Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/22/2018 – Women’s March + Betting on UFC

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/22/2018 – Women’s March + Betting on UFC

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Women’s March + Betting on UFC

Recorded 01-21-2018 – Release Date 01-22-2018

Production Number #2243

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Adam opens the show after a new Toolbox Talk-Up this time to Bob Welch’s song ‘Sentimental Lady’ with a hilarious joke about the guys in skinny jeans posing at The Women’s March protests.

Dawson and Lynch have a killer opening joke about Adam having a hand injury like Tom Brady, Adam thanks some sponsors and BB plays Eric Roberts “You Don’t Know Me” as today’s #TopDrop.

Adam plugs the upcoming BCC with Mike August, Gina says she saw Adam do it live on the cruise with BB and they agree it’s a can’t miss experience.


Adam is now making a point about giving the finger and honking at cars of locals vs. those from out of state.

Adam brings up the electric cars that sneak up on him while he’s walking like Seal Team 6, piano wire around the neck.

Adam is sharing how a woman working the stop sign with a construction crew was waving for a motorist to come forward only to see her give the “goddammit” unaware she was waiving at someone in a Tesla behind him to go around the dumpster, not waiving at Adam.


Adam is now telling them about turning right on a red, he shares how he feels about oncoming traffic and how some motorists won’t proceed until there are 0 cars moving, Adam channels Chief Thunderbear and BB jokes along with Gina about his wellbeing.

Hilarious improv scene.

Adam is naming car and truck models and then wraps up the bit, he’s telling people about how he feels about speeding and tells motorists not to give him the bird if they’re speeding and their close in speed conflicts with the rate of traffic.


Adam shares how a woman gave him the finger, out her sunroof, she went full dorsal fin on him.

Adam says she then proceeded to turn left into one of the neighboring driveways, Adam says people can’t assess the context of events around them.

Adam tells them about going to an architect’s office and taking Natalia along with him to plan the dream home, Adam says after years of living in people’s old houses you finally get to plan your perfect home.

Adam says he’s got a nap room, a car on a turntable and he cites all of the things Natalia wants for the home.


Adam says he told Lynette to drop Natalia off in the middle of the day after he got done taping Reasonable Doubt last week.

Adam describes the car hand-off of their kid, there was a couple in the car behind them that honked giving the “hey move” when parents are clearly having a 3 second conversation.

BB is bringing up the elevator idea for the house that might be a good idea for aging, BB shares how Christie’s grandparents were able to live in the same home until they died by adding an elevator.

Adam teases how he saved thousands of dollars and then goes into a live read.


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Q and Ace

1st Caller Brian, spelled correctly. BB protests and thinks Caelan didn’t bother to ask him how he spells it only to be informed by Chris that he did indeed.

Brian tells them about people who ask for money at the gas station, Adam says this is going to go away as people carry less cash and change.

Gina and BB joke about panhandlers carrying square card readers and using Venmo.


Adam shares the story of the time the guy who said “this is all you got for me” after he gave some panhandler $5 dollars.

Adam tells them about his old foreman Mike who once told a guy that if he didn’t come back to return the 10 bucks as he claimed he would that he would never give money to a homeless person again, the panhandler never came back.

Adam is now talking about Mike and his demeanor and how the only time he ever smiled was when he got his little Pitbull puppy Buckwheat, he compares him to Leona Helmsley and other people who are cruel to staff and kind to their pets.


Adam is now telling the story of the time Jeff was given the job of watching Buckwheat only to have the dog chase after Mike’s truck and get promptly runover on Wilshire.


Adam says the good news was that Jeff was physically built and constantly training as a fireman, the worst part was sitting around for Mike to return to the jobsite.

Adam is back to Brian and Adam asks the gang to think of a number and he says 92% of panhandling is people using the money for drugs and booze, Adam says he would just keep walking and suggests he wear earbuds plugged into nothing.

BB shares his method for lying to girl scouts and other people posted outside of the grocery store soliciting.


Adam has a killer fake conversation about bankruptcy and divorce, to give them the gift of perspective according to Gina.

Gina shares how she feels about strung out or intoxicated homeless people with children asking for money and how upset she becomes at them.

BB says rarely gives money to homeless people and instead boxes up his leftovers and gifts that to homeless people, Gina shares how she was told by a homeless person they couldn’t accept her food as they were gluten free, wow!


BB asks Adam how he saved all of this money he mentioned, Adam explains that occasionally Mike August will hit him up with a sure-thing bet, Adam is making a point about smart money when it comes to odds and gambling on boxing.

Adam is joking about the names of the heavyweight fighters for UFC 220 Francis Ngannou and Stipe Miocic.

