Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/03/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 314

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/03/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 314

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 03-01-2016 – Release Date 03-03-2016

Production Number #314 – Medicine Cabinet

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Adam opens the show with a standard intro, Drew asks how long they’ve been doing the ADS and Adam says that anniversaries don’t matter to him and things “feel like” when he needs to do them, Drew is bringing up the instinctual part of the brain.

Adam says the part of his brain he trusts the most is profiling the people he’s dealing with and he talks about redoing his kid’s bathroom and comments on how he always refers to it as his daughter’s bathroom as she has her shit spread out everywhere.

Gary finally gets on mic to tell them today is their 3yr anniversary and Drew says it’s time for them to move in together and make it official, Adam is fine with it, he’s been fine!


Adam is telling Drew about building a medicine cabinet into the bathroom and how he is able to stud find with his own hand, he tells Drew about using sound and Drew says they do it just the same in the medical industry.

Adam is talking about exploratory drilling and Adam tells him not to make everything sexual, he explains how he was able to find a “let/led in” piece of wood.

Drew thanks someone for bringing his coffee in and slams the mug.


Adam is back to the building knowledge he has and how he was initially stumped by this extra wood before he figured it out.

Adam is now telling Drew about the measurements for the bay they were filling and he brings up “Full Tard” Gary Butters, Adam references the Doolittle Run and WWII.

Adam has Matt go to the local Home Depot and make sure the correct unit was in stock, he shares the report from Rob that they don’t have one and didn’t have any other models either, all 16” wide models.


Adam then had to go to the Home Depot to find out the actual truth, it’s not that he knows it’s not true, it’s that he’s uncertain either way.

Adam has a great gift certificate for my nephew example and how with certain people you don’t know if they have done what you’ve agreed to.

Adam has a funny “elite force of double checkers” line and explains that people only have to fuck up 10-20% of the time to become someone you must check up on.


Drew shares his reaction and Gary gets on mic to ask if they can refer to him as ‘Butters’ instead of Gary, Adam was trying to leave his last name out of it.

Adam is doing another lap on the misunderstanding between Rob and Gary Full tard.

Drew is talking about humans generalizing and filling in missing data with extrapolation and uses it to explains how the communication broke down between Rob and other Gary.


Adam is talking about how people think in linear ways, Drew say’s it the opposite actually and they move on.


Drew is doing a Live Read

Adam loves the Macadamia Nuts


Adam asks Drew what he has to do today, he’s got a talk for some academic types, some students.

Drew feels too far removed from their world and the studies, he didn’t dress for the event and Adam is now talking about people give you the benefit of the doubt if you aren’t nervous and sweating.

Drew talks about the ball busting of medicine and doctors.


Adam is talking about giving talks for a business school, Adam notices Matt’s haircut and has a killer line about Gary’s barber only open during his “shift” at work, funny.

Adam is now talking about people getting what they get when you’re not getting paid, Drew has a noise in reply about how he feels about not delivering his best.

Adam explains he always holds off for calls until they’re on the screen, Gary explains he wasn’t ready and was just getting booted up.



1st Caller Nathan tells them about working IT remotely from Atlanta, with his clients in Los Angeles.

Adam is trying to figure out if Atlanta is Easter time zone, or mixed and Gary lists the various states with Central and eastern time zones.

Adam is telling Drew about spending time with Jodi, his wife’s best friend and how they talked about her experiences working form home.

Adam wants to know who are the people who get more done at home, Drew says it feels like sales people would benefit and Adam has a Quintin Tarantino analogy for what happens to him when he watches a movie at home vs. in a theater.


Adam says his wife claims to be better at home than she is in an office, Drew has an off mic reaction, perhaps some eye communication with Gary too?

Adam says we may never know and talks about his own experience walking around the house and fixing things while home.

Drew tells Nathan to socialize and walk, Adam is bringing up how people end up getting caught up on TV and scamming while they’re supposed to be working.


Drew is reading Nathan like a book and Nathan confirms everything Drew said, Drew is telling him about the 5hrs he has left per day to socialize.

Drew says being online is not engagement and Gary comments on communal working environments like the one he used to frequent with Gary, how fun.

Gary credits new associate producer Nick Davis with the idea.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Life Lock


Drew is telling Adam about a black woman he met at the airport who was regaling him with stories about how black American women are treated and viewed.

Drew confuses Adam with “DTF” and Adam brings up the DTR Parties, Don’t Tell Ray.

Drew cites his all black episode of his HLN show and Adam talks about the heritage of being hauled over here, Adam interrupts to make a point about the plights of ancestors and intergenerational trauma.


Adam is now bringing up WW1 and the trauma of trench warfare, Adam is now sharing his POV about trench warfare vs. picking cotton and Drew admits he would prefer his ancestors picked cotton.

Adam is agreeing to some extent and Drew makes a point about ethnic Jews, Adam is not down with the notion that your great, great, great grandfather was a salve means you can’t have a productive and fruitful life.


Drew is giving caveats for Adam’s words and he’s saying it’s most offensive and he’s not trying to empower anyone, you live in the united states, you get to get up and do what you want every day.

Drew is making a point about intergenerational trauma and Adam agrees while citing all the forms it exists in, Adam is now making a point about Jewish people and the Japanese internment camps.

Adam says everyone has a unique experience in his country and it’s filled with people who fled, Adam is now walking through the experience his step grandfather Lotzi experienced in Hungary, beat by beat.


This is getting very heavy, Drew says in the 1970’s they were closer to WWII and the Holocaust than we are to the 1970’s today.

Adam is saying this wasn’t in black and white it was in color, people had cars, he breaks down the horrific logic used for exterminating the Jewish people and others deemed unworthy to live.

Adam is going over how his grandpa took a ship to Mexico and Canada, Adam mixes up which order it happened in.


Adam is explaining how his grandfather spoke Hungarian and he talks about how that language doesn’t sound like any other language, Adam demonstrates some for Drew.

Adam is now telling Drew about Lotzi’s siblings and what happened to them, he explains the “that way or that way” element to the labor camps and ovens during WWII.

Drew is sharing an insight he heard from one of the guys working as a Nazi at a death camp, Adam is talking about his grandfather’s heavy trauma and Drew says they’re getting spun talking about this.


Adam is saying let’s not convince everyone they’re victims, it makes things difficult, it’s not productive for life and moving on.

Drew is now making a point about PTSD reactions and Adam objects to all of black culture having PTSD.

Drew is now bringing up the Danny Kaye song and now Gary who seems newly very well versed in the man’s work comments on the ongoing tweets and controversy.

He tells the fans to cool it, Adam and Drew are now explaining the mix-ups and going in depth on the songs. Adam says he likes the engagement from the fans and wants them to give feedback.


2nd Caller Derrick tells them it’s his 3rd call and explains he’s “investing in himself” and wants some feedback on what he should do, he talks about “giving back” and Drew says every 24yr old says the same thing.

Drew says that the two most important things for meaningful contributions are wisdom and technological knowledge. He quotes Aristotle.

Adam mocks Derrick traveling across Europe to get his dick wet.


Adam says there are two kinds of people those with a passion and those without any instincts about their interests.

Adam is talking about the simple life and how one should make peace with only 4 people knowing you died, a life’s worth shouldn’t be based around whether or not you knew Rihanna.


Adam is doing Slender Tone Live Read


Adam plugs some live dates and Gary hints that Teresa Strasser might make a cameo at the Mangria Bar Crawl in Arizona.

Adam closes out the show.