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Francis Ford Coppola and Adam discuss Apocalypse Now and Hearts of Darkness, winemaking and the Godfather connection to Sonny’s name. Original airdate 6-10-09. For more classic Carolla check out adamcarolla.com/archive

Show Credits

Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

  1. Halo909

    I remember this ep like it was yesterday. Good Stuff. Please Adam include some of DAG’s ep in this week or upload some of DAG’s appearance on this show as bonus shows.

    • Tracy

      Noooooooo !!!

      • BW

        5 minutes with dag is like an entire show

  2. Juicefest020

    I’m definitely no recording engineer but you take something like this. Get your engineer guy and he can definitely take this and work some magic on this and get something surprisingly clear.
    I mean honestly.. this is a massive interview with a great Director. Its worth a few hours in protools or whatever you got.

    • Rick

      As a matter of fact, I used a very popular program called Audacity….it’s free.

      I was going nuts trying to listen to this podcast with all the low volume and shitty sound quality, so I “enhanced” it with Audacity.

      Any sound man that’s worth a damn should spend 10 or 15 minutes cleaning up a show before it goes on the air. That’s all it takes…just clean it up a little…even out the voices, get rid of the background noise.

  3. jordan

    not sure why adam thinks this was a good episode. just because the godfather was an interesting movie, doesnt make this bozo an interesting guest. yes he’s a big name but that doesnt make him funny. should have re-posted a bill simmons, DAG, Dana Gould, or the steel panther episode was one of the funniest ever.

    • Chris C
      Chris C08-16-2012

      We will never hear the Bill Simmons episode again (though I am curious if it is in the archives). Bill got into a lot of trouble with ESPN and is basically banned from Ace’s podcast by ESPN over that episode. Also notice Ace hasn’t been on the BS Report in a LONG time. In any event, Ace doesn’t want his friends getting into trouble, so that one is likely buried forever …

    • reb

      agree; i recall it being a mediocre episode at best, largely because it was characterized by the restraint/deference Adam shows with someone very famous (and usually requires that Adam go to their place). the albert brooks interview was better, but it was similarly stilted. whenever he omits the “get it on” intro, that’s the sign it’s gong this way.

  4. Jeff

    These shows were better — one on one interviews , none of the radio regulars, and more famous guests.

  5. DukeLacrosse

    Adam loves talking to ppl about this interview. Personally, I think its one of the worst shows he has made.

    • Sluggh

      Adam was a shitty interviewer three years ago.

  6. Juan juarez
    Juan juarez08-16-2012

    holly molly never seen this! Godfather and brow father

  7. bill

    Trying to listen to this was like listening to an episode of the Ricky Gervais Podcast. You turn it way up so you can hear Karl (in this case, Francis), because he’s the one you really care about. Then your ears start to bleed when Ricky explodes maniacally in laughter – or in this case, when Adam says anything at all. Again, great sell on the archives folks.

  8. sloozen1

    You do good work Adam….I like how FFC discussed how he got around Brando’s obesity to make AN….

  9. ChicagoCarrollaFan

    Liked this show… a very interesting man Coppola.

    The show was much different back then.

  10. Fanucci says Eeeeh
    Fanucci says Eeeeh08-16-2012

    Yea the sound quality was a letdown but this was still a very enjoyable interview.

  11. Danny2kt

    This is were my love for the ACE man started ( Adam needs to do some more of these 1 on 1’s more often). How far the show has come. Congrats to Adam and his crew for the success of the show.

  12. DrunktankDan

    Dude, I listen to this shit at work every night and have been loving the old episodes but if you guys wanted to give us ACE diehards the best gift ever. . .WE NEED DAG!
    Please please please can we get a DAG in here? He doesn’t take up much room and I can’ get fired for laughing too hard at my job without him.

    • reb

      “.WE NEED DAG!”


  13. Harry Seaward
    Harry Seaward08-16-2012

    Unrelated, but just saw an episode of “Too late” on yout00b last night… Steve-O.
    Never even heard of the show. Awesome how Ace takes everything in stride… even being tackled and dry humped by an extremely drunk guest. “Steve… Steve… we gotta finish the segment….”
    Pure awesome.

  14. Poppaganush

    Is Adam on vacation?

  15. Anniepatra

    I met FFC on the street outside his restaurant in San Francisco. I didn’t know at the time who I was talking to until a wine delivery man clued me in. I asked Coppola for a good breakfast spot in the area and he was incredibly nice and gracious, showing me on my map where the best places were and asking about travel plans.

    Very nice man and very interesting interview with Adam.

  16. Illavick

    Holy crap! I thought FFC was dead! I hope I can one day reach such legendary status so as to have people not know for sure whether I am alive or not ala Andy Kaufman or Biggie Smalls.

  17. Hugh

    What a genius. Some of the best films ever!
    Thanks Adam

  18. Chris C
    Chris C08-16-2012

    I agree … we need more 1-on-1 podcasts these days. The one with Mike Rowe a couple of years back was fascinating. The more recent one with Bill Maher was good too.

  19. Dave

    I can’t hear.

  20. John D'Onofrio
    John D'Onofrio08-17-2012

    I hooked my laptop up to my stereo system with an hdmi cable and still could only hear Adam.

  21. Allison Rosen Is My New Best Friend
    Allison Rosen Is My New Best Friend08-17-2012

    Carolla: “Francis; you know you should really see my movie”

    Coppola: “Yeah, but I’d really like you to talk about MY movie”

    Nice one ACE!!

  22. fastgolf

    Is that picture level behind you guys? It looks like it dipping to the left a little

  23. craig

    Marlin Brando is very easy to work with and direct. Just hang a lot of bloody decapitated corpses around and hill work with it.

  24. johann

    Such a nerd yet so concentrated and with so much imagination. Seems very satisfied with his life and humble. Great interview Adam. Kept it very proffesional and funny as well. Reigned in the beast there. Must be sureal to talk to such a legend who is so humble and down to earth as well.

  25. phil landers
    phil landers08-20-2012

    PLEASE, those of you out there who keep requesting for DAG. Just put a bucket over your head and scream into it, occasionally interrupt your screaming, make a non-sequitur then continue screaming maniacally.

  26. kevin

    Please put a small warning at the front of the show if you are recording the sirens of fire trucks or ambulances and broadcasting them during the show. I almost had a total freak out trying to figure out where the hell the damn sirens were coming from as I rolled my rig into a very large intersection. Not funny.

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