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Adam and Garret Dillahunt

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At the top of the show, Adam expresses his love for the film ‘No Country For Old Men,’ which today’s guest appears in. Alison then opens the news with Men’s Health Magazine’s poll of sexiest women of all time. The guys also talk about a group trying to make condoms mandatory in porno, and Alison reads a list of Hollywood memorabilia going on sale.

Garret Dillahunt joins the podcast next, who Adam has been waiting to meet for a long time. He talks with Garret about his role in No Country, and how great everyone is in that movie. Adam also finds out about Garret’s journey into acting, and Garret speaks about the tragedy of his brother’s fatal drunk driving accident.

Adam then jumps to the phone lines and takes calls about the worst Christmas presents ever. He and Garret weigh the pros and cons of gift cards, and Alison raises her concerns of holiday shopping for her boyfriend. The show then wraps up with news stories about popular baby names, celebrity couples you never knew existed, and actors who people think are more competent than they are.


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  1. Sluggh

    Awesome get. Looking forward to Garrett’s description of his characterizations of McCall AND Wolcott in “Deadwood.”

    Bardem is our greatest living actor. Even a chick-friendly “Mondays in the Sun” makes this clear.

    • Mark

      Or even Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

  2. Casey

    Good Lord Adam’s right (again), the Men’s Health Magazine list of beautiful women proves we’re effed. I’m no (full time) nut job but I’m beginning to think that maybe the world needs to end on 12/21/12 like the Mayan Calendar.

  3. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee12-15-2011

    There’s a new judge in town… AGT this summer, in NY w/HS

  4. Hot Nikks
    Hot Nikks12-15-2011

    If you wanna talk some of the sexiest women from the past, check out Britt Ekland in (the original) Wicker Man. She was so hot they had to get Charlize Theron to play her in that Peter Sellers Biopic. Also see Jenny Agutter in An American Werewolf in London.

    • Casey

      I don’t think I could agree more w/ the examples you have provided.

  5. Bill

    Allison mentioned “slut of the month” but no one ran with the idea….Brillance!!! where do I sign up?

  6. Stretch

    The new Dirty Jobs season has just started. We need Mike Rowe back on the program.

  7. jim

    Deadwood was one of the best thing ever on TV. Dillahunt was fantastic in both of his characters .

  8. Andy90

    Just heard on the Titus episode that Adam thinks his audience is tired of Occupy Wall Street. This is classic narcissim – believing that most people believe as you do, just because you believe it. It’s heard a lot with politicians, who use ‘The American People’ as a long-winded substitute for ‘me’.

    I guess Adam figures that we all hate paying enough taxes to pay the salaries of fourteen (lazy) teachers.

  9. Alex

    Guys like Jon Bones Jones tend to have small calves because their limbs are so long, it’s like a normal muscle stretched over a 30% longer calf, so it appears small while still being very strong.

  10. Hood

    Dillahunt reminds me of Timothy Olyphant lookswise.

  11. That Guy
    That Guy12-15-2011

    Garrett is an awesome actor, was great in crappy shows like Life and Terminator.

    Angelina Jolie is a disgusting, emaciated female female impersonator with nice facial bone structure. The camera adds ten pounds and on camera Jolie looks like she weights about 80. Aniston is way hotter.

  12. rushbaby

    nice show…nice guest.

  13. ScottyWhy

    Yes, Men’s Health is run by gays. Who do you think reads it? No straight guy thinks Anniston is the “sexiest” women ever.

  14. AceFan!

    Fantastic! Aceman makes me want to earn it.

  15. David Beals
    David Beals12-15-2011

    Great show, Aceman! I especially loved the sound of exasperation in Bryan and Alison’s voices when Ace declared no one was leaving until they found a photo of Bardem’s calves.

    Also I demand details on the botched Telepictures deal!

  16. CACAHD

    On the name thing, What if you named your kid “Joe” so when he goes to school

    and the teacher calls him “Joe” and then the kid says “It’s pronounced Dan!”

    That would be extra douchy

  17. christian

    Andy dick is a piece of shit. He’s not funny or interesting. He’s still not taking responsibility for fucking his life and career up. what a loser

    • weskanaloa

      Timely observation (that’s sarcasm, you’re posting to the wrong comment section – yep, spelled that out for you because it comes off extra dicky, and you might legitimately need the reading comprehension assistance).

      Also, Andy has an illness, addiction; otherwise thinking he’s unfunny and not interesting is fine, it just seems you expose something else by attacking what you perceive as a lack of accountability.

      When I hear him speak, I think he’s quite aware of what his actions have created, although I agree he doesn’t embrace full responsibility, as addicts typically don’t do.

