one liner that Gina seems to enjoy.

Adam is getting to the fresh corn they serve, he’s explaining that he didn’t know it could get that good.

The next eleven times he was there they haven’t had it on menu, Adam is now demanding to know what season they actually serve it.


Adam is sharing the details of his radio tour and how brutal they used to be during the Loveline days, recording them from Culver City, almost across the street from Westwood One.

Adam is explaining that Chris Laxamana is making a documentary out of the patent troll fight, how cool!

Chris was coming to film early in the morning and Adam is lamenting his lack of sleep, Adam is joking about the canceled interview and how they tried to slide all of the interview forward.


Adam is quoting the “call back at 7” and Chris is on mic with a great “it got weird” comment.

Adam is telling them about walking into “Why can’t fat girls dance to” clip package/topic on Huffpo, he’s trying to make a point about lazy employees.

They’re now playing the interview with an overweight pair of women talking about their love of dancing on YouTube.


Adam is now making a point about celebrating people for things that are unsafe, being overweight is unhealthy, and we don’t celebrate people who ride motorcycles without helmets.

Adam says it’s hypocritical to go after 3rd hand smoke while celebrating obesity.

Gina is now giving her take about being overweight as a woman, she’s bringing up her boobs and how men react to her, apparently the internet has “rape fantasies” about her or she’s told she’s of no value because of her size.


Adam says don’t google yourself, that’s how you avoid this and Adam agrees with Gina, she says the 5oth time he hears her say she loves her body he’s cool with it still at 51, it seems like compensation.


Tom Sizemore is now joining the show, Adam is telling him how happy he is to see him working and healthy.

They’re going in depth on his sobriety and latest projects, he’s telling them about his new miniseries.

Adam is now asking about the crossover between TV and Film, they’re citing “True Detective” without mentioning it, just using Matthew McConaughey as an example.


Adam is asking Tom if he has any long term goals, he wants to know about working for the Sundance channel and if he ever encounters Robert Redford.

Adam just brought up Heidi Fleiss and Tom doesn’t want to talk about it, Adam is now bringing up his time with Elizabeth Hurley and he’s trying to get him to confirm what a good time that must have been.

Adam is addressing the specificity of the story Tom told about Clinton and Hurley, hilarious back and forth with Tom.


Adam is asking Tom about his former MLB playing Uncle Ted Sizemore, Adam is sharing his guilty pleasure love for Tom’s work in “Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man” and genuinely loves “Saving Private Ryan”.

Bryan is now quoting Tom from Celebrity Rehab and Tom is clarifying what was said, they’re now bonding over how much they love Dr. Drew and his efforts to help people.

Adam is now summing up the vilification of Dr. Drew that happens online and they agree how wrong it seems to put on a man who tries so hard for other people.


BB says his favorite movie of Tom’s is “Blackhawk Down”, “Nobody gets shot at like Tom Sizemore” – Adam on his acting work in gunfight scenes, he’s now comparing that to his own oral sex designation.

Adam is now joking about real bullets spilling into real life for Tom and how that wouldn’t be good, Adam is now bringing up the boot camp training for the actors in “Saving Private Ryan” and his own attitude had he been on set.

Adam and BB are now riffing about Adam trying to get out of the boot camp, just using his acting skills to pretend they’re bonded, hilarious pornography comment from Ace.


Adam is now doing a live read.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Kevin, he’s an amateur boxer with his first fight coming up, he wants Adam’s advice as a corner man.

Adam is now citing the 2nd round where he sent Kimmel in without a mouthpiece, Adam is giving his classic trapped at sea analogy.

He says you need to focus on breathing and “not going off on a roman candle”, Adam is telling Kevin about Roberto Duran and has a great “pretend to a take shit for 3min” example for how being tense takes its toll on your endurance.

“Don’t be in that take a shit mode” – Adam, They’re now referencing the Ray Boom Boom Mancini fight with Kim.


2nd Caller Melinda, she’s cleaning up after dinner and telling Adam about her menu for the evening.

