Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/25/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 207

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/25/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 207

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 01-20-2015 – Release Date 01-25-2015

Production Number #207 – Sealed Envelope

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Adam opens hour 2 with a plug for a live ACS from the Irvine Improv and teases Drew’s possible involvement.

Adam plugs the latest ringtone from Sonny, Gary and Chris get on mic to reveal that ‘What I Do Now?’ and Natalia’s 1st ringtone will soon be up, Drew asks about ‘ Bitch!” and they play it.

Adam describes how sweet his son is and how he roots and cheers with him, to participate and be involved.


Adam is talking about his old friend but doesn’t name him, on purpose but Drew doesn’t read that and names Chris, Adam explains his error.

Adam is now saying that nobody wants to visit anyone in the hospital, he cites Chris’s father in the hospital, and Adam is now connecting it to the ringtone proceeds.

Adam is making a larger point about “do you want to do this activity” and the idea of doing things for those you care about vs. strangers.


Adam explains the conversation he had with Chris about nobody wanting to go to the hospital and how you can reflect on the time that person spent focused on you to then use that to motivate you to visit him in the hospital.

Adam says the part he finds confusing is the person who didn’t do right by you wondering why you’re not visiting them in the hospital.

Adam is now breaking down motivation and brings up his dad’s confusion about his sister not visiting him in the hospital.


Adam shares his 2nd date theorem and drew assists him with it after his own insightful “I’m this now, see me for who I am now” take on parenting and the evolution of a human being.

“Just like the catheter, internalize!” – Adam with a self-satisfied sniff worthy comment about people making their own future hospital beds with their friends and family and how they treated them when it counted most.


Adam brings up the wiring of chicks and Adam says that there is no way he’ll be lying in a hospital bed without his kids visiting him each day, he will pull the plug if he ever gets to that point.

Drew is now sharing a healthier perspective about doing things for yourself, how you should be the kid you want to be, regardless of what your parents deserve.


Drew is doing live read


1st Caller Amanda, she was wondering about the effectiveness of “rock bottom” and she tells them about her mother and her battle with alcoholism.

Drew gets her to reveal the rest of her addictions, Adam is now poking at the Fibromyalgia as a diagnosis, Drew tells him to be careful and Adam is further picking at the diagnosis.

Adam is getting Drew to reveal its depression that often causes Fibromyalgia like affect, Adam is now describing his “there’s poison in my neck” feeling he would experience from time to time, Drew has a killer reaction to Adam’s old timey explanation of his symptoms.


Adam is further trying to get Drew to agree to his Mark Cuban theory, hilarious “riiiiight!” reply from Adam.

Drew is telling Amanda about the ways she could help her mother get to her rock bottom, Drew says she should contact the doctors and threaten them even.

Drew shares how unsophisticated practitioners might just eject someone like her mother if threatened instead of correcting the course of action and making things right.


Adam is describing his shitty parents, he explains that there weren’t pills involved in his family’s general malaise, his mom and dad weren’t doing pills but now 3 quarters of the dads of his buddies growing up would be strung out on Vicodin but it didn’t exist.

Adam is saying we can look forward to a future where a lot of parents are popping pills, Drew is sharing his complicated relationship with opiates and opiates users and how it’s evolved.



2nd Caller Alex, he contributed to ‘Road Hard’ and Adam asks him if he got his shit, he tells them about being between jobs and the opportunity to move from Los Angeles to Santa Fe, Drew is confused as to why he’s uncertain about moving.

Alex explains his goal to become the best bartender he can possibly be, Adam now giving him a go to Santa Fe pep talk and Drew is curious as to why their opinion matters so much to him.

Adam is explaining that staying in one place your whole life is not much of a conversation starter and Drew explains that being brought up in southern California almost requires you live somewhere else in America to see how the real world works.


Adam is sharing his recent interest in the concept of a ‘Sealed Envelope’ home and he cites a recent Ace on the House interview with a guy who is leading the forefront of this technology in the United States.

Adam is explaining how they first choose the direction to build a house and how the house is completely sealed, instead of the old way of having a “120 degree hat” sitting on top of your house.

Adam is further going on about the air exchange and how a fart fan is not needed nor a vent fan for the shower even, he explains the sealed zone that results in a 90% savings on heating and cooling.


Drew is now asking about the multiple rooms and Gary apologizes for alerting Adam to the information that the mirrors never fog, Adam is now exploring why Gary thought to do that, he now connects it to people who steal jokes, like they accidentally pick up on it and then regurgitate the idea/words.

Adam wants to know why there is never a discussion about changing how things are done, he says that there is nothing but talk of going green in Los Angeles yet nobody implements it.

Drew says that people don’t want to do the non-dramatic exciting work, nor even talk about it.


Adam is now explaining how people go nuts for building codes for handicapped accessibility, Adam is now asking about percentages and he explains how his mother couldn’t access his home due to being a wheelchair.

Adam says that’s a feather duster conversation up the ass that we can never stop having, yet we won’t even talk about sealed envelope building, why are people so stupid.

Adam is sharing the Cynthia Nagatani story from Spanish class and how he profiled her to then copy of her exams, they just pulled up a picture of her and Drew is blown away.

Make sure to listen to AOTH: The Pure House to hear even more about this.


Adam is explaining that high IQ’s turn on you and jokes about his staff not having to worry about that, Adam is now back to the AOTH episode and further plugging it with his crazy enthusiasm.

Drew is further asking about the air exchange system and Adam is describing how seals work in cars and other cabin/recirculation environments.

Adam is telling them to tell Caelan to pull off now completed calls, Chris gets on mic to defend him and Drew is jumping in to explain what Adam’s saying.


Adam jokes about Chris and his “mayonnaise and water sandwich” he’s now reading a letter from Rob, he shares his “team roster” style of hooking up instead of committing.

Drew explains that the reality is you’re hurting people along the way, Adam is now lamenting how society tries to talk women out of their feelings and change their behaviors.

Adam is once again in defense of women and brings up Drew’s era of “birddogging” and explains the baggage of trying to get laid and reconciling your behaviors vs. implications through your actions.


Adam says it’s time to pull the plug on this when you want to have kids, Drew echoes his sentiment with a follow up point about the time it takes to arrive at the point where you start a family.


Adam and Drew are doing a Draft Kings live read


Adam wraps up the show with some plugs.