      But why so hostile, do you have an addict family member or ex lover (male or female) … maybe mother or father, or perhaps was there just not enough human contact growing up?

      Good luck to Andy, and good luck to you, friendo.

  18. James

    How the hell did Adam get to have such good taste in music? I feel like that sort of thing gets passed down.

  19. MIke

    I’d like to Adam have Kevin Smith on again so that the two of them can air their side of the story about the Telepictures/Smith/Corolla triangle/rivalry. Inquiring listeners would like to hear that. They sounded so civil and friendly to each other back at the start of this year when they had each other on their respective podcast (ACP and SMod)

  20. P Zeke
    P Zeke12-15-2011

    Props to Bald Bryan for never watching Friends! Me too, and I thought I was the only one who didn’t watch it.

  21. Happy Pillmore
    Happy Pillmore12-15-2011

    Anyone else having trouble listening to Ace these days? It’s like he’s become consumed with his own anger and bitterness to the point that he’s opened up a black hole that has swallowed the fun and funny parts of his person. The negativity has gotten brutal. I try to give these shows a chance but I can’t make it through the whole podcast anymore. Ace needs some happy pills.

    • Hot Nikks
      Hot Nikks12-16-2011

      Agreed. Angry does not equal funny. There still is funny though which is why I still listen and just FF through the same rant he did the day before.

  22. Brian

    Can we bring back “Bald Bryan’s B-Sides”, please? Those things used to make me laugh so hard…

  23. mnoswad1

    not enough terminator talk. He was great on that show………however, after listening to this podcast, I realize that he wasn’t acting much during terminator.

    • Dustin

      Not fair! haha. I think he actually is shy like he said. The times he did speak he was funny.

  24. Phil

    Haha. I loved the part where Alison (spelled weird, it’s not normal, no matter what your parents tell you) had NO IDEA Martha Plimpton was Garret’s co-star! Simply fantastic!

  25. Gina

    Garret is hilarious on Raising Hope and seems like a nice guy. Good pod.

  26. UrbanAchiever

    Great interview, Aceman. I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve seen Garrett do and glad you had him on. One role of his that wasn’t mentioned (unsurprisingly, because it was a very small one) but that sticks in my mind as his most memorable was as a nameless member of the group of nomadic cannibals in the film version “The Road” – it was far from a perfect movie, but his performance in that bit part was about as perfect as it gets – it still gives me the creeps to this day. Good stuff.

  27. sloozen

    Calves don’t propel your leg in a kick. Thighs and ass do that. Kinda like saying a guy with big forearms should be able to punch fast. That’s the back muscles…

  28. sg

    Aniston is cute. She is definitely not the hottest woman ever. Vanessa Williams in the 80’s deserves to be on this list. If you don’t believe go to youtube. She was gorgeous.

    This kinda of Adamy, but Vanessa, a ridiculously beautiful and truly talented woman, almost lost her career because of nude photos, while Kim Kardashian has built an empire by letting everyone see Ray J piss on her. The world has changed indeed.

  29. Backdoor Nugget
    Backdoor Nugget12-19-2011

    pissed on her? no way!

    that’s nice.

  30. SLD

    Please change to color of the font on the episodes list. You can read it because it blends in with the gray background.

  31. Hilda

    Loved hearing Garret on the podcast. I’m a big fan of Raising Hope. One of the few funny shows on TV. Way to go Alison, with the insult to his co-star though. Oops! But I can see why you’d say that.

  32. RobK

    Good episode, guest was cool but shy, like he admitted. Still wish Adam would spend a little more time letting us get to know the guest instead of his usual 10 minutes of Q&A before going right back into talking about himself. I know, I know…I’m not listening to Dick Cavett.

    River Phoenix and Martha Plimpton were in a movie together called Running On Empty. From around ’86 I think. Great movie – shame on TFV boy for not knowing.

    Jennifer Aniston is about as sexy as anal warts. She’s cute, but annoying and phony and not the least bit sexy. That poll was bananas, at least the top three.

    In No Country, Javier Bardem’s character is saying “Call it” to the man at the convenience store. Alright now I’m sounding like Andy Levy.

    And finally dammit I just have to say this: Adam, you can rant about bad music all you want. You’re usually right. But using John Mellencamp (he stopped using Cougar a full 20 years ago, btw) as your go-to symbol of over-hyped shit music is just wrong, man. He may not be everybody’s cup of tea. He may not be very relevant anymore. But he’s a fine musician and has a lot of good songs to his credit. So do me a favor and find somebody else.

  33. Ellis In Culver
    Ellis In Culver12-19-2011

    The player is quitting. Right after the porn-condom discussion starts up. I’ve tried to listen to this show 3 times.

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