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The show opens with Adam talking with Dave Dameshek about the glory of Mangria. They also chat about Adam’s Basic Cable Commentary with Frank Stallone, and the legacy of Will Smith. Adam then rants about flavored cream cheese and complains about driving an Aston Martin. Shek then jumps into this week’s #1 Sports and the Creep of the Week.

After the break, Adam welcomes Frank Stallone to the studio and talks about the Feast of San Gennaro. Adam also complains about Tyler Perry movies, and chats with Frank about The Expendables 2. Later, Frank discusses the emotional experience of losing his father, sister, and nephew within the last year. As the show wraps up, the guys talk about combat sports and the time Frank was attacked by a rooster.


Visit http://FrankStallone.com, and click through our Amazon link to purchase the new single ‘Don’t Want To Fight With Me’.

Also be sure to check out http://NFL.com/Shek, and follow him on Twitter @Dameshek.

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Silent Running
    Silent Running09-18-2012

    Wait a sec… you mean I get to skip the Goblin and Frank Stallone? Two-for-one!

    • zero1media

      So lemme get this straight. Adam asks Frank to sing, but provides his own singing when Dwight Yoakam is sitting right next to him? huh?

  2. David Johnson
    David Johnson09-19-2012

    Having to suffer through the Goblin is like listening to a circular saw on a chalk board. Gotta skip. Dump the double D.

    • spindlesander

      Dump the double D!!! why is this guy always yelling ? fuckin goblin.

  3. El Gordo Loco
    El Gordo Loco09-19-2012

    Buffalo Bills were named after a male bison or “Billy”. The name was choosen from a contest that was won by Bill Keenan

    • John

      my understanding as well

  4. Kevin

    F the haters, Dameshek rules.

    • Dee


    • reb

      As a former Damashek hater, agree completely. Today he nailed the way guys think being indifferent to sports uniforms is a way of demonstrating they aren’t sissies. And he just seems like a decent guy.

      • JohnyV

        Yes, and the polo-collared football jerseys are laaaaaaaaaame! All teams have the Nike collared looking shirts and very few have resisted coloring that part of the shirt. Check out the Texans and they colored the collar and the whole stitched wired area too.

    • ubercat


    • jo ke
      jo ke09-19-2012

      +1 love shek

      • DefNottaJew

        DD’s not so bad. TASTE THE BLASTER!!!!

    • Nate

      Augh, Shek sucks. He tries too hard to talk like Adam and he really knows little about real football.

      • a2mfk

        I agree, he tries to go on these long-winded rants like Adam does, but he just doesn’t have the comedic touch that Ace has. I think Dameshek would be fine on the show if he dialed it down a bit, and maybe played the straight man a little more and let the others on the show do the comedic heavy lifting.

  5. GarrettH

    Frank is a super entertaining and hilarious guest, We gotta get him a gig.

    Also bring back Brody Stevens!

    • Brian

      Yes I agree!!

  6. zero1media

    Get it on AceMan!!! I was just wondering when you would bring back the funny, entertaining Stallone brother! Having ‘Shek on in the same episode just completes another great episode. Now all you have to do is bring back your old gang once again!

  7. dan r
    dan r09-19-2012

    I agree totally with David. Listening to Dameshek’s voice is brutal. Kevin, it has nothing to do with hating. He is a puss with an annoying voice. Just pointing out the obvious in hopes that we dont have to hear him anymore.

  8. WWallinga

    Seriously, Dameshek is a thin slice of heaven compared to that hack David Wild.

  9. Caliber Winfield
    Caliber Winfield09-19-2012

    The same people who say Dameshek sucks are the same people who try and tell me that Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, and Family Guy/American Dad/Cleveland Show are funny. But they aren’t. As Adam says, some opinions are wrong.

    • Lisa

      Yes, some opinions are wrong. And yours about Family Guy not being funny couldn’t possibly be more wrong.

      Dameshek rocks, btw.

    • Yak

      Family Guy is not funny? Yup, your opinion is wrong and you have lost all credibility with that asinine statement.