She wants to bring up the “Ruby” breakdown from the 2008 KLSX morning show, the legendary visit from Norm MacDonald where they broke it down almost line by line.

They’re now playing the song and Adam is offering up some light commentary.


Adam has a great reaction to “bent and paralyzed” in the lyrics and is really reading into the details, BB is now in the mix and adding to Adam’s comedy.

Adam is now joking about the town coming to his porch to fuck “Ruby” just to save time and gas, Adam is now adding the Gatling brothers as he did on the 2008 version.

Melinda wants to know about why Adam had to apologize for Norm’s comments the next show, Norm said gouk and Guy Aoki did what he always does and caused trouble.


Adam is making a great point about the differences in Asian cultures and how racist it is for one guy to represent them all.

Melinda wants Bung Lu Su to give his rendition of “Ruby” and Gina is now commenting on Melinda’s use of gouk, Adam and BB are explaining their superior takes on language and quoting someone.

Adam is now joking with Gina about being in radio and the use of “F” and other single letter abbreviations for obscenities.


3rd Caller Cameron, he wants to know how much money he should have at 24 and Adam is sharing his own net worth at the time.

Adam is sharing his dad’s advice about saving money and how impossible it seemed to him at the time, Gina agrees with his point.


4th Caller AJ, he wants to know about writing, he’s graduated and is bored with his current job.

He wants to segue into writing as a career and he can’t come up with a full script for TV nor film and Adam is mocking his delivery and telling him to get to the point/question.

AJ wants to know what to do, Adam says if you want to write, then write, he says you won’t be that great at 23.

They’re summing up all of their advice, Adam is now doing a live read and they’re heading to break.


DFG is returning to the show, if you would like to hear his origins on the program:

ACS #28 (feat. Deaf Frat Guy)

ACS #49 (feat. Deaf Frat Guy, Teresa Strasser & Bald Bryan)

ACS #50 (feat. Deaf Frat Guy, Teresa Strasser & Bald Bryan)

ACS #64 (feat. Dave Dameshek & Deaf Frat Guy)


Adam is welcoming the somber DFG to the show, Adam is commenting on the Mike C. /Sudsy mix-up, his friend died of AEA Auto Erotic Asphyxiation, hilarious one liner from DFG.

Adam is now listing off some of DFG’s bros and asking how they found Sudsy’s body, still sporting wood.

Adam is going in depth on the eulogy with DFG, he’s recapping all of the beats to get in more jokes, hilarious Puka shells to cover up neck marks comment from DFG.

Hilarious “yes he nutted” reply from DFG, this is comedy gold!


Adam is now asking DFG if they possibly weakened Sudsy’s heart with the hazing rituals and such, DFG is defending the appeal of AEA and is apologizing for the “Euology”.

Adam has a hilarious Jada Pinkett Smith comment and now DFG is getting emotional about considering trying AEA and missing a Mangria event last week.

DFG has a killer Noah/ark boner analogy and DFG admits to trying AEA and calls it “All Balls”, hilarious busted like a champ comment.


“My bros are dying” DFG on his newfound awareness campaign for the dangers of AEA, he’s joking about having a Lipper in while speaking at the funeral and his natty ice, not light, a funeral is no place for light beer according to Adam.

Adam is telling them about the real world funeral he attended with Dr. Drew for an assistant to their agent at the time, the young man died due to AEA.

“Was he beating off on the plane?” – DFG and Gina wants to know if it was an open casket, Adam is telling her about attending the wake and how “less is more” and why he chose not to speak.


Adam is now sharing his sonogram theory, “what could it help?” the ultimate reply to “how could it hurt?” Adam says what good could have come from him standing up there to give a speech.

DFG is losing his edge, he repeated a “gets more than a” from his last visit, DFG is now getting emotional and Adam is launching into a live read.


J.V. or All Balls

1st topic “Dudes who get more head than Michael J. Fox pouring a pint of Guinness”

2nd topic “Naming your car” Adam is now riffing about people rubbing the dashboard of their cars in 80’s shows.