Adam is giving BB and Gina the full breakdown of both fighters and makes a point about physique, intimidation and skill level.


Adam is joking about the guys who have double biceps like some NFL players, making a point about genetics and he declares there is no way they’re form the same god.

Adam is sharing the odds against Stipe, asking how much of that was based on appearance and how he was thinking about it and why people were predicting a win for Francis over the 3-time defending champion.

Adam says this point works in his favor as he’s a fellow smooth white guy who once fought, Adam is back to the odds and how he was trying to listen to his own advice about the bet.


Adam says you look at the forearms on Francis and it’s like the skin cannot contain the muscle beneath it, hilarious one liner from BB from the POV of Francis’ skin.

Adam is sharing how he had Matt Fondiler look up the fighter’s stats and how he ultimately didn’t make the bet, Adam says August does 10% of whatever Adam does, that’s his move.

Adam jokes about him being 10% of the lover he is and they move on as they’re calling August to get him on the show.


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They head to break


Good Sports

Dave opens the segment with a fiery “hot sports action” intro and the regular plugs, Dave tells the audience they’re recording on Friday before the weekend’s games, explaining why he never commented on the Steelers game during last week’s episodes.

Dave brings up his Vicodin use because he’s hurt his back again, bragging about showing up to record regardless of said pain.

Dave brings up Adam’s rule of thumb about air travel with other people and how it reveals people’s true natures, Adam says it’s like sharing a bed with someone.

Adam brings up alcohol and the old adage about the truth coming out when people are intoxicated.


Adam is back to his theory about sleeping humans revealing who they are, he brings up his polite core and how he gingerly tries to not wake his wife nor disturb her sleep and how she will slug him if he interrupts her sleep, revealing her inner nature as being more violent than his.

Adam is back to sleeping with Ray, they go over the ringworm and get back to Ray sleeping diagonally, Adam says that bed is your snickers bar and your body is the knife.

Dave shares his distaste for people who try and rush past other passengers, Adam is sharing how he was flying home from Maui and a giant guy with a huge ass pushed forward and bumped everyone, until his ass crack was right in Adam’s face.


Adam is sharing how he then put a bag in front of his face on the seat in front of him in addition to breathing in his ass crack funk.

Dave says this is the lunch lady syndrome and has to deal with people who don’t have power enacting it over you by forcing you to experience them and deal with their physicality.

They go over signs and logos on shirts and what it means about success, Adam is back to the epilogue of his deplaning story where they ended up having to be bussed back to the gate, so the large impatient man on the plane didn’t save himself any time.


Adam is back to lunch lady and ice cream scoopers, which he refers to as “James Bond’s passenger seat for miniature SpaghettiOs” and they move on.


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Dave says Adam and Gary both sing songs about Tommy John and the quality of the products.

Dave closes the segment


They’re back from break with a listener voicemail thanking Adam for getting him into John Hiatt, Adam reached out to him as he’s playing The Canyon Club.

Adam jokes about breaking it tot John not to be proud to play a venue Adam has played before, Adam shares his lack of a self esteem and how he feels people are losers or on the downslope of their careers if they are booked at the same venue and he sees their photos promoting the shows.

Adam asks if he’s the only one wired that way, BB says Adam is one of the few.


Adam is back to the concert and he says it’s been tainted by the venue, like a girl you date in high school who has been with one of your friends.

Adam is sharing how he was enjoying ‘Ladybird’ and he gives a mini review, saying it doesn’t need any Academy Award attention but it’s a good movie.

Adam is sharing his realization that IMDb has a broken rating system for aggregating movie scores ala Rotten Tomatoes, Adam asks why they even use a scoring system.


Adam brings up the movie ‘Juno’ and Gina asks if the movie and the relationship she had with her mom struck a nerve of Adam’s relationship with his own mother.


Bb brings up the subplot with her first boyfriend, Gina says this is how it happen in high school this scenario of a young man dating women and then coming out of the closet.

Adam shares his experience with gay male students in high school which is different than both BB and Gina’s experience, the specific situation where a guy goes from dating chicks to making out with dues in the same year or semester.

Gina shares the details of her own experience, Adam says he feels like Gina is so much woman he would use up all of his desire for the opposite sex with her and would be left with no option but to start sucking cock.

Adam says it like Richard Gere moving on to gerbils, when you with Cindy Crawford where do you go from there, you go full gerbil.


Gina shares the stories of her two girlfriends who had gay boyfriends, Chris Maxipada never experienced anything like it, I wonder if it was a specific late generation x, early generation y phenomena that only happened in high school’s post 1990 and pre-2002.

