Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/10/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 491

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/10/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 491

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 01-05-2017 – Release Date 01-10-2017

Production Number #491 – New Drug

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Adam has the standard mandate intro and the thanks the fans, Adam says he was listening to Drew’s AM talk radio show and he comments on the Facebook video of the hate crime against the mentally handicapped young man.

Adam says he never watches these videos and he doesn’t need to see journalists getting their heads cutoff, he would probably give that video a thumbs-down and Drew shares his surprising reaction where he felt badly for the kids abusing the young man who he of course felt bad for.

Drew felts sadness and sympathy for the kids in the video, Adam says he would always sympathize with people facing long prison sentences and how he would always empathize with the sentencing, like in ‘Papillion’ and Adam says he’s ok with the Menendez brothers getting out of jail.


Drew says he has 0 concern nor care for the Dylan Roof and the world will be better without him living in it, Adam is talking about familial violence vs. mass shootings.

Adam wants different punishment for random crimes vs. crimes of passion or specific violent robberies, he thinks random crime and violence is something that cannot be forgotten nor forgiven.

Drew shares his findings about the abuse perpetrated by the kids who possibly knew this guy from High school, Adam is talking about the attempt to remove race form the case as to protect PC double standards.


Adam says he has no problem if they remove all race from all stories, he doesn’t like the inconsistencies hypocrisy and clear agenda against white people that’s fairly obvious.

Adam talks about how they described Michael Brown in Ferguson, as a kid but the victim in the hate crime video is called a teenager, Adam is making a point about the euphemistic language that liars use to manipulate reality.

Adam compares it to rounding up mathematically vs. rounding down, citing the Carrier jobs story, if you said 1k jobs you were showing your cards and bias towards Trump, if you disregarded the number as nothing, you were showing your cards for the other side.


Adam is now talking about the messages sent to black youth about the dangers of existing in America, Adam shares how he might react to police interactions if he was told that they were hunting for atheist Italian guys.

Adam is now sharing a price gouging at the supermarket analogy for how that enables someone to steal from the store if they think the store has been charging them more than other people.


Adam brings up the biases in our culture, how CEO’s are all over 6 foot and people respond to monkey brain stuff that we can’t yet remove from society, the stuff that hasn’t evolved away and may not ever.

Adam says he doesn’t tell his kids anything, he doesn’t warn his daughter about glass ceilings nor limitations, he wants her to go out and work hard and be unaware of the things she can’t experience if they even exist and maybe if she doesn’t know she’ll blow past the imagined limitations of others.

Drew asks about these kids and their devolution of behavior, Adam says it’s racist we even talk this way and refuse to approach the violence in the black community in the manner they would if removed from the racial element.


Adam brings up the ‘^0 Minutes’ piece asking what cops are doing to combat the violence in Chicago, Adam thinks journalist should ask why 17-year-old kids are shooting each other in the face, why is that happening?

The fat cop in his car who is not stopping and frisking young kids, his thinking is easy, he doesn’t want to end up fired and on YouTube.

Drew brings up the ACLU and the recent attempt to get parental escorts for teens in the mall where they had the mass violence.


1st Caller Joe. He gets interrupted as their guest for episode #492 has arrived and Joe says it was cool to listen to them off air, he then jumps in and talks over Drew to tell them about his oxycontin prescription and back surgery.

Joe tells them about his surgery and he says he gets total insomnia from the OxyContin, Adam gets the same insomnia and doesn’t get the elation.

Drew advises him about the dangers of benzos and opiates, Adam teases the arrival of their guest Cate and he says he loves information and practical advice he can apply to his life today!


Life LockIt’s going to be worse in 2017, the year of the hack edition


2nd Caller Chris, she’s an alcoholic and after two years of CBT therapy she was told about medication that could prevent her from drinking, she tells them about her success with the opiate blocking agent.

Adam asks her about her drinking problem and she raves about the drug’s success, Drew says the CBT must’ve also benefited her and primed her for this easy transition with the medicine, so don’t write that off.

Drew is telling her that it doesn’t always work and medications are always risky and expensive, he is ok with her therapist waiting to tell her about this, it was possibly for her own benefit.


Adam is now talking about the 12-step program vs. a medication that prevents you from drinking, Drew says he’s been looking at the literature and sustained abstinence is achievable via 12 step programs at the same rate or better than medical interventions.


True CarCertificate for a real car on the lot, no bait and switch Edition


Adam has a great “Stream water and kale” diet for how people can’t always employ the easiest solution to their problem, they need something else, something more practical and easier to achieve.

They give out the plugs and wrap up the show.