Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/15/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 213

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/15/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 213

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 02-10-2015 – Release Date 02-15-2015

Production Number #213 – The Motivation of Addiction

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Adam has a standard mandate to get it on intro, he asks Drew what he’s got prepared and then tells Drew about a clip from a recent ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ and how he initially predicted that Drew wouldn’t like this as someone else was talking about addiction, his expertise.

Adam says that it made a lot of sense and cites how the human mind can spin out with made up diseases and conditions.

Adam is plugging his upcoming ‘Road Hard’ premier and sets up the clip, he says he wouldn’t mind having this guy guest on the show.


Adam has him pause the clip, Drew is now correcting the information misunderstood by the guest Johann Hari, Drew is once again commenting on the misunderstood scientific testing.

Drew is now explaining that he’s right this is a new conversation about what motivates the human brain towards addiction, the point is well taken.

Adam is getting to his theory about finding the “nest” or the source, the thing that happens in all of the great science fiction movies.


Adam says the source is family/childhood trauma that then branches out to addiction, poverty, crime and violence.

Adam says instead of addressing the nipple at the end of each problem spoke as opposed to the hub, the source of the problems.

Adam is asking Gary to find him the clip of the super educated woman interviewing him about the “school to prison pipeline” and they head to calls.


1st Caller Josh credits them and Loveline with getting sober, he asks about Seth Rogen and other celebrities thinking that Drew is somehow against their preferred drug.

Josh also doesn’t get that attitude, he never hears those sentiments from Drew and has a solid diabetic analogy.

Adam is defending Drew and how he’s never said that drugs are good nor bad, Drew once again says he would be for the legalization of all drugs and says they were saying that 15 years ago, actually 18.


2nd Caller Chris brings up a woman he was eating near at a restaurant who was feeding her dog at the table, Adam has a killer point about how smoking in the same scenario would make you a pariah and how those narcissists get all of the shots of their dogs but not for their kids.

“Dog’s don’t get autism dude” – Drew

Chris wants to know what this is, why this narcissism exists.


Adam says that ultimately gets traced back to fucking and women are wildly attracted to narcissists and Drew agrees while Adam tells him about an assistant he used to have who was really good looking but never came across as handsome to do his bumbling nature.

Adam has a point about personal momentum and how women are incredibly attracted to that.

Drew brings up the biological “better survivors” reasoning for that attraction.

Chris wants to know if Adam would say anything to that woman if he were in Chris’s shoes.


Adam is sharing how he withholds tips for valet drivers who don’t move his seat back after sliding it forward, he’s asking how about people who do this for a living.

Drew has a funny “number 1 preset” line that Adam tags with a funny “don’t piss in the guy’s car” reply.

Drew is asking Adam for his take on the Brian Williams.


They do an AVG cleaner live read


Adam is now using the purse theft story from his youth to make a point about how people conflate stories and try to include themselves in drama via exaggeration.

Adam is describing the story of chasing the purse snatcher, Drew is still in shock that she never thanked Adam and then took credit for finding her own wallet, the neighbors then took credit for all hearing the screams and chasing the mugger.

Adam says its human nature and they took the credit of Adam’s somewhat heroic effort, Adam is stating that humans are wired this way.


Adam is giving his take on how this would make for a better story on Letterman over the truth, Adam says he uses a little hyperbole when telling stories, say 6am instead of 8am, it adds to the comedy, that doesn’t make you a liar.

Adam is now addressing the false narratives that immediately follow news events.

Adam says he brings up Lance Bass all the time, Drew says he doesn’t and Adam is now being hyperbolic.


Adam is explaining how once he came out everyone stopped caring, Adam says it then becomes a “what’s wrong with me, what’s wrong with my computer” scenario.

Adam has a killer Brian Williams is gay one liner, Adam says he did what all of us would do, the same thing that everyone on 14th St. in Santa Monica did in 1989/1990.

Adam says he was living a rent control one bedroom apartment at the time.


Adam says it’s the apology that fucked him up, Adam says he didn’t need an apology and says he could have used the defense of this being a story from his life, not something he was reporting on.

Adam is now breaking down Brian’s apology, Adam knocked something over.

Adam says he does the opposite architecturally and contextually, he does the opposite to gleam the truth/reality of a situation.


Adam is describing the most aesthetically pleasing look for tires on a race car, Adam says he just reverses it and then asks if his helicopter was actually hit, could he forget that and mix-up the details?

Drew is agreeing with Adam’s flawless logic and Adam takes it to the “hey did you pay that guy” scenario he often finds himself in where other people are pretty sure they paid people they owe, Adam says you would know if you did it.

Adam says he flips the script on everything, even murder trials and now explains how he would react if he was OJ Simpson and truly innocent.


Drew is now thinking of how the prosecution might spin the case if he Adam wasn’t emotional about the murder of his ex-wife.

Adam is now asking for the Huffpo clip, he just wants to hear the 20 seconds that he referenced.

Adam has Chris stop the clip, he’s describing an argument vs. what she was doing, and she wasn’t interested in having an actual dialogue about the supposed school to prison pipeline.


Drew is now explaining how he recently learned of a case where some kids who were caught with pot and are now going to be expelled, saying that treatment and other alternatives weren’t even offered.

Adam says his ideas aren’t his, its life nature and gravity.

Adam says he just observes things, he doesn’t have opinions, he cites nature and how things were designed and says he would have been better off raised by David Geffen and his partner than his parents.


Drew says that Adam needs to start listening to Drew about deeper education.


3rd caller Jeff he tells them about the business he runs and his business partner, he is telling them about hiring poor people to do landscaping, they don’t have the immigration influx of Hispanic people to the degree of California.

Adam is now explaining this to Drew once again, that it’s not about race it’s about education and status.

Adam is asking Jeff how he worked his way up the ladder, he compares that to his own experience rising in the ranks of construction.


Jeff is telling them about his mentor and business partner, he says that the guy doesn’t want to sell the business, Adam interrupts to make a point about women not wanting their spouses around 24/7.

Adam wants to know what they’re missing, Jeff points out again that it’s the guy’s girlfriend.

Adam says that men get their self-worth from work and career, he is explaining that notion and how men staying home all the time might lead to resentment.

Adam is now explaining how women can grow to resent their partners from other types of forcing one’s will, he uses restaurant options and BBQ and Anal Sex victories to make a point about actually falling several pegs in your relationship.


Adam is launching into a Cremo live read.

Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show.