Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/06/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 489

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/06/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 489

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 01-02-2017 – Release Date 01-06-2017

Production Number #489 – Sensory Deprivation

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Adam opens the show with a funny “Drew doesn’t like your tweets” intro while bragging about seeing 0 to none when it comes to negative tweets.


1st Caller John got a weird rash from float tank and he answers the boy’s questions about floating and how it works, how he rents the time in the tank etc.

John is telling them about the cost and Adam is riffing about being an owner of one of these facilities, accusing patrons of beating off every few minutes and moving the clocks forward to fool people into paying for shorter amounts of time.

Adam is really crushing it and calls back his own earlier joke about asking whether the customer was beating off and joking about the color changing/semen detecting water.


John is trying to describe his rash and kind of steamrolls Adam then can’t describe the inside of his arm to the guys, Adam is asking John about taking edibles before entering the float tank.

Drew has some practical information about bacterial dangers, Drew has some examples of shitty tweets and he shares a “Dr. Drew Sucks” which Chris reacts to strongly, on mic and it’s glorious! I think I heard Gary too, simultaneous and literal harmonious laughter.

Adam describes a scenario from his old home and the busybody home owners who protested new developments and cared about things that were none of their business and didn’t matter, like a local market expanding their sidewalk.


2nd Caller Ed, he’s calling about his therapy of 6 years ending after his therapist closed down her practice, Ed shares his deep reaction to the end of his therapy with this doctor.

Adam jokes about getting a break on the last session cost if they did focus on her and the end of their work, Drew has some practical advice and he’s being very sensitive to Ed while telling him how healthy this is, he proudly professes his two years of closure and Ed shares his relatively short window of warning before the relationship ended and she stopped booking sessions with all patients.

Adam is also empathetic and they move on.


True CarChris was shocked by his cheap Prius edition


3rd Caller Kyle, he was diagnosed bipolar about a decade ago after wandering the streets and thinking that broadcasters like Adam and Howard Stern were speaking to him and could see him.

Drew asks him about his symptoms, he doesn’t take meds and tries to reassure them he’s not dangerous yet his mania still has him wandering the streets during his fits.

Drew talks about his fits being akin to seizures and he mocks Kyle’s anti-western medicine paranoia and Adam says that’s what his mom earnestly believes and Adam tells him not to get shot by a cop because he didn’t’ want to take meds, Kyle seems to hear them.


Drew says he watched ‘Going Clear’ and L. Ron’s actions were classic bi-polar behaviors and Adam asks about his sea captain years.

Adam brings up the scenario of telling an alien about the diet book popularity among humans despite the common-sense solutions.

Adam says this is because how we’re wired, hence why we need a “buoy of hope” which earns a self-satisfied sniff and he further explains that L. Ron is this figure that people cling to.


4th Caller Kelly, she compliments Adam’s appearance on ‘This Life’ with Dr. Drew and Bob Forrest, Kelly shares her concerns for her daughter who is worried about not drinking and using drugs possibly being ostracized for being a square.

Kelly explains she’s from the Jersey Shore area and people are pretty loose with the boozing, Drew is trying to guess which school she’s heading to in order to better prepare Kelly and her daughter and get a sense of what type of school it is, but Kelly won’t tell him.

Kelly reveals they don’t know yet after Adam gets involved and demands some info, hilariously he suggests shouting out more school names until they arrive at the correct one.


Drew talks about the low retention rate at schools and how kids often get depressed during their first year of college, Drew says she shouldn’t worry about being a teetotaler and Adam says he can’t imagine talking to his parents about being worried about not fitting in.

Adam asks what not fitting in means in 2016.

Adam wonders if perhaps Kelly is too enmeshed in her daughter’s life and Adam says god bless you for her being so caring she stayed on hold to ask this question.


Adam is now probing Kelly about the relationship with her daughter.

Adam says “freaked out” is a pretty strong word and Drew says don’t let your own anxiety feed into your child’s state of wellbeing.


5th Caller Raphael, he tells them he listened to Loveline every day at work and has heard all* of the shows from 1997 to 2002 but he mentions a bogus website that has an incomplete, outdated and inferior collection so he has not heard them all, not even close, we’ve recovered 100+ shows just for 1997 alone in the last 4 years.

Adam is now back on the “Brain Vacation” promo topic from ADS #488, saying he wanted people to be imparted with wisdom and learn something, he didn’t want the show messaging to be for people to check out and get dumber, the show makes you smarter that is the whole point of it.

Drew says they still don’t get Loveline, “the people who take it over…” ooh it almost got juicy, Raphael is asking about dating after getting sober, he tells them about his PTSD.


Raphael tells them about his brutal mother who was beyond difficult to live with, Adam says many of the people he knows have benefited from a hand in life that prevented them from actually having to work, but that double edged sword also protected them for learning important life lessons and becoming self-sufficient.

Drew is now talking about the reality of the Podesta Phishing incident that is being touted as covert espionage of the most modern tech and highest level of difficulty.

Drew is being honest about this “Nigerian prince” level internet scam and how Podesta was not the only important government official to fall for it, saying it started about a decade ago and wasn’t even related to this election, not the origin of it anyway.


Adam says what do you expect form these old geezers and Drew demands to know what’s going on with our leaders who are this incompetent, it’s unbelievable to Drew whose kids were trained up to avoid this before they were in Junior high school.

Adam is now blaming the false narratives of various stories and why people only like the stories with the sexy headlines, hilarious pit-bull attack cover story for a McCaw attack, Drew says he can’t even tell what reality is anymore do to this bogus reporting.


Adam wraps up the show and plugs his latest documentary, Chris gets on mic to update the audience on the latest with the Dr. Drew Podcast and Adam closes out the show.