Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/14/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 309

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/14/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 309

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 02-11-2016 – Release Date 02-14-2016

Production Number #309 – Training Phil

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Adam has the standard intro and welcomes Drew to the show as per usual, Adam talks about the holiday and how the kids have to prepare valentine’s day cards for every kind the class, standard protocol since at least the late 1980’s.

Adam is talking about Natalia running out of materials midway through the process and her breaking down into tears, Drew comments on the way they do this and how it’s almost gratifying for them to have these outbursts.

Adam talks about his wife’s life being ruined by this process and having to count out each valentine, Adam ask why the school is ruing their lives, I remember doing this myself, buying the cards with my own money, this is hilarious!


Adam is talking about how his wife reacts to everything like an emotional 10, kids coming up short with the cards and him dying in a fiery wreck, same level of concern/reaction.

Adam is joking about his kids going to Hades on their field trip as Drew warns him about that era of school and how much an increase of demand it will be for him and his wife.

Adam is talking about hosting a fundraising event and how they want Adam to film a roll in video package in addition to the live stage hosting.


Drew talks about how these people that get these great ideas aren’t familiar with production and the videos come out shitty and are unusable, Adam says even if it’s perfect only 80 people see it.

Adam is describing his intense evening and they talk about his growing dog Phil, Adam talks about how Drew has crazy dominion over all animals except his wife, holy shit!

Adam is now riffing about the TV movie ‘Killer Bees’ from 1975(1974) he was close.


Adam is back to the insane unnatural toll on his wife caused by this homework and the extra waste of time activities they lay on his family in the name of pretending to educate his kids.

Adam is trying to get Drew to see the chaos he’s describing and Drew says there’s a better way to do this, now Gary is sharing the info on Killer Bees with them and Drew is joking about the plot, Gary now reads the IMDB description to them boys.

Drew is talking about weird the 1970’s was, how there were still people from the 1920’s and silent film era giving interviews circa 1970 and how bizarre it is.


Adam is talking about the 1970’s era Frank Sinatra with pukka shells and big collars on Dina Shore’s show, he tells Gary to find the right picture and is now riffing about the looks of different eras.

Drew is commenting on the 1970’s forsook the eras before them and Gary tells Adam he’s having a problem with his prescription with Matt, during the show?

Drew is talking about the fugue state of the era and describes the life and earth of Jane Mansfield and how she was the Anna Nicole Smith of the era, perhaps worse.


Adam is doing a Slender Tone Live Read


Drew is attempting to describe what’s bothering him and describes getting sucked down a YouTube/Facebook hole watching interviews with former stars of different eras and romantic ages.

Adam is talking about even the 1980’s and 90’s are aromatic ages when compared to today.

Adam is talking about having a laugh over a hair band with Dana Gould on the show last week, Adam talks about never being affected by a look or style and describes the haircut he was rocking throughout the 70’s and 80’s and to this very day, time can’t humiliate the Aceman any more than his hair genetics already did.


Adam is saying he’s looking at the messed up consequences of people who lived during a great time and forsook the trappings of that era, hence silent film actors embracing disco.

Adam is talking about people and how we move on from one topic du jour to another, they’re reacting to Frank Sinatra in the 1960’s and he thinks his staff aren’t familiar with leisure suits.


Drew is doing a True Car Live Read


Adam is trying to recall what he saw in this documentary that aired on HBO, Drew is back to the bad track that this country is on.

Adam asks what the right track would be, Drew is unsure and he keeps referencing the 1920’s and Adam talks about building your world, your hobbies and the things that effect you.

Dres is sharing how troubled he is and Adam is telling him to calm down and explains his wiring his not sensitive, it’s aware, he’s aware of things and he talks about the horrors of filming ‘Catch a Contractor’ and how the kids were living in the fucked homes.


Drew is asking about the fucked up situations, was it the contractor 100% to blame or were the families already dealing with this stuff.

