Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/31/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 506

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/31/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 506

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 01-26-2017 – Release Date 01-31-2017

Production Number #506 – No It Isn’t

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Adam has a “Loveline, hey miss you guys” intro and they go right into the calls despite Drew having some topics to discuss.


1st Caller Mark, he’s calling about his girlfriend who has been a PA for about a year, she’s been having difficulty working with doctors.

Drew demands to know what specifically has been said, Adam talks about the documentary for Willy T. Ribbs who was a complicated guy.

Drew hears a traumatized kid who grew up lashing out at the world, Adam comments on Phil doing something in studio.


Adam is now telling Drew about Willy and his time spent on the farm with his grandfather who taught him to be a “Boy Named Sue” of sorts.

Adam says Willy’s perspective was that he was being decimated against because he was black, Adam says it’s a combination of many factors, not just one way.

Adam says pure talent always trumps whatever phobia or level of dissemination you’re facing, Adam talks about how this might be more about Mark’s girlfriend and her abilities.


Adam is talking about women who are allowed to feel certain things and then recount events as they felt them as opposed to what was actually said.

Adam says women and an ever-growing number of dudes are allowed to translate feelings into words in order to convey how they experienced something.

Drew says the communication on a medical team is harsh, they use harsh language and terms and are expecting a level of ability and responsibility.


Adam is back to Mark, all of the physician assistant coworkers agree the doctors don’t respect them, Drew says this is how it works.

Mark says she is actually interested in becoming a full physician, Drew recommends she do that and Adam says he cringes at people who openly admit they are feeling disrespected.

Adam says pride and respect are silly conceits, people may get it wrong around you, about you but after months and years of excelling people will be forced to acknowledge your output and value.


Drew brings up the protests and Adam says he has a problem with protests and violence, he doesn’t like cops not getting involved as they claim to be in fear of agitating the crowds.

Adam says his other thought is this is about narcissism and he says going down to women’s shelters every weekend or using your accounting skills to help these women in need isn’t as flashy as the protest.

Adam says he suspects a large percentage of this protesting is narcissism and he says he’s not sure what this accomplishes other than basking in each other’s narcissistic glow.


Adam says children have no context nor ability to do math, when you talk about ISIS coming into San Bernardino and unleashing havoc and the relative dangers of that happening and effecting Drew and his family.

Adam says kids can’t do math that way, he talks about living in his mom’s haunted house, set back deep off the street without porch nor street lights, it was scary.

Adam says they would watch the news and he would fear the Hillside Strangler would come through the service porch backdoor and get him, he couldn’t do the math.


Adam says that if he was to take his daughter and rile her up with fear based comments about Trump and his intent to harm her, he shares how he would rope his son in as well to scare him about nuclear war. Adam says you have now convinced children that we have a woman hating monster running this country, a racist woman hating monster who is going to get them killed.

The “adults” have now hurt the psyche of their kids who now believe there is a target on their back, Adam is for the peaceful protest part but not the brainwashing about your fears of a fictitious future you made up.


Adam says the more adult thought is that you are whatever and may have concern about the new leader, but you won’t convey that to your child as you are the adult and you might use it as an opportunity to outperform and becoming undeniable.


Drew is amazed there was no specific goal of the protests and Adam quotes Dennis Prager and his “back it up with some examples” logic as to why the non-specificity came into play.


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Drew also thought Madonna made a fool out of herself, he quotes her and her comments about blowing up the white house, Adam talks about the hypocrisy meter that is now spiked, never has there been such hypocrisy.

Adam brings up Tucker Carlson and the Senator who was boycotting the inauguration and eventually revealed he wanted Trump to show him deference and respect at the sake of his constituency.

Adam says it was Dwight Evans, he explains how you can’t demand a dialogue with someone you are boycotting, Adam would prepare if he was in that man’s shoes.


Adam has a boycotting his kids flute recital analogy and jokes about hating the piccolo.

Gary has the video of Dwight’s interview with Tucker Carlson, Adam laughs at his use of basically and at the end of the day.

Tucker is crushing this guy in the interview, Adam is reacting to the hilarious notion this man is making policy for other human beings, saying he sounds like he has suffered a stroke.


Adam is further reacting to the clip and Dwight once again says “at the end of the day” and gets a laugh from Adam, Adam is asking Drew if he’s even answered the question.

Adam has Gary play even more of the clip and Adam has Gary keep it playing, Drew has some comments and they cut it short.

Adam says Tucker was asking some good questions about how this would possibly help the constituency Dwight represents, Adam comments on the sanctuary city and he loves that the leaders are digging in and don’t care if their state goes up in flames.


Adam says he hopes the government punishes the state he lives in, he hopes it all dries up and goes ‘Lord of The Rings’ (Lord of The Flies?) or is he talking about middle earth Sauron?

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Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show.