Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/24/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 501

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/24/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 501

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 01-17-2017 – Release Date 01-24-2017

Production Number #501 – Pathologist

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Adam has a cool “old Loveline fan” share it intro, Adam talks about the conversation about pathology in the last episode and Adam brings up his memory about Ms. Komesar, for his generic health class.

Adam shares his “Pathologist” reply where he shouted out “a trail finder” and how that resulted in him staying after class, he was told that he was very funny and all of the girls loved him, he says everyone’s mom liked his look but the girls of his era didn’t like him, Adam was 1950’s handsome in the 1980’s.

Adam is now reacting to the picture of Ms. Komesar, Adam is now sharing her “do your parents beat you” question and he explains how she had misdiagnosed the type of abuse he was getting, neglect. Adam jokes about his sister running away and not being beat if she ever came back, Drew has an earnest reply and they move on.


1st Caller Paul, he’s newly sober from alcohol and his libido has dropped down to 0, Drew says it’s very common in early recovery.

Adam says your libido is like your weight, you’re not going to stop or start something and not effect it, it’s never business as usual after a big change.

Paul reveals he’s on antidepressants and Drew says this is the cause, there are alternative medicines he won’t name and Paul tells them about his sleep aid.


Adam and Drew talk to him about his childhood sexual abuse, Adam brings up the grooming that is required to set a kid up for that kind of abuse, he jokes about trying to molest his daughter and Drew agrees he would lose his face like that woman who was defaced by the chimp.

Adam talks about falling out of a window and limping to the jobsite the next day in fear he would be fired if he didn’t arrive, despite them being responsible for his fall and the shoddy scaffolding assembly.

Adam is now talking about the insane fall and his feet sliding down the stucco building, Adam threw the saw in the window and his face caught the concrete stair, he was screwed up and living at home, he limped into the living room and tried to see if his dad had a pulse and would react, he just sat there and did nothing.


Adam says it was so early into his work and he was in fear he would get into trouble, he explains how his kids would react and how they would feel about their rights.


Riverdale Adam sings some “Sugar” and they talk about the Archie Comics origins edition


2nd Caller Steve, he’s a huge fan and he wants to avoid a redundant call and tells them about his problems with sleeping and time off of Antidepressants.

Adam was thinking about this today, he brings up his Hot Yoga, cold pool dips and various efforts to even out and keep up.

Adam talks about his way of working back when he was 32, he talks about not needing to be effected by things emotionally, he says now things get broken down and evaluated, he used to just get up and work.


Adam is asking if Steve has a historical issue or if he was 32 now would Adam be struggling the same way, Steve is telling them about Remeron and his experience with it.

Steve brings up some other medication and Drew talks about his “Extend-O-boner” (priapism) and Steve conflates his mental health professional experience.

Adam asks if there are too many medications and if we are now trying to manage too many things we feel, Drew says the number 1 treatment for insomnia is sleep deprivation.


Adam talks about his family and his kids wanting outside food, he always argued if they are hungry then they will eat.


3rd Caller Paul, he wants to know why he can’t sleep and Drew mixes up his opening comments, Paul reiterates and now confuses Adam and Adam brings up Tim Ferris’s most recent appearance on the ACS where they talked about importance of sleep hygiene.

Adam talks about growing up without pillows and he talks about how guys wake up because they get hot, he comments on how he does get up due to sweating in the night, Tim uses a cool mattress to keep him chilled.

You can hear it via this link ACS #1987 (feat. Tim Ferris)

Adam talks about his experiences of overheating and that screwing up his sleep hygiene, Drew shares some common sense, Drew talks about women setting the temperature and everything based on their core temperature.


Paul yells goddammit and asks what he’s supposed to do, he asks them about sleeping nude and Adam says part of it is getting up at 4am, Paul is a dick.

Drew tells him how absurd his “fix my sleep” demand is, Adam is being kind and shares his feelings from doing morning radio and keeping the same schedule, Adam has a killer “do a little farming” comment and he shares how dead things are at 04:30am and Drew shares his lover for the stillness.

Adam comments on seeing the people driving at the same hours and how he would see the one dude coming home at the same hour, hilarious suede vest comment.

Adam says you can spot the guys coming home when you’re going to work, z cars with busted t tops.


True CarReal pricing on actual inventory edition


Adam gives out the plugs and Drew tosses his in as well right before they wrap up.