      • David

        Family Guy is not funny after you’ve seen 2 episodes. People who think it are funny are college aged or younger, and thus, fucking idiots.

        • Nik Weinstein
          Nik Weinstein09-20-2012

          Yeah…even when I’m super drunk, I’m still am way too smart to follow the plot-less structure of Family Guy. I feel like someone ate a bunch of jokes and then I get thrown up on by watching Family Guy.

    • Dustin

      No, he’s right, Family guy sucks and all those other shows. Dameshek isn’t that bad. The people most vocal on message boards are always the lowest common denominator, always.

  10. andrew

    Dameshek is hilarious. shut up everybody and start your own podcast. I can’t stand half of the political opinions adam has (although the other half I COMPLETELY agree with), but you wont see me wasting my time commenting on that stuff or skipping episodes. ‘Shek sounds like a 1940s hollywood producer to me, even though he’s from chicago(I think) he’s got that ‘baby ill make you a star’ kind of accent which is hilarious to me.

    • Lisa


    • Kestrell

      Which half do you agree with and which half can’t you stand?

    • Justin

      Why do all the people who write “Dameshek is hiliarious” never actually cite a funny thing he has said? Never? Why is that?

      Could it be that he never says anything funny? For what it’s worth, saying “Creep of the Week” is … not funny.

  11. Bryce

    I can’t get enough Dameshek. Love that guy.

  12. benjamman

    Awesome “Peace of mind” pull in the read Ace. Boston….hell yeah.

  13. Mr. O
    Mr. O09-19-2012

    i heart Dave

  14. Jason Martynowski
    Jason Martynowski09-19-2012

    Paging Dr. Funny, paging Dr. Funny.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee09-19-2012

      Paging smaging give ledgewood his pic back Jason

  15. Joseph

    Dont listen to the haters Ace. Love having Dameshek as a regular. Keep it going!

  16. Ryno

    I LOVE DAMESHEK!! Wish he was on every episode.

  17. Connard

    From his feigned outrage to his shouting to his old-timey phrases I think Dameshek is the shit. I know that it is precisely those reasons why some people hate him but frankly I don’t give a good god damn what they think. Make sure that appointments are made for Dr Funny Dave Dameshek to make his weekly house calls.

    Also Frank Stallone is both engaged and entertaining. I’m a big fan.

  18. Stacey E
    Stacey E09-19-2012

    That’s hilarious that people are still complaining about Dave. Adam always invites his friends to come back-so you’ll have to deal with it, because complaining clearly isn’t getting you anywhere.
    I’d like to hear Ricky Gervais interviewed at some point, it’s not like he’s never in the country.

  19. Mitch

    Yay! Shek’s Back. Love me some Shek. and I agree with Kevin, all the Dameshek Haters can go F themselves.

  20. Tim

    Do it, Dave

  21. Travis

    Is Adam a alcoholic ? Smoking, drinking and driving at hi speeds…might be time to grow up. He is funny, cant take that away from him…very funny.

    None of my business?…no question about that. If you’re close to ACE dont ignore or insulate…confront and intervene. I fear a not so rosy future with the constant talk of drinking, this is a major ‘tell’ here.

  22. Hialeah Gringo
    Hialeah Gringo09-19-2012

    Shek seems a little too desperate for that tail gate party.

  23. Steve J
    Steve J09-19-2012

    I used to like Dave when he had his own show but the longer I listen to him the more obnoxious he gets. Not only is his voice unbearable (when he sings creep creep creep of DA WEEK of DA WEEK my head almost explodes) but he says so many douchey things. It bothers me when people purposely say things to be different, like when he calls movies “pictures”, the way he calls BB “Bald” all the time, and the numerous other things he says to be different. He’s incredibly annoying and is clearlly trying to force an on air persona when he has no personality to back it up.

  24. Ric

    I’m curious, do the people who hate Dameshek also dislike David Wild?