3rd topic “Lou Reed rhyming head with head in a song”

Adam is giving his take on Lou and the Velvet Underground, BB and Gina are now defending the song choice and DFG has a funny homonym mix-up.

Adam is now joking about these radio friendly songs, rolling stones using “dead man cum” as a lyric and how certain songs are radio friendly, Adam is sharing his most recent experience hearing dire straits radio friendly version


4th topic “Flynn from breaking bad doing GAP ads”

DFG is arguing against his look and the lack of a dip ring in his jeans. Adam is now riffing about what is or is not J.V. in clothing.

5th Topic “wearing sweaters”

Adam’s talking about turtle necks vs. cowl necks and arguing for and against the various styles of neckline.

DFG isn’t afraid to rock an old-school turtle neck and admitted that he lied about his AEA experimentation.

6th topic “Spending 30 days in the hole”

DFG is giving the possible positive examples, Adam is bringing up the Humble Pie song and they’re now playing it.

They’re wrapping up the segment.



1st Story is on the two Los Angeles gang members who have volunteered to join the front lines of the Syrian conflict.

Gina is now quoting the story and participants, Adam is saying the Italian’s should have copyrighted mafia as everyone now uses it.

Hilarious mafia patent troll example from Ace.

Gina is now setting up a clip of the gang bangers in Syria, sounding mentally incompetent bragging about how tough they are.


Adam is now riffing about “Mr. Criminal” on tour driver’s license and says he would have these guys real it in a bit if he was to cast these guys in a sequel to “Colors”.

Gina is now setting up another clip and explaining why they volunteered, hilarious “Shouldn’t that guy be over here eating Carne Asada instead of over there fighting for Assad”.

Adam is now riffing a future scene and giving up almost immediately, BB is asking how they were recruited and Adam has a great finishing school bit of comedy.


2nd Story is on a bill before the senate legislature would require parents to take 4 classes before their children could move onto 7th grade

Gina is now explaining the reasoning for these classes and this bill, Adam and BB are joking about cock calibration.

Adam is now mocking this “progress” this legislation towards the light that the government seems to employ that doesn’t seem to actually be progress.


Adam is now explaining how he had to have all of his 10 fingers printed, even though he only uses one, gross!

He’s mocking the process he had to go through to get approved to coach his son’s basketball team despite him never being alone with the kids with no chance of sleep overs or nights away.

Adam is explaining why he finally caved and did the stupid background check bullshit.

DFG is telling them why you can’t bring a phone into a YMCA sauna, Adam is arguing you don’t need it there.


3rd Story is on the premier of the new documentary series “Lindsay” following Lindsay Lohan, Adam is riffing about Tyler Perry productions and his evolution to the black M. Night Shyamalan.

Gina is now citing the frank talk with Oprah featured in the show, they’re now playing the clip.

Adam is joking about Oprah’s tone and words in the clip.

BB is reminiscing about “Mean Girls” and how far she’s fallen, Adam says don’t we have a shit ton of actresses, shouldn’t we just move on.


DFG has a great balls to the chin comment and now they’re discussing Lindsay’s various twists over the years, DFG is focusing on her time with Samantha Ronson, hilarious MLB comparisons.

Adam tells Gina to bring it home and instead she does another story.


4th Story is on a new app that allows people to pay for their poops in New Orleans, the “Air P&P” app where users can rent out their toilets in high traffic areas.

Adam is now joking about the “tough sell” this must have been to the guy’s wife, first it was lawn parking then it evolved to the B&B and now it’s evolved to drunken Shriners shitting in the entry hall pot.

Adam says he would be like the car wash, it’s extra for vans, he would charge more for fat people.


Adam is now saying he’s not trying to get personal or bizarrely sexual, he wants to know if you’re peeing or pooping and BB is suggesting coin operated TP dispensers.

Gina is now getting to the punitive damages of having to live with strangers leave their waste.

DFG is now suggesting a “boot” fee for vomit, they’re now wrapping up the news and Adam is doing a live read.


Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show with some bitcoin advice from Poochie’s via DFG.