Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/25/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 502

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/25/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 502

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 01-17-2017 – Release Date 01-25-2017

Production Number #502 – Best for Whom

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Adam has a mandate intro and Drew quotes some “Get It on” before they talk about Trump and the “Best Person for Whom” article Drew read in the L.A. Times.

Adam and Drew are now reacting to that and Adam talks about Trump’s metronome, he hates wasting time and he wants to multitask, it’s not about making money, it’s about the cosmic waste of time.

Adam can recall how Trump was giving his speech about the wall and his desire to get things moving, Adam talks about the desire to get things going when doing a build and how it reflects in his own life, he says his wife doesn’t have one ounce of the “what’s going on and when is it going to be done” and he talks about Trump’s desire to get things moving and figure out how to charge Mexico tomorrow.


Adam is making a great point about this desire to accomplish things and how Trump must need this the same way he needs his stuff to be in process, Adam thinks this conversation would be far too human to have with him.

Adam talks about Trump’s call times and request to have everything setup before they brought him to set, Adam talks about how he didn’t waste time and clearly had a lot of plates spinning.

Adam is fine with him having a big ego, he wants guys in charge having an ego, Adam brings up Aaron Rogers and Drew brings up how the Air Force used to screen for them, as they are confident in flying and he ponders if he should write a pro narcissism book.


Adam is now making a point about empathy and when narcissism goes awry, it’s not all black and white and Adam talks about only being interested in the “score board” stuff and he says he knows many pundits can tell you what’s wrong with what Trump promises and he might agree but he likes that he is saying things, and trying to get things done.

Drew talks about Trump’s hypomania and Drew brings up the dialed down income for the top earners in California, despite the all-time highest tax rates the money is not coming in, Drew and Adam are talking about the futility of subverting human incentives.

Adam is making a point about humans and how they will do what you get them to do based on incentives, Adam talks about his kids and their fights over who gets to pick up the dog poo, he is killing this analogy.


Drew brings up food stamps and Adam is sharing how they incentivized the kids into racing to picking up the dog’s poop, Adam says the same logic can encourage someone to flee the state and move to Texas to save money.

Adam has a great “if Arizona is filled with Phil Poo” line and Drew tells Adam about 10% of food stamps being spent on sugary drinks, he shares his preference for them being prohibited and Adam says that’s racist, mocking the people who would claim that.

Adam orders Caelan to heat up his coffee and Adam explains how he pays him, Adam now orders Maxipada to give him a blowjob, that’s an unreasonable request.,

Adam is now making a point about reasonable vs. unreasonable request for people living off welfare, your stepdad can order you to wash the car he’s leasing you.


Adam comments on the state of California and the commercials about families giving up the soda and turning a new leaf health wise, if they know this already then why not take the extra step.

Adam is now making a point about the health dangers of smoking vs. obesity and Drew swallows his reply then gets to the obesity paradox and explains it to Adam once again.

Drew is talking about the ultra-restricted calories and how smokers are way worse off than fat people.


Adam thinks this would be a good move and Gary gets on the mic to tell them about the obesity paradox and he shares some details, Adam is having Drew tease a call.


1st Caller Sarah, she tells them about her lower back pain and various experiences with the medical world and attempts to cure the pain, she goes through all of the details and Drew asks about her insurance, she doesn’t get what he’s asking about the deductible.

Sarah tells them about her core strengthening and how she needs to get a standing desk but her job is fighting her on it.

Adam asks her about her family and she says nobody will talk to her about her issues and Drew once again gives his take on back pain and surgery, Drew says he’s got back pain for his whole life, he can’t even turn his neck to look behind him in the car.

Adam recommends yoga and Drew says she needs to get the problem defined and the long term prospects, Drew says he has to deal with his various pains.


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Adam shares his theory on what’s going on and he explains that perhaps she’s never had to deal with diet and exercise and pain, those of us who have been dealing with it our whole lives prepares us for it.

Adam is talking about the shitty things that suck that we all endure, he comments on the adults who are struggling with very simple things we all can do, delaying gratification makes you much more well equipped and he tells Sarah that she can make lemonade out of these lemons, a morning yoga class will equip her to get through life.


2nd Caller Clayton, he has a quick preamble and he tells them about trying to find out what’s going on with his 401k, money is missing and Adam explains that a question is fair.

Adam says when he has found some bizarre discrepancy, it’s never theft and he just needs to have it explained to him what is going on.

Adam says all they can do is speculate and they send him to his company to find out what’s going on.


True CarWhat other people paid, what the market bore edition


They joke about Ray joining them on the next cruise and he plugs his various projects and 3 documentaries simultaneously in production.