Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/08/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 202

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/08/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 202

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 01-06-2015 – Release Date 01-08-2015

Production Number #202 – Morbid Curiosity

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Adam is opening the show with a plug for the upcoming live shows with Penn Jillette and Jeff Dunham, funny substantial vs. less substantial comparison between Penn and Jeff.

Adam is explaining he saw ‘Tim’s Vermeer’ and hung out with Drew over the break, Adam isn’t going into the details but using a vague lawnmower improvement analogy for the type of person who ends up being a guy like Tim from the movie.

Drew is sharing his take on the movie and they’re further breaking down Tim’s character and mission to recreate a Vermeer painting.

Drew has a great “never held a brush!” delivery that Adam mocks immediately and almost has a Paula Cole “I don’t want to wait…” cadence


“So don’t tell me you can’t eat a Buick” – Adam giving his analogy for hard work and accomplishing what were thought to be impossible tasks, such as eating an entire car sprinkled over your cereal over period of 20+ years.

Drew is back to his feelings about the art of Vermeer and how mysterious his techniques seemed before this movie, Drew says the other thing that jumped out to him about this was the part where he had to recreate the scene that Vermeer was painting, complete with recreating the furniture from the original painting.

Adam explains that Tim is the guy who founded the company that makes the Tri-caster.


Adam is now aking Drew to dig, he tells him that the more blacksmith type work is far less impressive than Tim’s other accomplishments, he says that the brain is a big computer and if it can do far harder tasks, it can do things like Drew is complimenting.

Adam explains that Drew is partially blinded by his training and notions about specialties and expertise that come from his line of work.


Drew is now launching into a live read.

“Weird Vinyl Tile!” – Adam’s proclamation about the post office


Adam has an observation about Penn Jillette and launches into a “nobody knew the path in the beginning tangent using Phil Rosenthal and other TAK guests to make his point.

Drew shares his kids struggle to find a path in life and shares that he didn’t have the same struggle with his track for becoming a medical doctor.

Adam shares his list for hopes for his kids, Drew interrupts and Adam scolds him for point shitting.


Drew brings up a recent incident where Natalia punched Sonny in the face while they were out to dinner, Adam is now going on about life’s passions and the requirements for a happy life.

Drew agrees with all of his points and they close it out talking about family and relationships and Adam is waxing poetic on the people he’s acquired in his life over the past few years, the people he considers friends, including the guys who work with him.

Adam once again references Nate the guy who worked on two movies with him, Adam says that television goes on in perpetuity unlike making a film.


Adam is now bringing up the major differences between Dr. Drew and guys like Phil Rosenthal and other TAK guests who started at the bottom of the food chain, much like The RZA from ‘Wu Tang Clan’ and now Drew says that people who find really interesting and creative paths are somehow synthesizing parts of themselves.

Drew says it’s about understanding who you are and taking risks when appropriate to further blend your passions and livelihood.

Adam is commenting on the importance for having experiences of hardship before achievement, Adam says that Phil is the happiest guy he’s ever met and loves to be around him due to his good nature.


Adam is once again talking about their man date in NYC, the infamous ‘Garlic Salt’ story, but that portion goes untold today.

Adam is commenting on the city and Drew takes it back to Los Angeles and all of things that have been ruined architecturally because of the bad ideas of the 1970s.

Adam and Drew are further talking about the ‘Beef Bowl’ and Adam jokes about a long list in Janeane Garafalo’s apartment of things that Adam enjoys that she wants removed from society.


1st Caller Brian, he wants their take on his semi-frequent habit of looking up gruesome death photos online, Drew says there is such a thing as morbid curiosity and he says that it goes in the same category as OCD, Drew asks him about it and he does have other OCD symptoms.

Drew connects this to the reward system of drug use and addiction, Adam is saying that he would take it as a personal challenge to not repeat that behavior, Adam explains that he will look up other race car drivers in car footage and resists the temptation of looking at videos of horrific crashes, he prefers to watch images of success.

Adam explains he can’t correct the horrors of the past by witnessing them and connects it to the larger more gruesome terrorist decapitation videos, Drew is commenting on human behavior and “enhancing one’s soul.”


Adam is now using California real estate and explains the value of a view, he says that it makes all the difference in the world to have a gorgeous view.

