Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/23/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 500

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/23/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 500

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 01-17-2017 – Release Date 01-23-2017

Production Number #500 – It’s Narcissism

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Adam opens the show with Drew back in studio for another round of episodes, they discuss how Drew initially objected to the classical music intro and Adam brags about having his Alexa setup to play classical music for him.

Drew jokes about Adam being concerned about someone recording his information and Adam is now asking about the possible things people could hear about you, the nonsense of life or the human being stuff like taking a huge greasy shit.

Adam has a hilarious “he’s getting paid, he’s getting paid to look at that cooter” line while talking about the adolescent myth of how luck Margot Robbie’s gynecologist must be.


Adam is now saying the other part people are worried about is an off-color joke or other human imperfection, ala Alec Baldwin and the “little pig” phone message, Adam doesn’t care about mail delivery people who do the same thing.

Adam says the last strata is the Donna Brazil email corruption type exposure, Drew only worries about the 4th level and is totally fine with robot assistants eavesdropping.

Adam is bringing up the patriot act and a conversation he had with the writers at Jimmy Kimmel Live, Adam wasn’t concerned about the threat of the government spying on him, Adam says it’s always narcissism that causes people to object to this stuff.


Drew thinks Adam might sensitive to it due to his mom’s paranoia about the man and the federal government, Adam says it might be more from their attitude of “what makes you so special” that hinders him in many ways but in this way, it leaves him unmoved nor worried about being monitored.

Adam says the government needs a populace to make money, we earn for the crime family and they keep peace with the Gambinos and keep things smooth so the money keeps rolling in.

Adam says the government has probably come across many useful tidbits to prevent many unknown nor heard about potential crimes.


Adam is now reacting to the Trump fears and the “literally line up black people” comment, that’s not fear it’s narcissism and self-interest.

Adam is talking about Lazlo Gorag who moved when Jews were being rounded up, Drew says the same thing happened to his own grandfather, they reacted and they picked up and moved.


Adam says if people really thought this could happen they would immigrate to Canada, Drew brings it around while shifting gears to a live read.


True CarSee the app doing its thing edition


Adam says it’s not fear, it’s 100% narcissism, Drew talks about the hysteria going on and Adam says he knows the people know they will get up and go to work the next day.

Adam would like people to slow down when the next proclamation is made, if it never comes to pass why believe it the next time, Drew talks about the various areas of his profession he was correct in and all of the owed apologies he has lined up that he’ll never receive.


1st Caller Brian, he’s in Switzerland, Drew asks him about the university he’s studying at and he tells them about his area of expertise and education, Drew brings up how complex the biological system is and asks Brian to give his take.

Adam is now asking for some biological information and Brian talks about his studies of protein synthesis and Adam jokes about failing biology and being moved down to “science” class and Drew shares his love for this area of science.

Brian shares his fears he’s now 10 years deep into a field he doesn’t want to spend his life doing, Drew asks him what he thinks he might want to do, Drew thinks he might be able to find a Psychological class that would let him do some summer studies and help him along.


Drew suggests a different area and Brian agrees that might be best, Adam talks about feelings he can argue with, his daughter and her feelings of disrespect regarding miscommunicating and misunderstandings vs. feeling like you can’t stay in a relationship or a job and need to move on.


2nd Caller Colin, he was facetiming and got flirty with his girlfriend’s sister, he told on himself preemptively the next day, Drew is confused on his motivation, he keeps saying he was feeling guilty, they ask about her sister facetiming him, he explains how his gf’s sister has been described as a predator and Adam asks the age of the girlfriend, Colin can’t just give him a number and Adam chastises him for making him do the math.

Adam is talking about his kids wasting time arguing over nothing and how he wants to talk them out of the modality of fucking with each other and wasting their lives on dumb posturing over nothing.


Colin is now sharing his actual motivation, it wasn’t guilt, he knew he was going to be outed, like a hit and run where his license plate was left behind and he knows the marshals are coming, so he better turns himself in now.

Adam explains dabbing to Dr. Drew, not the marijuana wax smoking but the dumb dance move, Colin also reveals he facetimed the sister, Adam asks him what grade he’s in and what he is up to.

Adam asks him about his status in life, he won’t share his profession and they now know he’s a cop, wow!


Adam asks him when he’s going to make the move, he talks about marriage and Adam is talking about life, what is going on, what is he doing?

Adam talks about the crazy dance and how he refuses to engage, he lives his life and focuses on his family and career, he doesn’t factor in the crazy people in his life.

Adam says let people go dance alone, you don’t need to engage.


Adam talks about his latest crazy neighbor who has unreasonable requests about moving cars, he shares Olga’s earnest and logical reply about parking in front of her house, it’s the neighbor’s problem and Adam explains to Olga he goes out of his way to accommodate the crazy person.

Drew says unfortunately most of us do that and that’s the world we’re in now, Adam talks about the confusing messages from Rob about the crazy lady leaving notes on Chris’s car and Adam says he waits until she gets in her house or car before leaving his own residence, she chose that relationship, he doesn’t know why but that’; how it shall be.


The BouqsNo Bait and Switch, birthday and anniversary reminders edition


Adam is now giving out some more plugs and Drew says he watched the 24-Hour War once again with his son and Adam talks about Drew’s son learning some things while working on the documentaries at the other warehouse, Drew gives out some plugs and they wrap up.