Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/08/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 211

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/08/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 211

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 02-03-2015 – Release Date 02-08-2015

Production Number #211 – Holes in Your Game

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Adam has the standard mandate intro, Adam plugs some live shows and Drew thanks the people who showed up for his live show about the 1970’s.

Chris is on mic explaining the nature of the show, Adam plugs tomorrow’s Take a Knee and Drew says he has a backlog list of stuff he wants to talk to Adam about.

Adam is telling Drew about waking his wife up during her sleep to have her adjust to stop snoring, Adam explains that his wife was sleeping on her back and snoring, he says he does the same thing.


Adam shares the super funny “I don’t sleep on my back” reply from Lynette upon waking up from sleeping on her back.

Adam is asking if people know who Mike Carano is, Adam is telling Drew to give him a little setup.

Drew explains how he spends time hanging out with people he normally wouldn’t have hung out with when he was working full time at the hospital.

Adam also cites Duncan Trussel and Adam says he finds new people and ideas/energy as rejuvenating.


Drew is clarifying it’s more about being outside of his comfort zone and Adam says he always tries to get out of the boundaries of what he was brought up in.

Adam cites Kevin Costner wanting to hang with him as a sign he’s fun for others to be around, Chris says that Adam isn’t an asshole as presumed by strangers who learn of his job.

Adam confirms that Matt the gay assistant from ‘The Adam Carolla Project’ was a “stunt hire” and uses his ex-assistant Jay now working for Mangria and always showing up to the live events ready to give Ace a hug as another prime example.


Drew is pretending not to know how he ends up sounding like a broken record with the “these guys are scared of you” comments, Adam is now yelling while mocking Drew.

Adam says that Chris Laxamana is capable and could move on if he wanted to and do quite well, Chris is now quoting Adam’s film producer Nate who complimented working with Adam.

Adam is once again using Nate wanting to continue working with him as an example of a “2nd date” and now Drew is explaining that people fear this very response, getting the wrath.


Chris confirms that Drew is doing this as a bit, Adam is explaining that when you get successful and the phone rings, half the time the phone rings the person doesn’t say hi, that’re only calling for something they want.

Adam asks what’s the problem if is volatility is never at the risk of emerging, Drew says the threat does loom and then admits maybe it’s just him that elicits this response.

Drew is now using Adam’s comments off air about staff showing up on time to prove a point, Adam is now explaining the flaw in Drew’s logic.


Drew says that Adam missed the fear in Gary’s face about being late, Adam says he doesn’t care about the profession, when the boss says you need to show up 10min early it elicits the same fear.

Drew explains there are two possible fears, I’m going to lose my job or my boss is going to blow up at me, Adam says that Gary knows he’s not going to get fired, nor get yelled at.

Adam says Gary doesn’t want the conversation, where Adam reminds him about showing up 10min early, Adam asks if anyone has met a dumber smart guy.


Gary says that Drew is wrong and agrees with Adam, Adam says that Drew acts like Adam has a rich history of abusing staff members.

Adam is asking how many times Chris and Gary have seen Adam dress down an employee since they’ve worked for him.

Drew is now trying to finish his thought about Duncan Trussel.


1st Caller Joshua, he wants Drew’s take on the recent studies about the brain responding the same to sugar and heroin, Drew explains the actual science and how it’s the reward center and has nothing to do with the similarity of the substances.

Adam is bringing up the couple holes in Drew’s game, much like Mike August.

Adam says that Mike has a couple blind spots, he explains it in NBA metaphors.

Adam explains that Mike has no bedside manner, Adam is sharing the “nobody knows who that guy is, who gives a shit” replies he gets from Mike regarding possible Take a Knee bookings suggested by Adam, Adam explains why that email reply is ok with him but wouldn’t be with someone like Jimmy Kimmel.

Adam uses Dr. Drew and Dr. Phil to make a point about Mike August and James Babydoll Dixon, Adam extends his “holes in their game” theory and compares himself to Jimmy Kimmel.


Drew asks Adam if he tries to improve that “something” and Adam say’s its tough, easy when you’re talking about a golf game, much more difficult when it’s about life.

Adam says you could make an argument that the less successful person is sometimes better or has greater skill, Adam says that #1 it’s about not having holes in your game.

Adam says there will always be success and a comfortable living for guys like him and Drew, but for guys like Dr. Phil and Jimmy Kimmel without holes in their game, they end up with a different level of success.


Drew is doing a live read


Adam says that one hole in the game trait can cancel out 7 other positive traits, Drew is now comparing and contrasting Dr. Bruce and Dr. Phil and makes a point about ethics and priorities.

Chris is now weighing in and has a positive space vs. negative space point on Adam and Drew’s differences on this topic.

Adam is setting up an anecdote from Walter O’Brien.


Drew is responding to an emergency, Adam is now going to a different caller.


2nd Caller James, he wants to know what the likelihood of a woman getting pregnant 3 times while taking the birth control pill.

Drew now offers up the more likely scenarios.

Adam is back to his anecdote about transitioning between levels F1 racing.

Adam comments on Drew screaming out the wrong answer and shitting on his point, he mentions that trait predates this current show.


Adam is back to the anecdote and the 10th of a second difference that takes someone from 60k to 5 million per year, Adam is back to the holes in someone’s game and how small that hole can be.

Adam is now setting up a funny Mike August story and prefaces it saying he doesn’t give a shit about how people pronounce his name or things involving him.

Adam shares the Bianchi winery story, Adam says that’s Mike’s hole in his game though he did overcome it and Adam clarifies that Mike wasn’t being nefarious.


Adam is launching into a Life Lock Live Read


Adam is back to his obsessions with waste and units of energy, he’s using Chicken McNuggets and the energy required to make each one, he says you could light the entire city of San Francisco for 6 months with all of the energy that goes into one McNugget.

Drew is now sharing an argument from Adam Smith and describes his explanation of the materials and work that went into a coat, Adam jokes about him also having a wife named Lynette and being miserable with the waste he witnesses in the world too.

Adam is now bringing up his fridge temperature discovery and asks everyone if they know the proper setting for the temperatures in their fridges.


Adam is explaining how much milk he was wasting and how he finally discovered the 10 degree fridge discrepancy.

Adam is now blaming the fridge and saying his 6500 refrigerator doesn’t even have a red/blue display notifying you of your fridge temp.

Adam is bringing up the analog models and the dial settings.


Adam is once again bringing up the obsessions with saving energy and going green in California and rhetorically asking if anyone has ever brought it up, he says that nobody truly cares.

Adam is now suggesting they put the “check you fridge temp” on the freeway signs.

Adam is breaking down how he finally sat down and fixed this, he is asking if Mayor Garcetti would like to get the word out.

Hilarious thumbs up their asses’ line about politicians, he wraps up the show and is done venting.

Adam gives out the plugs and that’s a wrap.