Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/02/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 122

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Love between the Two Hosts

Recorded 02-25-2014 – Release Date 03-02-2014

Production Number #122 Kelley James

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Adam is opening the show with the standard intro and welcoming Kelley to the show with some very high praise for his unique set of skills.

Adam is mocking modern art and how he could probably knock out some of it unlike the work of someone like Rembrandt.

Adam is now using Bob Dylan as the modern art of music example, saying he could pull off Bob’s body of work.


They’re quickly touching on the 5 year anniversary for the podcast network, Adam is now commenting on the 5 years without a boss and the double edged sword of being your own boss.

Kelley is in agreement and giving his take as his own “boss” much like Adam and Drew are their own bosses, Adam is getting to the one thing he misses about being poor, the fictitious notion of what it would be like to have money and how it would equal happiness.

Adam is making a larger point about humans getting used to any circumstances, he’s using super cars to make his point and Drew agrees wholeheartedly.


Drew has a great point about his 10yr old Porsche SUV that still manages to make him feel special and thankful, Adam is clarifying his point with a wheelchair tangent and Christie Brinkley topper.

They’re now all discussing what makes them happy and what role gratitude plays in that, Adam wants to know how one is supposed to rationalize that against going out to earn more, to try harder.

He’s using Jay Leno and his car museum vs. the guy with one vintage truck, who appreciates it more.


Kelley is now asking them about their success and if either had a point where everything changed, Drew is going in depth in his reply and Adam is making a point about everyone in the room being a “gun for hire” and it’s just a higher dollar “pay or play” deal much like the old job site.

Adam is now using his stepdad’s career with Lockheed and retirement along with a peer who is 2 yrs. away from retirement and will continue to be paid into retirement unlike how show business works.

They’re doing a live read.


Adam is now asking Kelley about the other acts playing at the music festival he’s performing at, they’re now discussing “Tonic” and trying to recall their big hit.

Adam is explaining their history with these bands and Loveline, Tonic have one known Loveline appearance from 1999, but they also probably have some yet to be released in the “Classic Loveline” feed.

Drew is sharing an idea he heard about the connection between AIDS and grunge music, Adam is now singing “Beating off in a flannel shirt” a hilarious off the cuff improv song, not too unlike what Kelley does.


Adam is asking Kelley about his work and they’re asking him what he enjoys about it, Drew is explaining that he’s still fucked up a year out from his surgery.

Adam is now giving out some plugs.


1st Caller Wilmer, calling once again. He’s telling them about his lack of empathy and his progress in seeking therapy.

Drew is explaining the role empathy plays in one accepting intimacy, he’s got some data about how they now understand the chemistry between two bodies relating.

Wilmer is talking a mile a minute and explaining why he quit therapy, Drew is now asking why he doesn’t try to embrace empathy.


Adam says act as if, Drew wants to know if that’s what Adam does and Drew says that Adam has “a kind of empathy” and Adam says he always takes the smaller slice.

Adam says that people teach him the way to treat them, based on their attitudes and behavior “they either brought in some perfume or they farted” – Adam on his snow globe of life and personal interaction.

Adam is now doing a new version of his song “beating off in a snow globe”, comedy gold!


Adam is now getting to misunderstood lyrics, he’s citing his buddies over the years who had classic examples of this.

They’re now discussing “Hold The Line” and the “Those are Lies” mistake his buddy was making and how he was able to lock in that mistake over years of hearing it.

Drew is making a point about the human brain, Adam is joking that Kelley is going to play his new snow globe song and they’re going to break.


They’re back from break with Kelley sporting his guitar.

Kelley is playing his song “California” and it sounds great. Kelley is now taking some topics from Adam and Drew, hilarious “N word” reply from Ace.

Kelley is now sharing the new song he’s making up on the fly, Drew seems to really dig it.


Drew is asking how Kelley is able to generate the improv on the fly, he’s saying it’s the same way Adam and Drew riff on air but he does it over music, interesting.

Adam is giving his “stance of the centerfielder” analogy for what Kelley does, the improv stance where you can head in any direction.

Kelley says forcing it doesn’t work and the stream of consciousness is key.


Drew is now getting to the E cigarette ban and Adam wants to know why people are as nutty about something as trivial as an e-cig.

Adam is now listing all of the actual real problems in society and Drew is noting the “school to prison pipeline” bit from Huffpo.

Adam is now making an excellent roof and roofer analogy, Drew is now in the mix and joking about the shame and embarrassment that people work into these issues that don’t need to be part of the equation.


Drew is making a point about marijuana, Adam has a great tobacco and chicken analogy.

Adam is now doing a live read.


2nd Caller Denny, he’s been working as a defense contractor for a while and is listing off his history with education and love for psychology.

Adam is now stopping him and Drew is explaining what he thinks Denny should do, Adam is making a point about getting paid to do things that traditionally don’t have a large pay check associated with them, great motivational speaking idea.

Adam is now wrapping up the show.