Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/31/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 305

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/31/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 305

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 01-26-2016 – Release Date 01-31-2016

Production Number #305 – Down the Flume of Life

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Adam has an inspired intro, he wants to talk to Dr. Dre about calves and Drew points out the cold butter and calves buck slip as Adam is sporting.

Adam is sharing his thoughts of he Drew and Mark Geragos as the Einstein brothers, Albert Brooks, Super Dave Osbourne and they’re 3rd brother, all marvelously successful in different walks of life.

Drew has a funny “bagel guys” question that Adam turns into a racial slur, hilarious!


Adam is talking about meaning all 3 brothers, he says the 3rd guy is Cliff Einstein and Drew asks if there is any genetic connection between them and Albert, Adam jokes about Albert’s original name being Brooks and changing it so people would think he sounds smart.

Adam jokes about Cold Butter and Calves being a morning show duo, Adam is asking if we can stop sending the message of “the game is rigged” to people, instead encouraging  heard work and using the very schedules and difficult challenges of the politicians themselves as an example.

Adam comments on the hard work put in by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the undeniable effort they put into their careers.


Adam talks about the subtle narcissism of claiming that anyone of your race or gender can get to a certain status, he explains you’re really saying you’re better as you were able to get to a position in life despite the handicap you’re claiming to have.

Adam jokes about his son and his privilege of light skin and a cock and balls.

Adam talks about working nights and weekends and getting secondary education, Adam is talking about trying to schedule a show with Mark Geragos and how they have to schedule it around his lawyering duties, the last episode during his lunch break, next week from his phone in his car, wow!


Adam is sharing a marathon analogy for society and he mocks the politics of the left and Bernie Sanders in particular, Drew is now sarcastically mocking this logic.

Adam says there is no scenario where you can “win” if you’re carried over the finish line, you must achieve success on your own.

Adam says everyone currently making minimum wage over 30, you could give them a luxury car and house and they wouldn’t be able to sustain it, it doesn’t work.

Adam says it’s a good thing it doesn’t work.


Drew saw the movie ‘Grand Prix’ and pronounces with a Pseudo French flair, Adam tells him he’s never seen that movie and explains he’s mixing up that picture and ‘Le Mans’.


1st Caller Fran, he’s been a fan since the late 90’s and he’s calling about his wife’s recent multiple sclerosis diagnosis.

Drew is asking about her manifestations, Fran is going over her symptoms and Drew is asking several follow ups and Adam asks about how many variants of this disease there are.

Adam asks what the implications are when this kicks in, if this was your family member, would this make you worry about some environmental factor or precursor to another disease or condition?


Drew and Adam are riffing about ‘Grand Prix’ and Drew recalls talking about the movie at some point, Adam says poor Chris is in agree with the old man mode, Adam mocks his pronunciation once again.

Adam is explaining to Drew what his mixup exactly is, Adam talks about James Garner and his celebrity race car driver status, he owned teams etc.

Adam talks about Steve McQueen’s insane passion for Le Mans and how he was able to capture the sweet spot, iconic era of the race, it’s now spaceships racing spaceships, and to him it was like just filming it next week, the modern era, but now it’s a symbol of a bygone era.

Adam talks about being a man possessed and compares Steve McQueen’s passion for his own need to meet Jimmy Kimmel and show up at the radio station that day.


2nd Caller Garrett, he’s calling about two women he was seeing and how they were competing with each other to give him anal after discovering the deception, the boys determine he’s a bogus caller after his line drops out.


3rd Caller John is talking about his daughter who is struggling to stay clean while dealing with a Bi-polar diagnosis, Adam hears him and Drew is offering some realistic requirements to treat addiction, he talks about the mood stabilizers that have no influence on her addiction.

Adam shares his own fear of this for his family and how his kids are starting to come on line as little humans with personalities.

Drew says he must go to Al-Anon and Drew advises how long medications may be required for his daughter with some vague numbers he says are up to her doctor to decide upon.


Adam says he’s looking to avoid this, he talks about his daughter believing in Santa Claus while being aware of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Adam talks about being a kid and being vaguely aware of Vietnam to compare to this modern era, Adam says kids don’t know that 90% of what they hear is flat out bullshit, it’ll be gone tomorrow.


