Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/12/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 493

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/12/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 493

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 01-05-2017 – Release Date 01-12-2017

Production Number #493 – All Calls All The Time

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Adam has rushed standard intro and they roll right into the calls for missing calls during the last ep.


1st Caller Jay, he’s lost weight, got a great job and is struggling to lose his virginity, he’s 27 and needs some practical advice.

Drew wants his question and Jay wants to know if he should tell a possible partner, Adam says it won’t help at best it will cause distraction, Drew has some reasoning and gives and example to excuse his weirdness and fumbling.

Adam would work the angle of him being super excited by her beauty and how he into her he is, Adam thinks only at a crossroads you chalk it up to being too excited.


Jay tells them about his past of fingering, Adam jokes about “throwing some blasting caps in there” and how he’s going to be fine now that he knows the lay of the land, Adam says women don’t like pre-apologies about how broken you are.

Adam says just act as if, don’t turn someone off first.


2nd Caller James he wants to know about NFL players and congratulatory head slaps on the helmet, he thinks the microtears from the small trauma might need to be banned from the game.

Adam defends James point and Drew doesn’t suspect it’s a big issue, Adam says it’s not as big of a deal as the goal posts and Drew asks about kickers hitting the goal posts more often than it used to seemingly happen before Adam’s new post height rule was enacted.

Adam says Drew is less familiar with this rant and he explains his reasoning for calling for the goal posts to be raised.


Adam jokes about the less than scientific element of a 60+ year old man calling it at night with a tiny ball barely visible.


3rd Caller Chuck, he’s called back and there is a funny back and forth with Gary and Drew. Drew asks about his use of “aboot” and then gets into his question about his girlfriend who lied about who she is.

He wants to know if this is a deal breaker and he asks about how long she sustained the lie, Chuck talks about the various lies she was telling him, regarding her employment and education.

Adam says he would be flattered by her trying to impress him, Adam asks Chuck about his worthless philosophy degree from Boulder.


Adam says she needs to come clean, if this was a lie to impress and not a habitual problem she has, he needs to do the investigative work and find out.

Adam and Drew talk about the context and motivation for lies and Adam references the lie of telling his daughter about the Elf on the shelf, some lies are good and to benefit others.


4th Caller Roscoe, he’s calling back and tells them he’s about to enter treatment after detoxing himself at a beach house he has access to. Adam and Drew ask him about his addiction.

Drew says someone needs to sit on him as he will not be able to get through it alone, he says it’s going to make him feel desperate and he says he has set it up so he cannot leave, he is stuck.

Adam asks if he should avoid pot and booze due to the risk of escalating back to opiates, Adam asks if he disabled his car and he shares his shitty situation and lie that has him trapped in completing this goal.


Adam asks about extreme exercise to avoid the pain, Drew recommends baths and he says trying to control the side effects regarding his bowels is ok, that’s not anything to worry about.


5th Caller Heather, her mom is almost 50 and she is suffering from back pain, she wants to know about her diagnosis.

Heather tells her about the neck surgery she had several years ago, she’s paranoid and doesn’t work now post-surgery.

Adam asks about her mother and if she’s on pills, Drew says this is an addiction problem and she’s hooked on opiates.


Adam says Heather has a feeling and Adam says he would be cool with his mom having back surgery as she’s not into opiates.

Adam jokes about his parents never drinking as they would be required to then have a favorite drink, he mocks his dad who doesn’t even drink water on Christmas.

Adam is now going in depth on what his dad did over Christmas, he left the trumpet at home and is a notoriously bad singer but after Adam’s sister had her new beau bust out his acoustic guitar and sing some country tunes he had to make it about himself, old Jim Carolla.


Adam explains his mom is a quiet narcissist but his dad is a ham and despite his inability to carry a tune Jim got up and wanted to do a little scatting, Adam refused to scat along with him.

Adam is now doing the noises he was busting out, Adam says they were finally done and Drew has a killer schizer joke, Ray got a round of applause, Ray Adam’s sister’s beau and Jim got up and asked what about the praise for his scatting.

Adam asks if forced praise feels good for the people demanding it, Drew experiences Adam’s exact sense of dread from that awkward exchange.


True CarPrint up that certificate and enjoy the quick and easy experience edition


They finish up their advice for Heather and wrap up the show with the various plugs, solid ep!