Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/13/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 494

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/13/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 494

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 01-05-2017 – Release Date 01-13-2017

Production Number #494 – Not Helping Long Term, Big Picture

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Adam has a “Drewski” intro and asks Drew what’s going on with his various projects and Drew is bringing up Adam’s argument about the unlimited funds for wrongful death suits and the Manson family imprisonment but no money for school busses to be retrofitted with seatbelts.

Drew brings up Alexis de Tocqueville and his predictions about this stuff coming to bear, Adam is now talking about money and having it or not having it, you either do or don’t.

Adam has a great point about the unlimited funds to pay for the president to arrive and his security, but we can’t afford computers for inner city schools, really?


Adam says this is like your dad saying he doesn’t have money for a brisket dinner but he has the spare cash for the Bob Hope golf cart, it was 27k and shipping was 2300 tacked onto the total.

Adam says real broke nations allow family to feed them and if not, well it will solve itself.


Drew brings up his recent trip down to the Hollywood Improv, the barn with Mike Carano and they saw Chris Rock trying out some new material, talking about the idea of consent and Trump’s “grab them by the pussies” comment.

Adam is now remaking on the sexual assault allegations aimed at Trump and he jokes about a guy having a cock that’s a pussy magnet, would we then think you had magnets in your dick that you use to rape women?

Adam is making a point about hyperbolic statements and talks about the hysterical person at work who is the first person tuned out, you get dismissed and avoided.


Adam says that this escalation of calling everyone a racist is the same thing as upping your daily Vicodin intake to 100+ pills, eventually nobody will hear you and or you won’t hear them when you go deaf from pills.

Adam is asking where the antisemitism accusations are coming from that are aimed at Trump.


True CarDrew goes over the dealers that are primed to help you buy edition


1st Caller Zach, he’s suffering from delusions before he vomits and he tries to explain to them about the random thoughts that plague him.

Drew is asking him about the vomiting and he shares how he works with welding and Adam tells him to get a ventilated location and he brings up the Alzheimer’s like effects from breathing in the metal.

Drew tells him to get this checked out and go see a doctor.


2nd Caller Tom, he wants to know about the psychology of alcoholism and Drew breaks it down very easily for him before he can tell them about his uncle who is deteriorating and Drew says this needs medical management right away.

Drew asks about keeping the uncle’s home free of booze and Adam asks what Tom thinks he can do to help, Adam says this is tough and he’s made it to 72, maybe let him drink himself to death.

Adam asks him what his muse would be and references his dad forcing people to uncomfortably scat at parties, wow!


Tom tells them about his role in the family, everyone else has given up and his own children won’t even confront him any longer.

Adam says sometimes he feels like he cares too much and he gets punished for caring and liking things organized for example, he then gets shit from people for moving their stuff.

Adam says people in society who car get punished by all of the freeloaders who wants to progress through life like a catfish.



Adam is making a point about our society and our misplaced disdain for the guy vacuuming while we watch TV with our feet up as a society, Adam says we made a mistake by getting rid of rankings, hierarchies and power dynamics.

Adam is working the team captain and the guy riding the bench into the analogy and Drew makes some good points as well about the dwindling respect for hierarchies, achievement and acquired wisdom before they move on.


3rd Caller Corey, he called about a month ago, and he brings up his SSRI caused sexual dysfunction, his call disconnected and now it happened again the exact same way.

Gary says he’s going to go ahead and blame his phone on that one.


4th Caller Keith, he has an ice comment about the guy’s phone dropping out and he asks them about his twins that he’s expecting with his wife.

He wants to know what to expect the next few weeks and Adam brings up night nurses and the differences between the kids, Adam says that his family and teachers tried to mash him into a mold he was never going to fit, instead of trying to find a place or avenue for him to succeed.

Adam says the boy will be the boy and the girl will be the girl, it’s Keith’s job to observe and let them decide their roles instead of trying to force them into a role you prefer.


Adam talks about his daughter growing up to be an attorney that drives her dude crazy and her son the probably future computer programmer, he’s far more laid back and he brings up his wife and his own roles and how you won’t see your wife on the roof.


5th Caller Spencer, he wants some tips on how to better receive oral sex, referencing Adam’s legendary reputation of being the world’s great BJ receiver.

Adam says he’s out of competition, he does exhibition work and charity events but he’s not on the circuit any longer.

Adam says it’s one of the things where he can’t explain for him, he can’t just tell him what to do and he says it would be like Michael Jordan trying to explain to Matt Fondiler how to dunk a basketball, Adam can’t tell Spencer how to get blown, hilarious old adage about teaching and oral sex.


Adam jokes about something spontaneously breaking out during his next live show in Ontario, Adam says they use a cross between a birthing chair and the chair from ‘Star 80’ in the ranked tournaments for receiving oral and they wrap up the show with some plugs.

Great week of shows!