Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/31/2013 – Michael McDonald and Mark Geragos

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Michael McDonald and Mark Geragos

Recorded 05-30-2013 – Release Date 05-31-2013

Production Number #1090

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Adam is opening the show with a tease for the tag team review he’s doing with Bald Bryan for “Fast 6”.

BB has a great #TopDrop that is quite appropriate considering the last episode, Adam is telling the gang about seeing “This is the End” at an early screening as Seth Rogen is making his first in studio visit to see Adam since 2001 next week.


Adam is explaining why he wishes humans had tails and why it would tell you where you stand with everyone you know, Alison has a funny “wagging” erections comment.

Adam is going in depth on his tail idea and how he might consider freeze drying molly in order to then motorize her tail?

BB is now sharing some footage of his dog to top Alison and BB, they’re both reacting to how cute it is, BB gets uppity about Adam getting his dog’s gender wrong after Adam ignored his dogs past offenses and admired the footage.


Adam is now telling the gang about racing and what happened, his car broke down during the last qualifying lap and he’s telling the gang why you’re not supposed to get out of your car.

Adam is now sharing footage from the race, I’m assuming thanks to Jeff Fox and the Carcast crew, Adam’s doing some live commentary and you can see the footage yourself via the link above.

Adam is now sharing the Bob Ringwald Gallagher/Dixieland anecdote to describe his interaction with the old woman calling the race who “loves cars”.


Adam is now running an anecdote by Alison and BB, telling the gang about his experience waiting to cross the track till the race was complete, Adam is now quoting the woman he’s been describing who challenged him to a mileage riddle.

Adam is explaining his state of mind and wellbeing and how the race ended up a “complete bust” but was still forced to answer this elderly quiz.

Adam is now pitching “the two people who work with the crazy guy” reality series, he’s citing Bob the hair stylist at the “Tonight Show” who told Adam about his persona cheer, and Alison’s reactions are great, awesome story.


Adam is now sharing the woman’s flipbook of her car maintenance over the decades, Adam has a great “burn as a heretic” comment when riffing about photo flip books in the future.

Adam’s portrayal of this woman is as solid as his points about how her love of her one car exceeding Adam’s love of all of his cars despite her car’s mass production.

Alison is now sharing a point covered on a recent episode of her podcast about the enthusiasm of children and how people “reel it in” over time.


Adam and BB are doing an impromptu “Hooray for Baldywood” sans intro, BB asked Adam to see Fast 6 despite not having seen any of the other films but a drunken viewing of part 1.

Adam is welcoming Mark Geragos back to the show for his triumphant return appearance, they’re all now riffing about the “Stand Down” scene found in many action movies.

Adam is sharing his “if I turn” riff if he were in a zombie apocalypse, he’s expanded on the reasoning and has a nice mix of hilarious quotes.


Adam is once again bringing up his Man Show trip to the L.A. SWAT team shooting range and how he shot the hostage and his reasoning for doing so.

They’re now playing the Man Show piece, gold!

Adam is now asking Mark about the “Dry Ice Bomb” left at Disneyland, Adam is telling Mark they had one go off at the Man Show and Mark is telling Adam he did it as a kid and now Adam is sharing his own tales of M-80 use.


Mark is sharing an interesting take on brain development in men and how it results in criminal activity and mischief, Adam is now sharing the full details of the incident at the Man Show.

Adam is now explaining what the appropriate reaction should have been instead of closing down part of the park, Mark is now sharing a story involving Disney Jail.

Mark is sharing why this can be lumped in with the Boston Marathon terrorists and how he thinks it diminishes the actual tragedy, Mark is now on a sex offender registry tangent.


Adam is now on a “spirit of the law” riff, he’s citing the “CHP pussy” who waits for people who don’t come to a complete stop on his route home.

Mark is giving his take and sharing some of what he’s witnessed in a courtroom when it comes to chicken shit tickets and Adam is pleading for everyone to adopt his radar detector advice like Genius Producer Gary!

Mark is confirming Adam’s point about automotive safety in modern vehicles and Adam is now sharing Mike August’s strategy for dealing with chicken shit tickets.


Adam is asking Mark about a past ticket from “Rapebank” and sharing his conversation with Marlee Matlin’s husband about the Burbank Police department and Adam’s ticket statistic challenge.

Mark is now sharing the information on forced identification that resulted in millions of losses from the tax payers.

Adam is now sharing his thoughts on lie detection and how they changed in 2005 when Dr. Drew first started getting involved with functional MRI’s for his discovery health channel show.


Mark is now telling the gang about the arguments for cell phone triangulation in court cases and how Adam’s theory is possibly not that far out and Alison has a great question about guilt and the justice system.

Adam is now sharing a practical application for the MRI device and has an accidental Petros Papadakis name drop and Mark is running another scenario by Adam.

Adam is now calling for a societal DNA databank in order to prevent used chewing gum, snot rockets and dirty diapers, Adam is citing all the “shitty” crime it would curtail.


Adam is giving Mark some kind words for the ACLU when he attends their luncheon tomorrow, Adam is bringing up their fighting of the death row DNA samples and joking about their “blunderbuss” technique.

