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Adam welcomes Matt Atchity of Rotten Tomatoes to the studio first. Adam discusses the success of Seth MacFarlane’s film, Ted, and then compares the RT scores to that of The Hammer. Adam also rants about LA traffic on the freeway, and the guys listen to a new segment of the Showgirls commentary. Matt then talks with Adam about a wide variety of great summer films, and even discusses some films that have yet to be released.

Next up, Evan Seinfeld and Rusty Coones enter the studio after literally just receiving word that they’ll be touring in the fall. Adam then talks with Rusty about riding with the Hell’s Angels, and talks with Evan about the band Biohazard and his journey to form Attika 7. Later the guys talk about the harms of steroid use, and go into details about prison politics.

In the last part of the show, Alison presents the news. First up, a story about Villaraigosa potentially running for Governor of California and even President one day. The guys also talk about some drama involving Artie Lange, and Adam reminds everyone about the book premiere they taped together. The last news story is about Snoop Dogg changing his name, and the guys also talk about him being banned from Norway for pot.


Hear the debut album from supergroup Attika 7, ‘Blood of My Enemies’. You can click through our Amazon link, or visit http://Attika7.com.

Also be sure to check out http://RottenTomatoes.com, and follow Matt on Twitter @MAtchity.


Adam and Artie Preview

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Derp

    More A list guests! Mike August bringer of stars!

  2. MC White
    MC White07-31-2012

    I sure as hell hope Adam asks about Little Lupe, Evan’s porn girlfriend! Last I heard, she had been arrested for using under age talent on her website. Please, please please ask about this Adam!!!

    VIVA LA RAZA07-31-2012

    WOW look at that picture! I had a feelen Adam was a member of the KKK but I didnt think he wold invite his racest buddies onto the podcast!

    • Mark J
      Mark J08-01-2012

      Are you kidding evan seinfeld married lupe fuentes!!!! What’s racist about that?!

      • Adam's a Racist
        Adam's a Racist08-01-2012

        Stop feeding this guy. He’s bullshitting you and everyone else. He doesn’t really believe the things he says. He just wants reactions.

  4. Silent Running
    Silent Running07-31-2012

    Hmmm. I wonder about a guy who marries a porn star.

    • MC White
      MC White08-02-2012

      What about a guy who married two porn stars, bitch?

  5. liberalsRstupid

    My wife dragged me kicking and screaming to a Rotten tomatoes restaurant once. Hated it…

  6. Dolphin Shorts
    Dolphin Shorts07-31-2012

    These guys are hardcore as fawkkkkk!

  7. Katie


    Thank you for inspiring me to create art once again! The gay, pimp Colonel Sanders was quite the mental image today. In fact it was so great that I couldn’t keep the image strictly mental, I HAD to make it visual. Enjoy!


    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle08-01-2012

      Welcome back.

    • Back sack& Ass crack
      Back sack& Ass crack08-01-2012

      Katie,We remember the Colonel in death to this day,you…Not so much.

      • Katie

        well then good thing i didn’t die? i’m not quite sure what this is… an homage to the colonel? or an insult to me not being the colonal? either way, i just wanted to draw a gay colonel and i accomplished that shit

        case closed

    • Silent Running
      Silent Running08-01-2012

      Welcome back
      Your dreams were your ticket out
      Welcome back…

  8. andrew

    all about independent and do it yourself… as you get a call to do the rockstar corporation sponsored tour? hey picture the people who listen to this band…… ugh. fake corporate frat guy dude-bro rock – goes perfect with a rockstar energy drink and a tapout shirt. ‘sounds like a short book’ I was very impressed at alison for not being afraid to call someone on being a douche just because they have $15000 worth of tatoos and a sunburned giant hells angel behind him.

  9. John

    Great episode!

  10. Anniepatra

    Hilarious! Adam talks about the aggressive, douche-bag metal dad with the stupid skull t-shirt and then has Attika7 on as guests.

    Oh how I love irony and hypocrisy!!!

    • Insan

      “You cannot imagine how wrong you are.” Adam was referring to the guys with Tap Out and Affliction shirts that drink Monster energy drinks. The guests are metal band members that ride motorcycles. Not even remotely the same kinds of people but nice try.

      • Anniepatra

        Sure. No overlap there at all.

        • Insan

          You’re forgetting that Carolla has also called Mountain Dew “nectar of the ‘tards” and then went ahead and did a commercial for them. He doesn’t give a shit. He’d have Tony Villar on the show if he could.

          • Anniepatra

            Yes. And he did a Subway commercial too! He either thinks listeners have a short memory or, as you say, he just doesn’t give a shit. I’m leaning towards not giving a shit also.

            Gotta say though, Insan, I’d PAY to hear a Villar interview. ;o)

  11. Bradley

    Some one needs to remind Artie Lange the story of John Candy, John Belushi, and Chris Farley.

    • Piss

      Artie would rather fuck a whore and stuff his gullet with a pile of White Castle burgers than listen to advice.

  12. weskanaloa

    Awesome episode – It’s nice to have guests that could keep up and were interested enough to keep up with the pace and humour of the show.

  13. dave

    is there a more douchebag getup than the bandanna with the top hat? no. there is not.

    • Piss

      Prove your balls are big enough and say it to his face.

      • dave

        any day, any time. would love to

        • Poochie's Uncle
          Poochie's Uncle08-03-2012

          The bravery of being out of range.

      • Mattchiz

        So a douchebag isn’t a douchebag if he can kick someone’s ass? Guys with inflated gym rat egos are some of the biggest douchebags in the room.