Adam says that if he was mayor he would pass a street facing balcony ordinance, he says that certain areas of town display almost all of the aspects of the people’s lives in overcrowded apartments, Adam doesn’t’ like driving through the gauntlets of people’s poverty and neurosis.

Adam is saying you can’t hang a Nazi flag, its offensive, all of this garbage strewn across everyone’s balconies is offensive to him.


Adam and Drew are doing a The Bouqs Live Read.

Adam has a funny hero flower picker riff, dodging lava.


Drew notices something that leads Adam to explain the scenarios where one person isn’t picking up on the intent of another, like Drew trying to get off the phone with his wife or Mike August repeating something.


2nd Caller Mike, he brings up a recent article about alcohol and late night consumption used as a “nightcap” and Drew once again explains how alcohol affects sleep.

Drew says that alcohol that has a stimulant like quality like Tequila is probably not the best choice, Adam explains why people trick themselves into thinking a tequila drunk is somehow different than other booze.

Mike has some solid follow up questions and Adam is expressing his difficulty sleeping with his hyper vigilance, he now asks about people who have a disturbance and can’t sleep easily.


Adam uses Drew and Jimmy as an example of people who can fall asleep rather easily, Drew says there are better ways to solve the sleep problem, and Drew says that Adam’s sleep hygiene could be off from the booze.

Drew is citing how biologically different humans are and how we vary among each other.

Adam says he can’t be hypnotized either, citing the 1995 attempt on the Kevin and Bean show, we have video of that actually, I wonder if they’ll put it in the show notes.

Drew is calling for a hypnotist to come on his solo podcast, Adam is wondering if his inability to by hypnotize is connected to his sleep disturbance.


3rd Caller Scott, he’s a big fan and thanks Adam for ‘Catch a Contractor’ representing his field in a positive light and asks them about his felony conviction from his past.

Adam comments on the idea of parents doing background checks, Drew picks up on his Minnesota accent.

Adam is trying to discern the details of his conviction, Adam tells him it sounds like a big pile of nothing, Adam says that as a parent, as a father, as a father of a daughter and goes on to explain that not returning leased equipment for landscape work is nowhere on his list of offenses he objects to.


Adam says he puts this in the lap of his girlfriend and comments on how Italian mothers treat sons vs. daughters and he says what he’s learned from the Italians that if you can get ahold of the brothers they can explain that to mom, she won’t listen to her daughter.


4th Caller Kyle, he comments on how Adam never brings up his role in the movie ‘Arthouse’ (Hairshirt – Original Title) and comments on meeting Chris Hardwick and asking him about his part in said movie, Kyle says he discerned that Chris didn’t want to talk about it because it was during his “Peter Hardwick” era where he was drinking and not living up to his full potential (in his opinion).

Adam interrupts to explains that perhaps Kyle is reading too much into why Chris never brings the movie up, Adam explains why repeats something frequently and never mentions other things like his role as ‘Cool Guy’ from the movie.

Adam says he doesn’t have a copy, he’s actually incorrect, his movie producer partner hit me up for free work, he wanted old clips of Adam from the 90’s and I actually bought then transferred all of the DVD’s and films Adam appears in and sent them the footage, that was never used nor was I thanked for.


So Adam does have a copy, a custom DVD rip and a collection of just his brief scenes and closing monologue from the movie.

Adam recalls the heat from the set while filming his scenes in ‘Arthouse’ and he uses his work in ‘Wreck it Ralph’ as another project where he showed up and did his work unaware of what the final product would be, so some hit, some tank regardless Adam is not that involved.

Kyle comments on the ‘Peter Hardwick’ era and Dr. Drew recalls doing ‘The Nerdist’ and discussing Chris’s former drinking days.


Adam once again comes to Chris’s defense saying that he was very young in 1998 and is not sure the drinking had come to a head quite yet.

Adam says he was 24 when they made that movie, he did stop drinking in 2003.

Adam says that Kyle is reading too much into both Adam and Chris, Kyle then uses them talking about ‘Dawson’s Creek’ as a counter point attempt, Kyle is unaware of the deep history that trip has and how it burned itself into Adam and Drew’s memories.


Adam gives out he plugs and wraps up the show.