    • mike

      I didn’t like David Wilde at first, but he’s really grown on me–especially when he and Adam pic songs to play. But Dameshek only gets more and more annoying with each listen. I’m normally a 5-day per week listener, but lately I’ve been skipping the Dameshek shows. He bothers me so much that I literally can’t listen to my favorite show.

  25. Matt

    Please tell that Adam doesn’t talk politics in this one. I love the guy, I think he’s insightful and funny as hell, but his views on politics are cringe worthy.

  26. CT

    It was never actually banned anywhere, but the Coors company limited the states in which they would distribute it. Further until the mid or late eighties they only brewed their beer in Golden, Colorado (they took their moto, “It’s the water!” seriously).

    In this way they were limited as to just how much beer they could brew and ship. They chose to limit to limit their distribution to certain geographic areas.

    I believe that the illegality that Smokey and the Bandit dealt with (other than the breaking of hundreds of traffic laws and the transport of a woman across state lines for immoral purposes) was the transport of non-registered alcohol from state to state.

  27. Jason Martynowski
    Jason Martynowski09-19-2012

    Speaking of Seth MacFarlane, Ace Man would LOVE this…

  28. Stache

    Damashek is one of adams most energetic guests. great way to start my morning. good work guys

  29. Klineman

    Great show today, Shek always brings it and Frank is a great guest. You haters are clueless.

  30. DW

    I don’t get why some people don’t like Dameshek. He’s funny, has great chemistry with Adam and always brings it.

  31. Not That Steve-O
    Not That Steve-O09-19-2012

    Dave is always hilarious on the show, keep him coming back. I can’t get enough Dameshek. I love Frank too, but Dave and Adam have the best chemistry together.

  32. jordan

    i heard ‘far from over’ on the radio the other day and i was delighted. love frank stallone.

  33. chumpy

    I like Dameshek, i just don’t like NFL. It’s boring as a mofo.

    • Douchebagel

      Ya same here. Please stop with all the sports talk. It’s 2012!!! There are millions of things more interesting/fun/funny than sports nowadays. Get with the times people.

      • David

        Yeah, let’s talk more E! hollywood news. Shut the fuck up.

  34. mh

    double D is the maaannn. F the haters.
    that guy rules!

  35. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent09-19-2012

    Every time I hear Dame Shek sing his ‘creep o’ th’ Week’ song I wanna pump bilge water into his mincemeat pie hole…an’ nay in a good way. Fuckin’ AAAARRRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!

  36. Mats

    What a great guy Frank Stallone seems to be! Insane and dangerous but a really nice guy. Love Dameshek too! Greetings from Finland.

  37. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent09-19-2012

    I would pay relatively hard-earned money to see Frank go mano-a-mano with an ostrich.

  38. Phoenix.Empyre

    Frank was HILARIOUS! Shooting Rosters lol Great!

  39. Sloover

    Ehrrr eeeehrrr mi’m Dave Chimachek, eeerhhhrrr. Yeah Dwight Tackleson, erhhhr.

    ADAM FOR PRESIDENT09-19-2012

    Worst death ever Jesus (Jim Caviezel) – Passion of the Christ
    Shek, Allison, Bald ARE AWESOME!!!

  41. Maveriq

    Speaking of that great day, can’t get enough Dameshek.

  42. Kelly

    Love Dave! He’s hilarious. And, the play between DD & BB is great!

  43. Susie-Q

    Bald Bryan is 100% right…… the Sloth death from the movie Se7en is the most horrific death of all time. That movie, and particularly that scene, scared the crap out of me when I first saw it!!

  44. Dori

    Loved Frank!! Super funny chicken story.

  45. Dr. Turbo
    Dr. Turbo09-19-2012

    Shek rules bitches, quit your whining. He is good at bringing funny shit out of the aceman.

  46. Lance

    I dig Dameshek. Creep of the week is good stuff.

  47. yourface

    How drunk is stallone?

  48. Izzy

    With so much to pull from today, Bryan TOTALLY dropped (parden the pun) the ball with the sign off.

  49. Les

    Blue mouth. Good one Rosen.

