Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/09/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 490

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/09/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 490

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 01-05-2017 – Release Date 01-09-2017

Production Number #490 – Land of the Redundant

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Adam has a standard mandate intro and Drew says he’s trying to get over the bug that’s hit southern California, Adam is battling it as well and he tells Drew about Natalia vomiting in his and Lynette’s room.

Adam says his whole family had diarrhea and were vomiting, Adam says his kids and his family do a lot of chillaxing and Drew has a telling “wow” in response.

Adam says his family are enjoying their lives, until he dies that is.


Adam says he hasn’t been sick since the kids were born and Drew compliments Adam’s insane level viral immunity, Adam says he understands this illness exists and he’s not treating this like peanut allergies or infant helmets.

Drew brings up the recent discovery that peanut exposure prevents allergy development, Adam is telling Drew of course he heard about it and people just tweet him anytime new like this breaks, something that pisses him off or confirms he was always right, as per usual.

Adam is telling Drew about trying to film a bit for his home improvement show at the racetrack, he says he was met with some “I don’t want to do this” attitude from the chick’s half his age who are perpetually not interested in anything that doesn’t involve the dumb shit they like or know about, their limited range.


Adam is now sharing what he explained to Mike Lynch, sharing his lamentations about never being trusted by the perpetual female television producer who was 10 when he was doing ‘The Man Show’ and he shares his realization that you never earn any trust in Hollywood.

Adam is citing his 2 decades of always delivering an 8 or higher with these pre-recorded bits, he wants a comedy ranking so people can’t argue with him.

Adam has Matt on mic to share the details of the strongly worded follow up email to his first thoughtful email that was blown off, then blown off two more time before Adam went full dick.


Matt has the final email as Drew wants to hear it, Adam says he doesn’t care who this went to, as he’s too old and he wants to get on with his fucking life.

Matt is now reading the original email and then skips the 2nd email that was similar and now he gets to the 3rd and final email, so it was two blow offs, not 2.5 or 3.


Matt is crushing this, hilarious “attempt to facilitate this” reply and Adam asks if they can’t get the fuck on with their lives, Adam says the chick he works with he likes but there is a protocol and he wants to skip past the “land of the redundant retards” the full quote that was abridged for the show title.


True CarDrew coughs at scattergrams edition


Adam once again says he likes the production company and Spike, but he’s trying to get past the redundant wastes of time in his life, time is ticking and soon we’ll all be dead or shitting in a bag and unable to enjoy things.

Adam wants to avoid the parts of life where we beat the shit out of ourselves over nothing, Adam says he doesn’t treat his staff all like the same guilty person.

Drew beings up all of the new laws on Los Angeles and Adam is riffing about the amount, Drew says one of the programs he likes is monitoring opiate prescriptions for weeding out potential addicts.


Drew shares his reactions to the added legislation and requirements on his job during the 1980’s and how broken he’s become by it and just takes the abuse and rolls with the new requirements, his patient interactions have been ruined by the bureaucracy.

Adam has a retarded beavers’ analogy for government, they just make new rules and refuse to slow down.

Adam shares the recent email with an architect about the required soils reports and how offensive it is to be slowed down while trying to build a home on your own land.


Drew shares his “then send me back for more training” feelings about the new legislation if he really needs to be re-trained and patients protected from his outdated way of doing medicine, then send him somewhere to actually re-learn his job.





1st Caller James, he gets interrupted as the phone is phasing volume up and down as it used to until they repaired it last year finally, his phone line is fixed and he’s now telling them about being a longtime fan, listening with the radio under his covers.

James wants to thank the guys for inspiring him to get ahead in life, he’s now working on in the lobbying industry and Adam is talking about the people who do their jobs who are the top shelf employees.

Adam says that people don’t talk about work ethic, being a hard worker means something and is never discussed, Adam says he likes people who put in the extra work.


James says that some of the worst coworkers he’s had are the ones who refuse to perform certain tasks, Adam says he was talking to a woman working on the documentary who told him the things she showed up to do and not to do, well you need to sometimes do more and try harder to get by.

Drew says this is part of the “anyone can do anything” nonsense and Adam goes to the next caller.


2nd Caller Marcus, he’s come down with prostitutes again for the 2nd time and he tells them about his antibiotic prescription.

He wants to know about taking some probiotics and Adam brings up ‘Yakulkt’ which sounds like he says “the occult” and they get into the “treadmill” of medications and countermeasures to prevent or cure the side effects of said medicine.

Drew reiterates that nobody has anything until they have it, as in you don’t have a disease or condition and then you do and Adam asks Drew for a doctor recommendation to get his colonoscopy, Drew cites the team he uses and Adam riffs about not needing that many people, just one brave soul.


Drew tells Adam about the Fentanyl that really kicked the crap out of him, he had 200 mg and blames his lightweight status, Adam says Jimmy Kimmel is the same way, he teases the rest of his thought and gets to some sponsored content.


Blue ApronAdam wouldn’t mind if they would double back on some of the best recipes edition


Adam talks about his first trip to Aspen for the Comedy Festival and how they were warned about the altitude, Adam was fine and didn’t feel any effects, Jimmy vomited in an elevator.

Adam says they’re not to blame and Adam isn’t better, he just has a weird body that doesn’t know nor care where he is, he’s trying to be fair and not braggadocios about his differences and Drew shares his jealousy over the resistance to viral infections.


They give out the plugs and wrap up the show.