Gina shares the story of going to the lake to make out with a dude only to be told he was gay, BB and Adam are asking some questions and Gina says he told her he was gay right there by the lake.

Gina says she thought she was going to throw-up and explains how she reacted to him, managing his feelings and being kind without revealing her own disappointment for herself.


Gina shares her own personal devastation in not being able to be with him and Adam is now giving his own feelings about trying to win girls over as a young man and the believe you could change everything with a sentence.

Gina feels how the guy started making fun of her boobs and got sassy with her, Adam has a great “they’re quite perky” one liner and Adam brings ups his sister and her one-time belief that 90% of men were homosexual due to her specific clientele of customer who came to her hair salon in west Hollywood.

Adam has a killer joke about him and grandfather both possibly being gay by her estimations, with a killer one liner.

Adam shares how they both had their biases as he worked on a construction site with no out gay people and she worked around almost entirely gay men. Adam asks BB what groups he was in, hilarious “hair club” one liner that leads to a great “hair club for boys” joke from BB that Adam echoes, gold!


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Gina shares how she grew up with a great guy named David Dastmalchian who is now a very successful actor appearing in everything good, BB realizes who it is once he sees a picture of the guy.

Gina says he was a big football star hunk, he was also in theater, he has a beautiful family and was one of the non-gay students in her drama department, to clarify.

Adam asks BB about his high school clubs and he shares his regret at not doing more, some funny “not Bryan Bishop” joking around and they head to break.


They’re back from a quick ad break with the news.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the latest Women’s March in Los Angeles and across the globe, she has all of the details.

Adam says it was a huge turnout as they marvel at the pictures of the march, Gina has a clip of Natalie Portman and shares the sentiment of her speech about working in ‘Leon: The Professional’ and ‘Beautiful Girls’ and what it did to her personal life and the reputation she created for herself to feel safe.

Adam says if there was a terrorist bomb that went off during this march it would decimate the list of women who most not want to have sex with him, he would have to turn to family members to repopulate said list.

Lynette would be the only one left from the top 10, holy shit!


Adam jokes about his #1 and #2 women on the list not being able to travel together like the people with the nuclear codes or the President and the VP.

Adam is joking about Scarlett Johansson also being present, his precious list was in grave danger.

Adam is now telling BB about never sharing the story of the time he misplaced their daughter only to have her returned to him by someone else, don’t share that story with the wife when it eventually happens to him in a mall or store.


Gina explains the subtext of Scarlett’s speech and comments aimed at James Franco, Adam says his dream job is to be a rally organizer.

He could be seen in every shot, nobody asks him anything, he gets to be the anonymous hero on camera and boss people around.

Adam says no award show can get that many A-listers to show up and yak it up on a different morning.


Adam asks if Gina was there, she says she was last year but missed this one, she hints about a lot of things going on in her personal life.

Adam is now treating her like one of his mom’s friends, he doesn’t want to be burdened by whatever it is, he doesn’t want her to cry and that is a risk, she says she will wait until she is out of the woods and Adam tells her to bring it up off air if she needs anything from him.

She promises to share more later, I hope she’s ok.


Adam says he agrees and he thinks this march will help with the two parts, hopefully getting guys to behave at work, he brings up the mandatory sexual harassment classes and training at work and how it only caused an increase in claims of harassment.

Adam makes a point about living life as a victim and how he feels it hobbled people, so Adam’s big “rant’ about the women’s march is that he supports it and he thinks it will help stop sexual harassment and assault, so he supports it but adds a caveat he doesn’t want people to feel like victims who haven’t been victimized.


2nd Story is on Delta Airlines initiating new rules about support animals, Adam says they have literally become arks with animals flying across the globe.

BB says a fan must work for Delta, as they had ‘Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman’ on his last flight and now this.

BB is now predicting the airport confrontations about these new rules, Adam says good and says people are so sad, pathetic and weak.


Adam is ranting about the bullshit reasoning behind this, he cannot fathom we have devolved over 2 decades, he has a voucher to make you give up trying to bring your pet theory, that most people would gladly leave the pet at home in exchange for money.

Gina is now sharing the new checklist of guidelines, how she was going over it with her friend who travels with her dog.

Adam is bringing up personal dignity and how it’s all you have as a human, he says what about him if he wants to travel on a plane without a dog.


Adam is now sharing a few examples that he would be horrified by, citing bad behavior reported back to him from multiple people and how he would kill himself.

Adam says people need to stop feeling like they have a target on their back, he does a super powerful sniff and remarks on his powerful words as they wrap the news.


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Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show, BB plays the clip of Gina saying “I’m Gay” quoting her young crush from the story earlier in the show and Dawson closes things out.