Mark is defending the ACLU and Adam isn’t really attacking them, it’s an interesting conversation and Adam is now actually saying they do good work.

Mark is asking about the Adam and Drew reunion tour and Adam is breaking it down for him, Mark is now telling Adam he’s known Dr. Drew since high school and Adam wants to know if he attended the “Little Lord Fauntleroy School for Albino Hemophiliacs”.

Mark is telling Adam about their sons being lifelong friends and Adam is citing Drew and Susan’s amazing parenting style for the outcome of their great kids.


Michael is now making his 3rd appearance on the show, Adam is asking him about all the newfound outlets for comedy and how it feels compared to his days at the Groundlings when SNL was the only option.

Michael is giving an interesting take on the double edged sword of the modern content distribution and how things get lost in the noise.

Adam is now bringing up his status as the longest tenured cast member at Mad TV, Adam is telling Michael why the NFL season math mixed up his TV season math, excellent use of Adam’s argument game changer.


Adam and Michael are now riffing on “I agree to disagree” and other argument replies, Alison is now sharing her mother’s response.

Adam is now wrapping a live read and Michael is calling for Dawson to be hired doing VO for lozenge commercials, they’re all now riffing on the word lozenge.


Alison’s News

Alison is asking the gang if they need to talk about Andrew Dice Clay and his appearance on the ACS last night, Adam is sharing his twitter @’s and Michael is asking if he was really performing, hilarious quotes and one liners.

Alison is explaining how Dice locked in on her joke response to his crude reasoning about women and then kept rehashing it the whole show.

Adam is explaining how he likes any guest who burns calories, they’re all saying that Dice “brought it” and she’s making it clear she wasn’t offended despite it being the filthiest show she’s ever done.


Adam is now talking about Dice “running down misogyny trail” gold!

Michael keeps peppering in his hilarious non accurate Dice impression and it’s amazing, Alison is telling Michael about Dice trying to solve Adam’s family problems.

Adam is sharing the “can’t imagine” response to a family like Adam’s and how it correlates to terrorism.


Adam is quizzing Michael about his parents and he’s telling the gang about his pact with his mom regarding watching Mad TV.

Adam is sharing the annual “this is our last year” he would get from Mad TV cast members from season 1 up until 2005 on Classic Loveline.

Michael is telling Adam how accurate he is and how the cast were browbeaten with threats of cancellation.

Michael is comparing the role of Mad TV to an unappreciated overweight girlfriend and Adam is riffing about the moronic brains of men that assume because one woman has agreed to sleep with them that others will follow suit.


Her top story is on the percentages of people who have hooked up with coworkers, Adam is now explaining how office Christmas parties result in this.

Adam is now riffing as the intern at the holiday party trying to settle his hash, he’s doing a great “inquisitive drunk/stupid’ riff.

Adam is sharing the “This guy is awesome at hoops” tagalong story from his old party house with Josh.


Adam is now sharing Drew’s take on workplace romances and he’s longing for a simpler time.

Adam is sharing his take on “You don’t shit where you eat” and Michael has an awesome reaction to his long time reference.

Alison is sharing the other euphemism for office romances and Adam now giving his take on shit and its rolling ability.


2nd story is on the mayor of Toronto Rob Ford’s alleged tape showing him on a crack binge, Alison is explaining the details of the crowd sourcing to obtain the funds to acquire the tape.

Alison is now explaining the mayor’s past possession charges and setting up a video of him from a several years ago.

They do some great post video commentary and Adam does a great old timey guy, Michael is now sharing his take on the new “Gatsby”.


Adam is explaining why even if this guy is a blowhard why he prefers him to the “chameleon” like nature of most politicians, Adam is saying Rob looks like the best friend from According to Jim.

Adam is citing how he feels about drug use among politicians and how a record speaks for itself, Michael is now referencing his last visit to the show, gold!

Adam is calling for Villaretardo to be caught smoking crack and stop ruining the city, Adam is sharing his take on Canada and what inspired it, an upcoming live show, Mangria distribution, This is the End and Natasha Henstridge are all cited.

Alison is bringing up Chris Farley and suggesting what sounds like a possible movie pitch for the late great comedy icon, Adam is bringing up his drug use and qualifying it as “sampling from life’s infinite buffet”.


3rd story is on Richard Linklater suggesting he will be filming a spiritual sequel to “Dazed and Confused”.

Adam is giving his take on the original, he’s telling the gang that it holds up but isn’t as good as you remember, he’s also citing the 4th male lead who he went to high school with.

They’re now doing a rotten tomatoes breakdown of the movie and Adam is defending his point to an incredulous BB.


Michael is citing Napoleon Dynamite as a movie that doesn’t hold up for him, Adam is explaining his take on what it would look like to read the shooting script, Alison is telling everyone how she hated the movie and why.

Adam is using the Napoleon Dynamite animated series as an example of a poor decision from Fox while citing the Super Mario Brothers toon/movie.

Adam is doing a live read, giving some plugs and teasing the appearance of Jo Koy scheduled for next week.