Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/01/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 209

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/01/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 209

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 01-27-2015 – Release Date 02-01-2015

Production Number #209 – The Carolla Commitment

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Drew says he’s always amazed that he still has stuff to talk about with Adam, he never runs out of topics and interest in sharing them with Adam.

Adam is giving his take and asks Drew if people decide they’re “not into or not a ___” before exploring the possible interesting element of it.

Adam comments on the lack of “car guys” in today’s world and cites Matt Fondiler as an example.


Adam explains there are a million questions to ask when someone tells you they race cars but often cars put the person off because “they’re not a car person” which means they overlook a massive amount of interesting content and information.

Adam is now giving a real world example, Drew is asking Adam about the MCT oil he was apparently given, Adam is explaining how food doesn’t have strong or even noticeable effect on him.

Drew explains his newfound use of MCT oil and credits it in part to his recent weight loss along with a balanced diet.


Adam is now asking Drew to quote what he told him over a decade ago, Drew goes on a longwinded but insightful tangent and Adam tries to rope him back to the quote.

Adam says some people are storytellers and some are interested in hearing them, something to that effect.

Drew is bringing up CBT therapy and the two different regions of the brain effected by the different styles of therapy.


Adam is bringing up the ‘Road Hard’ to ‘Newman Doc’ swap from his producer Nate, Adam has a hilarious reaction upon Drew confirming that women do a lot more of that than men.

Adam says that’s what children do and they wrap up the discussion.


They’re doing a live read


Adam has a funny one liner about sending his dad one of their new mugs available via the show link page above, he’s now telling Adam the “Ray’s friend Drew?” story where his dad couldn’t bring himself to think of Dr. Drew when Adam was speaking about him well into their Classic Loveline run.


1st Caller Kevin, he wants to remember if Adam or Drew ever remember their parents really getting into a fight in front of them.

Adam says it’s terrifying for children to see their parents out of control more than the violence and aggression, it’s the realization the person raising you is that much of a mess.

Adam is explaining what he got in lieu of that, he had a mom freaking out the whole time.

Adam has a great pilot and co-pilot arguing in the cockpit rather than someone panicking and screaming about not being able to fly a plane, Adam says it freaked him out to have two people so out of control in charge of his life.


Adam explains that he and Lynette used to get into it quite a bit but now have cooled it since the kids have been around.

Adam is now sharing the story of forcing Sonny to ride the Matterhorn and cites that along with the Subway Tuna sandwich incident as examples of times where he does the quite mouth thing trying to hint at Lynette that he’s trying to do something.

Adam says fighting is bad but it does reflect a passion and interest, at least up until a point, funny one liners about Adam’s parents mocking their lack of passion.


2nd Caller Justin, he mentions Classic Loveline the podcast I host/edit/transfer and says he loves the Dr. Drew Boogie and Shuffle, two compilations of out of context clips of Dr. Drew at the dawn of the Out Of Context Drew Drop OODD’s as they were known for a very short while.

Adam and Drew are recalling that Engineer Mike Dooley put those together and Justin cites the time Drew read some Meshell Ndegeocello lyrics, Adam still loves that too.

Justin is now asking them about Asperger’s and ADD and tells them about his diagnosis and his sons, Adam is now giving his take on the energy of 9 year old boys and asks if ADD isn’t over diagnosed among them.


Drew gives the guidelines for ADD diagnosis and doesn’t quite back up Adam’s take.

Dr. Drew makes a point addiction and relapse with stimulant treatment from his experience treating patients.


3rd Caller Shane, he’s writing his first book and wants to know how they got around writing about their parents and being honest about their upbringings.

Adam is now sharing how much shit he talked about his parents and the part where he had to get on the phone with a lawyer.

“Unless your cock smells like Madonna shit” – Adam during a hilarious riff about a fictional chapter in his book, gold!


Adam says all he did was tell the truth, Dr. Drew makes a point about the biological inaccuracy of memory and Adam says that applies to chick and dudes who are wired like chicks.

Drew says biologically it just is, Adam is making a point about feelings vs. reality and he’s got an extended “daddy said don’t have that extra scoop of ice cream” analogy.

Adam says he staved his mom off of getting a copy of ‘Not Taco Bell Material’ for over a year and a half.


Dr. Drew asks about his mom not knowing where his shop is, Adam is telling Gary to map his mom’s address to the studio/warehouse.

Adam asks Gary to ask Matt but he doesn’t think she’s ever been there.

Adam is telling Drew that he’s acting like people have feelings, his mom doesn’t come visit his empire that he built as she doesn’t care, not because she’s shamed by not being more involved.


Adam says he kept his mom away from the book by simply not giving her one and she probably never thought to by 1 let alone 10 copies to help him succeed.

Adam explains “The Carolla Commitment” and they’re both discussing good parenting and segue into a live read.


Adam and Drew are doing a Life Lock live read, Adam is riffing about his mom being the only person to ever get her identity given back, killer riff about her on the porch refusing to accept it.

Adam is explaining hos his kids didn’t even understand the idea of stolen hubcaps as portrayed in the movie ‘Vacation’ and he declares the Chevy Chase never made a good movie.


4th Caller Chris, he finally got a job and thanks Adam and Drew as he feels the satisfaction and Drew is now explaining a supplement that he tried.

Adam is bringing up what he was doing last weekend, telling his wife and her friend about enjoying a beer in a bathrobe after spending the previous week at the Hard rock in Vegas.

Chris comments on how getting things done has its own momentum and Dr. Drew quotes Lucille Ball, Adam is now critiquing social programs that encourage people to rely on human intervention, something we wouldn’t even do to animals.


Adam is now directly bringing up the school lunch programs, he’s addressing how it’s about Adam not wanting to pay money or give food to kids, and it’s not about any of that. He wants parents to feed their kids.

Adam is asking Chris how people can’t understand these simple concepts and he comes back with a surprising statistic about the average cost to a raise a child in America.

Adam is declaring a hardboiled egg and half an apple is the most nutritious breakfast a kid could have, Adam mocks people telling him he over simplifies things and doesn’t understand nuance.


Adam says he’s a hero for oversimplifying, not overcomplicating matters and Dr. Drew is now using Occam’s razor to prove Adam correct.

Adam is discussing the process to get a Paul Newman car to start after forgetting to replace a coil that was repaired, Adam is now sharing his new “blue tape” system and how his guy Rob wanted a dry erase board for each car.

Drew is bringing up Adam’s new psychic persona and his dead grandfather talking to his son’s penis as discussed in ADS #208.


5th Caller Patrick, he’s telling them about Hastings Street and what he learned about Canada’s addiction treatment system.

Drew is now giving his thoughts on long-term use and says he would rather heroin be given instead of methadone, he explains harm avoidance vs. sobriety and abstinence.

Drew is now trying to remove all moral/societal differences among these drugs/substances.


Adam is now bringing up the childhood obesity epidemic and Dr. Drew is expertly rolling with the improv, Adam brings up pigs being used to clean oil pipelines.

Adam is now plugging Take A Knee and wrapping up the show.