Adam talks about personal reasonability and how none of the fathers ever removed dangerous items from the backyard, risking their kid’s safety and refusing to step in and make it safe at least temporarily.


1st Caller Dan, he wants to know about Jimmy Kimmel’s wedding and who the joke was on with the Gabourey Sidibe stunt, Adam is now trying to explain the contrast of the joke, how it was outside of race or weight, more about stark contrast/opposite, hence why Rebel Wilson wouldn’t have worked.

They both talk about how much they like Gabby, Adam jokes about her “cradling” him and Drew recommends ‘Precious, Adam has never seen it, Adam talks about her being a Loveline fan and Adam gives the Ok for more terminator movies as it’s so fictional.

Adam says he is dreading watching ‘Beasts of Not Nation’ due to the heavy subject matter and intense scenes depicted.


Drew recommends the movie and Adam goes back to the topic of the dog, Adam asks Dan if there is anything else, he says Drew sounds really fatalistic and Drew is trying to figure out where he is, what world.

He talks about some “fair share” talk on a recent program and he mentions how certain years it’s 100% tax on citizens over a certain bracket.

Drew wants to know what people actually want in this country, what are we going to do here guys.


Adam is talking about how people wants things they feel they cannot earn, Adam is talking about how he firmly believes he shouldn’t pay more than Suzanne his wife’s friend who works at ABC and pays 7100 bucks a year.

Adam is now talking about how it should be a lower percentage for everyone and talks about mitigating circumstances and how free tutors and trainers and such should go back to the government.

Adam says it’s unfair to tax people as if they made their money with assistance from the state, Adam is talking about his “fantasy” as Drew puts it and he brings up his old Classic Loveline bitching about first class travel.

Drew asks Adam why he would do that, he says if more people spoke their minds we wouldn’t be where we are and we need to explain to people to embrace the notion of controlling their destiny.


Adam is talking about this being like a bunch of stoners a Phish concert who love the band, he says they’re a horrible band to see live and says we all must now pretend to like them to get our dick sucked, poor Lynch has to hear this.


Drew is doing an Live Read


Adam is back to the dog trainer and how he immediately complimented how smart Phil was, Drew says the trainer said the same thing to them about their dog.

Drew does say that he thought Phil was smart too, so maybe it’s not 100% bullshit.

Adam is now sharing how all of the instinctual things people do are the wrong behaviors for dealing with dogs, Adam is telling Drew about Phil getting big and snatching things off tables.


Adam laughs at the notion of using a crate and mocks the Carolla household’s level of discipline, Adam jokes about dying with a pocket full of string cheese while trying to train his dog, attacked by seagulls.

Adam and Drew are now coming up with lies to get rid of annoying lap dogs that people hate, blame the owls.


Adam is doing Life Lock Live Read


Adam is now having Chris Maxipada share a listener email, asking about chronically late people who can’t get back via phone or email.

Drew talks about the variety of reasons people do this, the narcissism angle, anger, but there is not one defining principle.

Adam says it’s a marker for loser-dom and he excuses Shaq being over 1hr late for their photoshoot.

Adam is talking about all of the other losers he knows late is there one commonality, Adam talks about how he would wake guys up with a horn honk when meeting them in the am, after a long conversation about how they had to be ready when he arrived.


Adam says being late is the ultimate in immaturity, he says it’s someone lying to themselves about the passage of time and he talks about his own fine line for wake up calls and exiting a hotel room.

Adam is ready to go with 9min to exit the room, he wakes up on his feet, he doesn’t recommend that to people and he’s talking about the weird life sentence people give themselves doing that.

Adam says it’s really disrespectful and really narcissistic.


Drew reminds Adam about his hard out, Adam is telling him he’s acutely aware and it is seared in his brain for the next 5 years minimum, Adam is telling Drew it’s not about fooling yourself.

Drew is afraid someone is going to call him 2min early and apologizes for letting his anxiety overwhelm him and Adam gives a message to those that are chronically late.


Adam is doing a PodcastOne Listener Survey Live Read

Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show.