Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/03/2014 – Oscar Recap with Adam, Alison, and Bryan

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Guest – Oscar Recap with Adam, Alison, and Bryan

Recorded 03-02-2014 – Release Date 03-03-2014

Production Number #1272

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Adam is opening the show live from his house with Alison and BB viewing the Academy Awards, Natalia is curled up next to Adam and Alison observes it’s due to the presence of the microphone and Adam agrees with her.

Adam compliments Ellen’s monologue and Alison shares news regarding the wedding, weird sex comment in front of the kid alert.

Adam is asking Natalia if she’s going to wear her mom’s wedding dress, she says yes and Adam says mark the recording at about 4min in.


Adam is now sharing how Alison may be rolling the dice on the gifts, BB is now offering his take on having to buy gifts as a wedding guest and Adam says that Alison should take a throw pillow or a Natalia on the way out as she now won’t be getting a gift for her wedding BBQ bash.

Alison is telling them about registering on “Honey fund” and Adam is saying the mafia has it right, bundle of cash!

Adam is now getting to the Patent Troll announcement, he’s explaining the lawsuit and the 3 million dollar request for settling.


Adam is now sharing that everyone else in the podcast community being aware that if Adam is taken down then everyone will fail, he’s referencing Marc Maron’s vague letters from Personal Audio, demanding something.

Adam is now sharing his plan for a war chest among all of the podcasters, he’s going in depth on the dangers and plugging the fund anything website.

Adam says he’s on today’s WTF with Marc Maron promoting the upcoming show, he’s sharing that Fund Anything has waived their fees and are fully supporting Adam’s fight.


Adam is explaining he doesn’t know the specifics and doesn’t know why 1.5 million is the price to avoid settling with the trolls.

Adam is saying that they messed with the wrong hombre, all of us, the whole podcast community.

BB even says it feels like public opinion is swaying even more in the favor of the podcast world.


Adam says that if there is any money left over it will go to the make a wish foundation, nobody will be making a penny off of this fund except the lawyers.

Adam is now plugging the benefit show and the various acts who will be appearing.

Adam is now telling them about “rainbow loom” the old school activity kids are going nuts for, hilarious “knit rubber bands together just like grandma used to do” and he’s now connecting that to the rainbow loom suit Jimmy Kimmel wore on his show to benefit a child with cancer.


Adam is sharing Natalia’s hilarious reaction to the jacket, she demanded that Adam call Jimmy and get it from him despite it being scheduled to be sold to charity, hilarious ball cancer joke from Ace.

Adam is sharing how he actually told Jimmy about her demands for the jacket in an email exchange, Adam says that if you go to “suit of the loom” you can help another very worthy cause.

BB is giving his take on the very special episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live and how it all came to be, great “elephant man’s bones” joke from Adam.


Adam is now getting to the different time it is, he’s citing Sonny and his “boyfriend” giving him a necklace, Adam is now joking about the hypothetical Puka shells and Italian horn necklace combination.

Adam is now joking about the human feces smashed in his ear being the closest he ever got to a friendship bracelet.

Adam is now reckoning that the average parent has even more pressure when it comes to gift bags at birthday celebrations, BB calls it a juvenile arms race.


Adam says they ordered the pizzas and is plugging their sponsor used to order it, Gary is now being worked in again, I love these thematic ads for each staffer.

Adam is taking it back to his thoughts on Ellen and her monologue, he’s explaining why this is the proper format for these award shows, Alison has some nice praise for how natural Ellen seemed.

Adam is now making a point about actors on live shows vs. comedians and how their performance varies, Adam is now going in depth on the monologue.


Adam is now getting to improv vs. rehearsed comedy, he’s sharing the old almost vaudevillian intro “Philip the Juggler” would use, and he’s saying Jeff Ross also does it.

Adam is now saying the skill of being a comedian is rehearsing and honing material to an inch of its life while making it seem off the cuff and natural, the illusion of improv.

Hilarious joke about the writers of the Academy Awards, Alison has a nice follow up, great Eddie Gorodetsky references.


Now they’re doing live commentary on Anne Hathaway’s entrance as a presenter, Adam has a nice point about her following a seasoned veteran like Ellen and Alison is now in agreement.

They’re watching her presenting live, Adam is now making a point about really good looking chicks looking like dudes and really good looking dudes looking like chicks, he says she needs a new haircut.

Adam is now brining up Captain Phillips and BB is giving his take, Adam is sharing his perspective and says that what the Somali pirate actor needed to do, hilarious weight gain comedy.