  50. UnBald Brian
    UnBald Brian09-19-2012

    Frank is a great guest. Boo to Damesuck.

  51. jjthejetplane

    Adam Carolla to be Fox News contributor? Huh?

  52. tlewis

    I was praying that Shek was on today! Whew!!!

  53. Uncle Spooge
    Uncle Spooge09-19-2012

    I have no problem with Dave I just couldn’t give less of a shit about sports.

  54. ugly kid
    ugly kid09-19-2012

    is it just me or is Adam a better singer than Frank?

  55. JohnnyNOva

    No Way, the prison butt rape scene with a knife in “American Me” is the absolute worst. If I remember correctly, I don’t even think it was a regular knife. It was some medieval looking thing.

  56. Jessica

    LOVE the Dameshek shows!! Great chemestry and Dave is very funny!!

  57. Steve Hatchett
    Steve Hatchett09-19-2012

    Damn a Shek! Do it!

  58. JessMan

    shek, please stop yelling

  59. john

    I LOVE Damashek. Fuck the haters. Once a week is the perfect amount though

  60. SeattleRob

    Here is a short list of NFL teams with the odd collar on them. These are the ones I’ve noticed, there may be more…


  61. Ralph Burris
    Ralph Burris09-19-2012

    Get rid of that pompous a-hole Damefuck. I miss the whole show but can’t suffer that fool and his blathering.

  62. JessMan

    i always thought the “not interested” drop was DAG from the klsx show…

  63. DR sbruce goose
    DR sbruce goose09-19-2012

    whitey needs to watch tyler perry’s madeas family values in the movie madea back hands some spoiled brats….giving kid’s time outs and taking away their video games for a few days is not working it’s causing the pussification of america.

  64. Perry

    Some believe that the name Buffalo derives from a botched pronunciation of the French, “beau fleuve,” meaning “beautiful river,” which French explorers were said to have exclaimed upon seeing the Niagara River.

    • Sarah

      That is absolutely correct, Perry! Go Bills!

  65. Oregon Jake
    Oregon Jake09-19-2012

    Dameshek, you would be ok at best if you stopped trying to upstage the Ace man with your rants. Until then, go suck your brothers fat one.

  66. John

    My heel was fractured because it was run over by a fork lift, adam. that pain was much worse than stubbing my toe

  67. AZ

    Just stop with Dameshek. He’s seems like a nice enough guy but he’s not funny or interesting.

    He reminds me of a broadcaster from one of those old school “morning zoo” types of radio shows that yells and does hacky comedy.

    Brings the show to a crashing halt every time he speaks.

    I don’t understand why he is on every week. He apparently has his own podcast, let people who want to hear him go and download that.

    • Justin

      What? You mean, you didn’t get huge kick out of the dead-on-arrival “worst death” topic he dragged into this episode?

      The man is the 47% that Romney despises: a giant, lifesucking parasite.

  68. Oregon Jake
    Oregon Jake09-19-2012

    I can’t listen to the diarrhea coming out of Shek’s mouth any more, i’m out.

  69. brad sherwood
    brad sherwood09-19-2012

    Damashek in every photo looks like a 3 year old who just sang “Im a little teapot” to his adoring mom.

  70. Adrian Larson
    Adrian Larson09-19-2012

    Everyone is allowed to have a douche friend. Dave is Adam’s douche.

    I bet the only reason Adam tolerates Dave is the football connection.

  71. Kelly

    Dameshek is such a tool. No Buffalo roamed the plains in Upstate New York. “The team is named after a popular barbershop quartet, the Buffalo Bills, whose name was a play on the name of the famed Wild West showman Buffalo Bill Cody”. Bill Cody never went to New York either. Perry is right about the name of Buffalo. It was from a misunderstood French phrase beau fleuve, “beautiful river.”

  72. yuk yuks
    yuk yuks09-19-2012

    Double dose of awesome!

  73. Meh

    It`s funny how Carolla has such bad taste in comedy…..kind of like Michael Jordan and how he has such bad taste in talent. I want Malcolm Gladwell to explain to me why geniuses can`t properly evaluate others in their field.

