Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/16/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 495

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/16/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 495

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 01-12-2017 – Release Date 01-16-2017

Production Number #495 – Just Stand There And Suck It Up

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Adam welcomes Drew to the program and tells him about going to Spike for a meeting today, Drew’s son is working over at the other warehouse on the KROQ documentary and told him about being able to hear Adam yelling at Spike through the wall.

Adam is talking about having a show built around him and the aversion he had to them telling him it was his set, he doesn’t want things like that, he wants a team effort.

Drew is the same way and they have their horrible parents to blame, Drew thinks maybe it’s for the best and only horrible people are attracted to the trappings of celebrity.


Adam is talking about his son and his obsession with foot speed, he brings up Daryl Green and Bullet Bob, just like on ACS #1987 (feat. Tim Ferriss, Sonny Carolla, Gina Grad and Bryan Bishop) and Adam asks how much he would scramble his son if he just stopped talking to him like his parents treated him.

Adam talks about his family never discussing his documentary ever again, he contrasts that to his showrunner meeting and Drew recalls the Fox Late-night variant of LoveLine and how someone knew Steve Kehela at h pre-production company and it shut Adam up as they went to ‘The Groundlings’ tougher.

Adam doesn’t recall the situation more than Drew’s description.


True CarDrew gives the 2017 standard edition


Adam is telling Drew about his son who is working out of the satellite studio and why he developed the studio for his wife and ‘For Crying Out Loud’ and he says he’s not used to Jordan Pinsky being there yet and mistakes the light being on in his makeshift office for someone leaving the light on in a “Window of Negligence”, which is messing with is hyper vigilance.

Adam talks about trying to get himself prepared for the new show and he brings up the cold-water morning dips in the pool he’s been doing.

Adam says he does understand the key to life but the problem is he’s the guy nobody wants to listen, if you want to lose weight thee advice is easy and Drew talks about he told his patients they were going to have to be hungry and experience pangs in order to lose weight.


Adam brings up candy cigarettes and why they were banned, he wants to know if we’re not doing the same thing with fudge and access to junk food.

Adam brings up Olestra and the ways we try to trick ourselves into getting around the hard parts of life, suffering.

Adam says jumping in a cold pool is a fast track to getting yourself uncomfortable and doing shit you don’t want to do early, Gary brings up the article from The New York Times that was also discussed on the ACS #1987.


Drew says he saw the Instagram posts and saw both Adam and Sonny taking a dip, Adam says stop looking for your ‘Lean Cuisine’ fudge brownie of life.

Adam is now trilling people to train themselves via blast of cold water after a hot shower, Drew says it’s embracing ordinary misery to make life more meaningful.

Drew sells a call and Adam jokes about Gary loving seeing Drew struggle.


They are back from break with the calls.


1st Caller Superfan Esme, she’s calling again and tells them about her mother in law who kicked out her alcoholic husband after Drew drops an obscure literally reference.

Drew says they have no obligation to let the father in law come stay there, they pay rent and occupy that space regardless of him being the homeowner.

Drew can’t give her more advice than his limit and hints at her about this being a possible end point.


Adam brings up their guest form last week, Drew brings up the rotten reaction she unfairly got form some trolls online, Adam talks about the various oils she brought up that are harmful.

Adam is telling Drew about the soybean oil he found at the super high end health food store, he wanted the prefabbed egg salad and was shocked that it was laden with soybean oil, Drew makes a point about commercial enterprises not being health delivery systems.

Drew talks about Cate Shanahan their guest form last week being an actual scientist and how complex her research actually is.

Adam asks what he should do in trying to wean his family off the poisonous cancer oils they consume and Drew says go with the salad dressings last, try to get them to use butter more and to avoid frying things in seed oils.


2nd Caller Nicole, she has called before and she teaches Yoga in prison.

Adam says he took another Yoga class last night and he comments on the out of shape dudes that had been populating the first few classes, he says a fantastic looking woman setup shop in front of him and he was trying to avert his gaze and was a little distracted by her body.

Nicole says the guy she was working for passed away due to his addiction and Adam jokes about Nicole being killed with a serving tray and how someone will need to unpack that and explains things, Nicole blows right past it and asks them about her son who gets pneumonia frequently and was a premature baby, Drew recommends a pediatric pulmonologist and the various things to consider with these symptoms.


Nicole is now excited and saying that she saw the heat affect her son and Drew has some more careful advice for her to use to manage his reactions to heat and pulmonary limitations he might have.


Life Lockpart of being a responsible citizen nowadays


Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show, a huge plug for ‘The 24-Hour War’ and Drew gets his plugs in too before they wrap things up.