Drew is doing a True Car Live Read


Adam says someone tweeted him about the professor in Missouri who ordered some muscle to shut down some journalists on campus, Adam says good.

Adam is now sharing his theory on the hippy earth mom who is super angry and uses the mask of being a hippy to cover up their inner raging cunt.

Gary has an update on Melissa Click, Adam is saying this is not a person who is interested in their cause they claim, they’re just angry.


Drew is talking about the narcissism of the good guy, Adam says just because you have a “coexist” bumper sticker on your Prius doesn’t mean you can’t be a major cunt.

Adam talks about Rosie O’Donnell and Ellen and their onscreen personas vs. off-screen.

Adam asks why anyone else doesn’t get through that bullshit veneer and Drew talks about a pot advocate who screamed at him nose to nose, Adam says it rivals right up there with nerd rage.


Drew talks about the personality sculpting at play, Adam talks about Armenian men with their sculpted facial hair, how much time one has to build a personality or life around this stuff.

Drew is now asking about her classes and what her take was on hypocrisy in the media.

Drew predicts she went off on Brian Williams, Adam is sharing how he doesn’t care about that, he gets how humans exaggerate and would prefer they didn’t while reporting.


Drew says he was talking about it on talk shows, not while reporting the news, Adam is now explaining how you are encouraged to beef up a story while sharing it on a talk show.

Adam jokes Melissa is prosecuted and loses her job, he explains his reasoning for this unique case based on her profession, he asks Drew if he really wants Adam to save for college, are you high Drew.


4th Caller Theron, he’s calling about dumb people that he tells off, Drew picks up on his anger immediately and is turned off by it.

Adam lets him hang himself out to dry and Adam says he’s ostensibly done with everyone and the way they want to lead their broken lives, he’s done correcting his wife on her keys etc.

Theron is further describing his take no shit attitude, Adam talks about tuning up shitty attitude sporting valets and he steps over Drew’s comments and has a funny “oh Drew!” that Adam has a nice reaction to.


Adam says we just need to feel how you make us feel, we don’t need to know anything but how you make us feel.


Adam is doing a Bet DSI Live read

Gary is on mic and explains how they use them for occasional gambling, he argues against the straw men who give him crap about gambling on rare events.

Hilarious joke about Matt taking 2 or 3 dumps in a single day, Drew tops it with a “Super Bowl” one liner.


Drew gives some info to a caller and they move on.


5th Caller JB, he’s calling about the show helping him get through a tough time and he tells them about his wife’s frontal lobe tumor the size of a baseball which Adam finds hard to fathom.

Adam talks about the “flume of life” that leads down into the shit bay, he talks about the marijuana physically addictive vs. psychologically addictive argument that permeated the late 90’s and 2000’s.

Adam says so what, he knows guys who have to smoke pot all the time, he hasn’t checked them on a cellular level to see if they are altered on a biological level, either way they’re smoking pot every day.

Adam has a “would you like your kids to smoke pot” question that proves his logic, and Adam has a killer Cat Steven one liner.


Adam is making a point about how most parents would prefer their kids to not use drugs over using drugs, no qualifiers nor modifications to the question.

Adam replaces pot with exercise, it becomes a very simple question all of a sudden.

Adam says daily pot maybe isn’t great for you, it is what it is, but let’s not make it into something it’s not.


Adam is now sharing his cold butter gripes, he brings up the hot towels on the airplane along with the roll and the cold butter and cold knife, and he talks about this being a practical joke level insult.

He brings up the ease to keep things at room temperature or warm on an airplane, why go out of the way to chill the butter and knife.

“Its 1st class so everything needs to be a temperature that it shouldn’t be” – Adam


Adam is now sharing his theory on calves and their uselessness when it comes to athleticism, he brings up Jon Bones Jones and his lack of calf muscles that don’t seem to impede him besting Olympic level wrestlers.

Adam asks Drew about the weirdness of it, he brings up Dion Sanders and Gary is trying to find some solid full body shots to highlight the lack of calves.

Drew has a funny “must be necessary for survival in Samoa” one liner and Adam tells Gary they’re good, it’s bordering on homoerotic now.

Adam and Drew give out the plugs and live dates and wrap up the show.