Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/15/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 204

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/15/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 204

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 01-13-2015 – Release Date 01-15-2015

Production Number #204 – No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

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Adam opens the show declaring “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished” and is explaining how his wife is out of town at the Bondurant School of High Performance Driving.

Drew asks if it was Christmas gift, Adam said birthday gift on the Adam Carolla Show episode recorded later in the day, Adam explains that his wife does the thing kids do, she responds “I wanna do that” after Adam does something like race in the Toyota Grand Prix.

Adam is clarifying that he’s now mocking his wife, he explains it’s like him watching the NBA and wanting to be able to dunk like LeBron.


Adam is explaining that someone put the idea in his head of sending his wife to the driving school, Adam explains the history between Paul Newman and Bob Bondurant.

Adam explains how he figured that Lynette would have more fun with a friend accompanying her, Drew brings up Lynette’s social media posts.

Adam is now telling Drew about Jodi parking the right side of her car on the curb, Adam is now being fair to her and explaining how his street has a crown on it, he’s reiterating he’s being fair to her.


Adam is explaining that she used his driveway like a ramp, the car remained level and now Adam is explaining his standard “pilots walk around” move before leaving a car somewhere.

Adam explains that she did leave her keys behind, Adam is now describing his encounter with a police officer that was very cool, the cop was able to be considerate and told Adam it was ok for him to move it when he got back home.

Adam is joking about trying to drive her Prius to move it, Adam says he stayed up late last night to watch ‘Birdman’ and liked it, Adam describes how Jodi woke him up at 6am, he had to be punished for buying her a ticket.


Adam is bringing up Drew’s two great sayings “How do you give someone get it?” and “Reality on Reality’s terms” and now Adam is asking Drew how to correct the “casualness that others approach life with” and gives an example of Lynette’s coffee cup.

Adam brings up his body pat-down move to make sure he doesn’t leave somewhere without all of his stuff, Adam says his habit is based on not wanting to have to thinking about his coffee cup placement.

Adam is now describing the double standard rule Lynette had for Adam to leave the house vs. when she leaves the house with the kids.


Adam says these kids would make great cellmates and squeal, he’s joking about them being amazed at finally being on time, Adam asked Sonny why he was happy to be early and he says so he doesn’t get yelled at by the teacher.

Drew says it’s bad to put that on the kid, Adam is explaining how he attempted to have this talk and use Drew and his therapist’s advice of using the “it would be a great help to me” language.

Adam says he asked her if she could adjust her prep times, so she’s not in the shower at 2pm with guests due to arrive at the same time.


Drew asks if Lynette is like Adam’s metaphorical cash register that always shorts customers by 30 cents.

Adam shares his 2015 request about doing better with prep and arrival times, Lynette was resistant to admitting that they aren’t doing that good and need improvement.

Drew is further probing Adam, asking him what this block could be with his wife not seeing reality on reality’s terms.”


They do a Draft Kings live read


Adam explains he feels like a naturally late person but is able to rally, he explains how he sleeps till 835 even with a wheels up time at 9am.

Adam explains how he is sometimes technically late but usually only when there aren’t any stakes, stuff that can’t start without him.

Drew asks if Lynette has high self-esteem and if that could be preventing her from seeing this are for improvement, Adam clarifies that she’s beyond humble and not a braggart in the slightest, Adam is explaining his “if we reversed the situation you’d be trying to choke me right now” conversation with Lynette.


Adam says that his wife creates anxiety that he never has without her gumming up his works, Adam says he finds himself doing the first pass about being on time with Lynette, then a tune up pass reminding her and then a final late pass 5:15pm.

Drew says he does the same thing and Adam asks why they’re doing this pass, it’s based on history.

Adam is now commenting on the “why are you doing this to me” reaction from people who have earned the harping that is bearing down on them.


Drew is launching into a live read.


Adam is now stating that Lynette and Susan’s plans are for Adam and Drew to stop bugging them, their plans are for their wives behaviors to change.

Adam wants to talk about Drew’s OCD and says he’s learned from breaking himself from the cycle of the Carolla’s, he explains the moment as told in his book.

Adam explains the coffee mug on the passenger floor anecdote that led him to start motivating himself and getting things done without thinking about them.


Adam explains the “whatever I’m doing it’s not working” realization and how he decided to break and reset his “bad bones” and now he’s going in depth on the lack of judgment he applied to evolving, it’s not his fault his family didn’t instill the qualities he needed to succeed in him, but he could still grow and learn them.


1st Caller May, she is a huge Classic Loveline fan and Adam actually recalls meeting her in Portland. Drew asks her about a specific type of cyst, Adam recalls her being quite easy on the eyes.

Adam is now auditioning her as his new wife, hilarious riff.

May says she has the same issues with her boyfriend and Drew is trying to assess priorities, getting Adam to admit that his wife wouldn’t be late for a flight to go see Bruce back east.

Adam says that Drew’s not actually making the point he thinks he is and that everything in his life is kind of a “Chinese fire drill” when it comes to getting ready and going places with his wife.


May asks them about specific literature and Drew says he’s not familiar but he looks into that field and explains why, Adam is sharing the brain’s constant attempt to make sense of things.

Adam says it’s actually profiling and it’s not all negative.

Adam is setting up a clip from his latest Take a Knee with Terry Crews, he has a killer one liner sarcastically asking if Terry worked out after Drew revealed he works out with Mike Catherwood.


They are now playing the clip of Terry on Take a Knee.

Adam and Drew are now commenting on Terry’s positive spin on change, Adam tells Drew about the Rich Eisen episode and how he’s a poster boy for “yes and” and Adam is now bringing up the 3 months he spent hosting Classic Loveline with Drew and Rikki Rachtman.


2nd Caller Mike, he wants to know about quitting pot after 25yrs of use.

He explains he’s having night sweats, Adam suggests a transition to Mangria, Drew is now explaining how wine might make you fall asleep but actually fucks up sleep quality.

Drew explains how chipping will get you back to using.


Adam jokes about getting some flowers for Lynette after she hears this episode, he uses that to launch into a live read.

Adam is doing a live read for The Bouqs


Adam gives out some plugs and wraps up the show.

Drew plugs his live show with Mike Carano, where Mike is going to interview him about the 1970’s and why he hates that decade so much.