Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/05/2014 – David Alan Grier and Dr. Marty Nemko

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Guest David Alan Grier and Dr. Marty Nemko

Recorded 03-04-2014 – Release Date 03-05-2014

Production Number #1274

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Adam is opening the show with the legendary DAG, David Alan Grier set to join them in a few for his 20th appearance on the podcast, if you would like to hear his origins on this program, you can purchase ACS #7 and ACS #71 or you can buy The Adam Carolla Show 2009, Vol.1 on Amazon (Carolla link applied of course) iTunes and Google Play to enjoy all of the classic moments from the first 75 episodes.

Gina Grad is subbing for the newly married Alison Rosen, she was in the running for news gal a time or two and often fills in, and she’s the go to fill in by now.

BB has a hopefully just poorly timed #TopDrop and not aimed at anyone, Adam is plugging the arrival of DAG and Adam is asking Gina how they first met.


She’s telling them about their link from her friend the former KLSX dump guy Rand Wang, she’s telling them about his weight loss and seeing him lose and then re-gain the weight.

Adam is telling the gang about his juicing and lack of weight loss, BB now has Gina filling them in on Randy’s experimentation with a gay lifestyle.

Adam is on a great “Rocky Mountain Oysters” analogy and joking about wrapping a dude’s asshole in fatback” bacon.


Adam is asking Gina about Randy/Rhino’s experimentation with being gay, Gina is telling them about Randy’s brush with man on man violence.

Adam’s interest is piqued, he’s asking Gina how he addresses this with ladies post experimentation and Adam is now using women and their experiences abroad in college vs. a dude who once blew his buddy Marc.

Gina is explaining why Adam would call Randy “Rhino” and why they went through so many dump guys on the morning show, Adam is now referencing some of the incidents and getting them somewhat accurate, some nice Fake Jack Silver from BB too.


Adam wants to know who is raising kids to be like the dump guys who wanted to settle his hash during a commercial break, Adam is now referencing his old assistant Matt who once took Adam aside about his tone, and they did it on air for “The Adam Carolla Project” on TLC.

Adam is telling them about the letter he was writing from Adam for Little Kim while she was in prison, Adam is now joking about Kim tracking him down and thanking him one day, and Adam says he almost appreciated it because it was so random and bizarre.

Adam is now giving out some plugs, he’s explaining who Marty Nemko is and citing the conversations he has with Mike Rowe about trade work as opposed to college and the pursuit of degrees.


Adam is now bringing up the “Gordo” nicknames he’s witnessed in the children of two of his employees and their sons, Adam says Mexicans make the greatest umpires in the word, call them like they seem ‘em.

Adam is telling the “bowl of queso” anecdote.


Adam is now welcoming Marty to the show, he’s explaining how Mike August saw him on “The Daily show” and Marty is explaining why he wouldn’t have pursued his degree had he known what he knows now.

Adam is now making a point about how people acted like we weren’t going to live in a physical world by now, which negatively impacted the trades and blue collar work.

Marty is now summing things up and saying it’s not about college vs. work, that it is a personal and family choice and should be about what is best for the individual.


Adam is now making a point about happiness in blue collar workers as opposed to people who rot away in a cubicle, Adam calls it one big long middle, no finish, no payoff.

Adam is now riffing about the notion of having a career that is an endless “middle” is not satisfying even when he imagines it.

Adam is telling Marty about his kids and his wife’s desire for the children to attend college in 11 years, Adam is giving his take on what the landscape will look like in a decade.


Marty is now telling Adam that he’s right, it will be an anachronism to teach in a brick and motor building, Adam wants to know why it should be luck of the draw when it comes to college professors.

Marty is laying out what the next 10 years will look like and making some points about engineering.

Adam is complimenting him on his “bet” without aid, and they’re wrapping up and commenting on the interview, they’re doing a live read and heading to break.


DAG is now back on the show for his big 20th guest spot!

Adam is now bonding with DAG over the Comedy Works in Denver, asking him which club he’s about play, I was with Adam for his first tour to Denver and the 4-5 shows he played at the Comedy Works.

Adam is now trying to get Dag to bust out some Teddy Pendergrass, Adam is riffing and using “The Beach Boys” as his example for Dag avoiding his “hit”, hilarious rolling stones joke from Dag.


Adam is asking DAG about his new TV show “Bad Teacher” and he’s listing off the cast, Adam is joking about his love for “Sex and The City” with Dag.

Adam is now setting up a story, Dag is joking about leaving mid show to avoid it.

Adam is now telling the story of his birthday party and “Sex and The City 2” celebration, complete with TMZ clip.


Adam is going super in depth on the story and DAG is adding new comedy to it, this actually has some fresh legs with David almost sparring with Adam during its telling.