  74. Cup o'Tard
    Cup o'Tard09-19-2012


  75. Puddy Mo
    Puddy Mo09-19-2012

    Adam et al.,

    Can you please stop referring to BB as film expert or film geek or whatever? Having glasses and a podcast about liking movies does not a geek / expert make. (I know it wasn’t done in this episode; just for future reference.) He’s a film expert the way that Teresa on Celebrity Apprentice was “into photography.” As Arsenio said, “You mean you like looking at pictures?” The majority of the time, when you discuss movies and, more importantly, search for the title or actor’s name or some other piece of trivia, he’s conspicuously silent. And not having ‘Action Jackson’ seared (like the villain’s ribs) into his memory is inexcusable.

  76. Robert McAbee
    Robert McAbee09-19-2012

    Dameshek is so bad. The sad thing is I think he is starting to realize it too.

    Remember how Adam talked about improv as playing your role correctly, but don’t try to be funny. Dameshek is trying to be funny and he isn’t so we get stuck with some really boring sports talk and crappy impressions.

    • Jeff

      perfect segway into…BRING BACK DOT! This way we get a double dose of Dameshek. The haters can continue to hate and the Shek Republic/Feenster’s Union can rejoice.

      All poor Dave wants is your love. Is that so hard??

  77. Eric

    More Shek!

    • Oregon Jake
      Oregon Jake09-20-2012

      Shek sucks a fat one you moron

  78. Guy Smiley
    Guy Smiley09-19-2012

    ummm… a billy is a male bison. you’re wrong.

  79. ShekRepublic

    Wow Frank can still bring it.

    For those that don’t like some aspect of the show, don’t download it. If enough people don’t download it, Ace will get the message and we’ll get no more DD, DFG or whatever you don’t like. It worked for his dad’s podcast (well, bad example that one would have gone away anyway), or the film vault the big-3 or whatever that nutsack and back-sack shit was. Pretty simple equation.

    The buffalo Bills having a buffalo on their helmet is confusing, even if a male buffalo is a bill. This is second only to the Miami Dolphin’s having a Dolphin on their helmet that plays for U of Minnesota.

  80. Darek

    Is it me or does Frank Stallone resemble Fat Bastard from the Austin Power movie?

  81. Myles L Berman
    Myles L Berman09-19-2012

    Love Dameshek!! way better than David Wild. Also, please make Frank Stallone a regular, the guy is world class

  82. Jay

    Was this the good Damashek twin or the evil Damashek twin?


  83. Daniel

    Awesome show as always…DD is great but David Wild has got to go. Everytime he’s on the show, it’s x amount of my life I’ll never get back. Just being honest guys. Keep getting it on with the kick ass podcasts!!!

  84. Joshua

    #bestworstdeaths how about the guy that goes through the woodchucker in Fargo?!

    • DR sbruce goose
      DR sbruce goose09-20-2012

      He was already dead.how about getting thrown in a coffin with flesh eating beatles like” the mummy”or getting torn apart and eaten alive by wolves like in the movie “frozen”or waiting to get eaten by sharks like the USS indianapolis during WW 11

  85. jdubbins

    I LOVE ME SOME DAVE D!!!!!!!!! Please please please (I know, you got it after the first please) never let him go.

  86. matt

    Dameshek is not funny

  87. Robert

    Frank was a hilarious guest. The rooster attack story had me in tears!

  88. Chester

    Bring back Daves of Thunder!

    More Jacuzzi Talk.

  89. Yog-Sothoth

    Jesus Tits, did Frank Stallone just say 2016 and Last Ounce of Courage were good movies??? Ok, I can understand 2016, ridiculous fear-mongering bullshit as it may be, it is a documentary and they always manage to be at least somewhat interesting, but Last Ounce of Courage? A steaming pile of film pandering to the narcissistic movement of christians who think they are victims every time they don’t get their way, with all the subtlety of a bout with explosive diarrhea after a spicy curry buffet, THAT movie? Last Ounce of Courage is basically Innocence of Muslums if you replaced muslums with the government trying to enforce the separation of church and state ensured in the constitution, THAT is what makes them the bad guys in this movie. If you don’t believe me that it sucks, check out their impressive 0% on rottentomatoes.
    I used to respect Frank Stallone, he seems like a good guy, but god damn, this is unforgivable.