Adam is now sharing his take on Jared Leto slowly turning into Elizabeth Berkley from Showgirls, Adam is now saying they’re going to take a break and enjoy some pizza.


They’re back form break and Adam is joking with Natalia about the kids upcoming bed times, Adam is sharing his own thoughts on how they could spread the “In memoriam” throughout the whole broadcast.

Adam and Alison are both now commenting on the segment and how odd that it’s become such a key part of these award shows. Adam is now making a point about everyone in the first several rows of seats ending up in their own “in Memoriam” segment.

They’re discussing Jonathan Winters and Adam wants to know who’s been in the most in of these segments, honored by the most award shows.


Adam is now asking how Clooney will be honored when he dies, hilarious riffing about him getting an award for the most consistent weight, BB is sharing George’s weight gain for “Syriana” and closes it with a “Yeah But Still”.

BB is sharing hi experience watching the show and Alison has a cute anecdote quoting Natalia, she’s also sharing the absence of the young stunt woman who recently passed and was left off the list for the “In Memoriam”.

Adam has a great point about Graham Parker and his love for him not being enough to get him in the Rock and Roll hall of fame.


Adam and Alison are discussing the nature of leaving people off these lists and what it means, Adam is playing devil’s advocate and explaining why they can’t including everyone.

Adam is now suggesting a “technical In memoriam” segment to be aired during the technical Academy Awards, the ones unfit for prime time TV.

Adam wants to know if it’s impossible for Bette Midler to look disappointed, he’s joking about her likely plastic surgery, he’s now thanking Natalia for something.


Adam just hit play again and BB is describing a great moment from earlier, Adam is now mocking Bono’s dual pairs of glasses for the award show.

Adam is now telling them about running into Jason Shrifty, BB mistakes him for Shift from Crazytown, the former Loveline guest.

Adam is telling them about hearing of Rob Ford being booked on Kimmel when he ran into Jason at their kids YMCA basketball game, Adam is now explaining why Rob’s name didn’t immediately strike a chord with him, he’s mocking his own attempt to cover up not knowing who Jason was talking about.


Adam is now sharing how he always changes his estimations when put on the spot, he’s citing how people ask how much something appears to have cost, and Alison is sharing her own similar dilemma with Mike Altier and his recent birthday.

They’re back to watching the awards, Adam is now joking about Harvey Weinstein owing him a dollar of his cash wad on display during the show, Adam is now joking about Kevin Spacey rocking a “Mack the Knife” tux and how men’s fashion reached its zenith with a fine suit in the 1960’s.

Adam is now asking if anyone else feels badly for John Travolta, he’s giving his own viewpoint and why he has sympathy for the man and his “burdensome sexual proclivities”, Alison has a well-endowed hypothetical for her boss.


Adam is now giving his take on what he would do if he were Kenyan, he would lay down a mandate that they either walk around barefoot or run everywhere, not both.

Adam is now joking about Diana Nyad and her record breaking swim being a slap in the face of all of the immigrants who struggled to get to America in the same ocean.

They’re now watching more of the awards show and they’re sampling some music, Adam is trying to find out if they’re familiar with it and they’re watching the award for best original screenplay.


Adam and BB are now singing the praises of “Her” and how it was able to sustain its runtime and remain compelling.

They’re now watching the award for Best Director.

Adam is taking BB’s predictions as they watch the big awards announced, Adam is giving his take on Matthew McConaughey, and Alison is saying she finds the show to be much smaller than years past.


Adam is giving his take on a very interesting he saw of Cate Blanchet on 60 minutes from a couple weeks back, Adam says he’s now into Jennifer Lawrence, he labels her as attractive but he can’t dig her look.

Adam labels her with “teenage boy with a little downs syndrome” describe what bumps him about her look, Sonny gets on mic with a funny “nothing necessarily”, man he sounds smart.

Adam is joking about coming along way with Matthew as he accepts his award, they’re now listening to his speech live. Adam has some great commentary during the speech and funny riff mocking “Surfer Dude” as a low point in Matthew’s career.


Adam wants to know if there could be a cooler dad on the planet than Will Smith, he’s explaining how great it would be to be his kid.

Adam is now quizzing the gang on what movie will win “Best Picture” and they’re appreciating the timpani/drum roll.

Adam is now doing a live read, Adam is doing a live plug for Lynette’s “Tenth Avenue Podcast” and wrapping up the show.