They’re now telling a story within a story, Adam is joking about Dag’s stripper and the Siegfried and Roy mandate, Adam has a killer “thought the champagne was going to come out of her side” one liner about Dag’s stab wound stripper.

DAG is now telling the gang about his days hanging with Madonna, sharing a dance class and her reaction to seeing Elvis before he died.


Adam wants to know if Madonna would remember DAG today, he’s explaining how much getting laid played a role in his love of acting, DAG is now quoting Bryan Cranston from this podcast, wow!

They’re playing the TMZ clip and they’re peppering in live commentary.

Adam is trying to setup the Teddy Pendergrass bit, after wrapping up the story.


Adam and Dag are riffing about “Manato” and Adam is telling him about his sports drink for the gay lifestyle, he’s explaining why and now DAG is demoing his new character “Rodger”.

Adam is trying to do an in character improv bit and Gina is now in the mix.

DAG is resisting the Teddy, the music beds are sending him into a werewolf like trance and he’s busting out some hilarious one liners as Teddy.


DAG is still resisting it and killing it in the process, big titties baby!

Dag is remixing some of his classic Loveline quotes into the riff.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Andrew, he wants to know if Adam would repeat the same path if he could go back to his youth or if he would take the community college route.

DAG is now asking Adam about his history in comedy and Adam is now clarifying the details of how he met Jimmy, Dag is actually asking follow ups and not snoring mocking him.

DAG just busted out some “Peanut” and Adam is riffing in character with her, Peanut is telling them about her son, the oldest.


Peanut is now attacking Gina, Adam has a funny tap-dancing comment and BB is in the mix saying hi to Peanut.

And Scene.


2nd Caller David, he’s asking DAG about a story involving trying on some pants, DAG is now sharing it.

He’s telling them about sharting and making a fight or flight run out of the clothing store.

Gina is sharing the women’s perspective and DAG is initiation vagina talk as per usual with the news gals, man’s like Fitzsimmons is with feet.

DAG is telling Adam about some advice from Louis C.K. and DAG has a funny “Help me Rhonda” callback.


3rd Caller Brandon, he wants to know the fastest Adam has ever driven and what car, he’s saying 130mph in Newman’s car and also doing 130mph in a Datsun 510.

Adam says maybe 140 in an Aston Martin but was always freaked out by the cops, DAG is telling the gang about getting pulled over in his Porsche and being told to try another freeway, hilarious P’Zone reference.

Adam is doing a live read after they quickly rehash how Adam and Gina first met at KLSX.


Alison’s News

1st Story Is on the new “Erase Law” that allows minors the opportunity to erase things they might want gone, DAG and Gina want this for adults and Adam is making a fine point about never being able to erase something from the internet.

Adam says removing things is an act of guilt, Gina is bringing up Gilbert Gottfried and his removal of the tweet perhaps losing him that job.

Adam is now citing the Hugh Hefner roast jokes from Gilbert about 9/11 in 2001.


DAG is bringing up Tracy Morgan and joking about the lengths he had to go to in order to apologize to the gay community, hilarious got myself pregnant riff from Adam and Dag.

Adam is telling the gang about speaking with his nephews today, he’s calling for Matt Fondiler to get on mic and how he wants to get everyone’s birthday on his calendar.

Adam is sharing how he missed one of his nephew’s birthdays and then had to turn the call into a combo for both kids, Adam is sharing how he offered one of them a “GoPro” camera and Adam is now trying to imagine what DAG or his father would have done with one of those cameras as a teen.


Adam is sharing how Ray and Chris would have treated his private sex cam footage, Dag is now telling them about a buddy who would walk around with his balls out of his pants.

Adam is sharing how they would take pictures of ball sacks when at someone’s party when the camera was left unattended.

DAG is telling them about a buddy who was over flushing the toilet, it was clogged with a dead porcupine sized turd log, and Adam has a great khaki shart callback.


2nd Story is on a Gawker report on the LAFD and its nepotism, she’s citing the quotes about Mayor Garcetti and DAG is turning into WereTeddy mid read, he’s threatening to tie Gina’s titties in a knot.

This is amazing, he’s going insane and as graphic as ever.

“Yes I will” – Dag

Gina is trying to move on with the story and Adam is riffing with BB about not knowing what the story was.

Funny hard out/hard on riffing between Adam and Dag, he’s now shushing Gina and pinpointing when she got upset about his interruption.

Alison still handles Dag the best of all of the News gals.


Adam is now joking about Teddy and his showers, being the cleanest guy in the world and Adam is riffing as his meter reader as Teddy is trying to lure him into the shower.

Adam is now the aquarium cleaner and Teddy is ordering him to turn off the lights, this is wonderful!

They’re wrapping up the news, doing a live read and Adam is giving the plugs and wrapping up the show.