  90. Duck Manson
    Duck Manson09-20-2012

    “Inject you with the AIDS virus”? Dameshek sounds so damn uneducated. AIDS is a syndrome. It’s not a virus. Retard.

    • ShekRepublic

      Hey, it’s not entirely incorrect to state it that way. You can say “infected with the scarlet fever bacterium” and we would understand you meant S. Pyogenes AND the manifestation you are worried about.

      • Duck Manson
        Duck Manson09-21-2012

        It’s absolutely 100% incorrect. It’s the same as saying you’ll inject someone with downs syndrome. It’s not possible.

  91. Andy90

    David Wild’s incessant, gratuitous ass-kissing is getting hard to stomach. Have some dignity, you fat hack, and stick to the facts! And lose a hundred pounds.
    Dameshek is great, however.

  92. Justice

    I love Dameshek. Funny guy, and he puts a lot of thought into each appearance.

  93. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle09-20-2012

    Q: Who is living a better life than Bald Bryan?
    A: Anyone without a brain tumor.

  94. steve from Sactown
    steve from Sactown09-20-2012

    At some point when your face looks older than your head hair you gotta stop dying it !!!
    Com’on Frank you’ve earned grey hair!!
    Get it on!!! +_+

  95. Uncle Spooge
    Uncle Spooge09-20-2012

    Been listening to the show since the start but still don’t know WHO THE FUCK BILL SIMMONS IS!!!!!!?????????? Even if I did the impression has never been funny.

    • Gregers

      I can safely infer – from the fact that you posted that posting – that you have access to a computer and the Internet. Might I suggest using the famed website http://www.google.com?

  96. Martin

    Do it Dave, DO IT ! Under the cloak of niiiigggghhhhtttt !!!!!!!!!!

  97. Jon

    Frank Stallone sounds so Philly/South Jersey, it makes me think of family. What a great guest.

    I just wish Dameshek would go away. How does someone with such a grating voice get into RADIO?

  98. El Jefe
    El Jefe09-20-2012

    You talk about Kat Denning and DON’T put a picture up???? I got action figures and taboo II pics… but none of Kat??? FAIL!!!!!

  99. Shane

    I love how people post their options on here think that the ACE man values them. The ACE man does what he wants!

  100. Taters

    I want an entire show dedicated to Ace and DD talking about Roadhouse.

  101. Claudia

    Sending my Dameshek love….

  102. SamuelJH

    Thank you.

  103. Sam

    Ray’s ‘leave the comedy to Adam’ comment reminded what a secret comedy genius Bald Bryan is. I starting to listen for his side line brilliance as much as Ace’s hilarious bitching, great work gents and I’m doing what i can to help keep the pirate ship afloat!

  104. Paul James
    Paul James09-21-2012

    Love the Shek and Frank. Double goodness!

  105. princessbuttercup

    Frank Stallone has had some terrible cosmetic surgery.

  106. Doug

    Shek sucks but, man, Frank was awesome! I haven’t heard much from him before but he seems like an awesome guy with a great sense of humor. Hope he does the show again! He’s a riot.

  107. Richie

    Dameshek’s appearances are my favorite part of the podcast every week. Love live Shek!

  108. Matt C.
    Matt C.10-01-2012

    Count me among those who enjoy Dameshek’s appearances. No doubt the guy puts in work for the show… doesn’t always work, but more often than not he brings the best out of Ace. Dig Stallone’s lunacy as well. Keep it up.

  109. Winsten

    Demeshek is aweome, when Adam asked about the triva question, it reminded me of the Hypothetical Road Trip game with Larry Miller.

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