  14. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent08-01-2012

    When I first saw the episode photo I thought this was a special show featuring wrestlers…fuck! I’m a disappoint!

  15. Johnny Utah
    Johnny Utah08-01-2012

    Bodhi, this is your fucking wake-up call man. I am an F–B–I agent

  16. sloov

    Let’s not pay attention to the science of fucking morons yelling at children http://psychcentral.com/blog/archives/2010/11/26/scared-straight-not-really/

    • Cody

      There is no science in that report. It is just gives vague interpretations of other studies. I don’t see any numbers or solid facts.

  17. yuk yuks
    yuk yuks08-01-2012

    You booked the wrong Seinfeld …

  18. Peanut

    WOW, this episode sucked.

    • Caveman73

      You suck.

  19. Mark

    Evan Seinfeld has a really small dick for a guy in porn, or just a normal guy in real life.

  20. DrunktankDan

    Awesome podcast guys. . .
    One thing about Hell’s Angels: they always act all tough and shut up (or shut you up) when you ask them any sort of organization related questions but I suspect they secretly like the opportunity to look badass. I prospected years ago and saw that same reaction a billion times.

  21. May Kadoode
    May Kadoode08-01-2012

    Penis Vagina – Little Lupe (Fuentes)

  22. TCWNY

    Which one’s Matt??

  23. Balki

    Attika7 sounds like a fucking local “metal” band that a bunch of adolescents would imagine. They sound like it too. Top notch guests today…

  24. Zach

    Two best parts of the episode:
    1. Evan Seinfeld: “You gotta just grab the world by the horns…”
    2. Ace: “Sounds like a Warren Zevon album.” *silence*

    What a couple of buffoons! (Don’t tell them I said that.)

  25. stnuntrnd

    Asked about the video of Artie at Adam’s book launch, Lynch said “shopping it around for as wide
    a distribution as possible.” What distribution other than on Adam’s website?

  26. Alex

    “What’s the deal with pornstars, are they porn or are they stars?!” -Evan Seinfeld

  27. Hwy 101
    Hwy 10108-01-2012

    What’s the point of Snoop Dog changing his name as he’s too high to remember the new name.
    Viva la Raza should change his name to Viva la Maricones.

  28. Ryan

    Great job booking 2 nobody guests. Who the hell cares about these 2 rednecks and their unknown band?

  29. englishlaundry

    I thought having music guests would turn out to be another snore-fest (Jakob Dylan), but it turned out that only douchy musicians that have douchy musician dads are awful guests. Heavy metal rockers, who have porn-star wives, and are Hell’s Angels presidents are pretty much always interesting. Had to laugh though when Adam asked Rusty about being forced to join a gang when going into prison, when his own buddy Chris (who spent time in the clink) had answered that question when he had him on as a guest. Adam seems to only remember the things he really hates, and magically forgets stuff that actually had him engaged for a second or two.

  30. J Rock 1970
    J Rock 197008-01-2012

    Wasn’t Evan on some bad VH1 reality show with Ted Nugent & Sebastian Bach? about 3 / 4 years ago

  31. brad sherwood
    brad sherwood08-01-2012

    if everyone would just call out those hells anglels for what they are engaging in, cosplay, it might loose it’s cache.

  32. steve reaves
    steve reaves08-01-2012

    That Attika 7 pic is with the OLD line up

  33. the point man
    the point man08-01-2012

    Hilarious show. Those guys were unintentionally hilarious.

  34. 3rdMijo

    Has anyone snagged the Showgirls BCC? Is the Huell Howser shtick as annoying as I think it might be?
    I mean, for 2 bucks I’ll still get it, but I’m worried.

    • brad sherwood
      brad sherwood08-01-2012

      I’ve listened to 1/2 of it. It’s funny, but the HH stuff limits the material. They dont even reference the movie much. I dont know why Adam forces Dana G into that straight jacket again and again.

    • Lauren

      Last time Dana Gould was on I listened to the podcast like 5 times. I loved that schtick! So I got Showgirls and paid the $2. I’m 2/3rds the way through the movie and sh!t this movie is f*cking awful!!! I agree with brad sherwood, the HH makes it hard to move away from laughing about a guy who finds women unappealing and can’t tell the difference between the black characters in the movie. There were some chuckles in it, though… but it wasn’t as funny as the last time Dana was on the podcast.

      I love the podcast, though, and it’s free – so if I had to shell out $2 for something that I wasn’t wild about, oh f*cking well…

      I’m a little annoyed, though, because I don’t feel like they listened to the tape after they recorded it. If they did, they would have probably put it out there for free…

  35. Lisa

    eh…………..some of these shows are not very good. The usual team is great. I just don’t care for the guests. They are rushed in, and not very entertaining. How about not having so many guests?

  36. Gottagetiton

    Awesome episode!!!! Too bad its mostly the hater douches that leave comments on this site…

  37. Porn loser
    Porn loser08-01-2012

    what kind of man marries a porn staR? can you imagine having strangers shoot loads all over your wife for a little bit of money, what an embarresment……gross. I wonder if he can taste the dicks and assholes she licks when he kisses her. no wonder his music is so gay and shitty, its just like his breath and sexual preferences……btw, when is Artie Lang going to just die already? that guy has been wasting our time for decades

    • MC White
      MC White08-02-2012

      Hey Porn Loser:
      She is not with other men besides Evan, She is exclusive to Evan, now that he’s married to her (Tera Patrick did the same thing, in case you didn’t research that either). Why don’t you do a little less judging, and a little more fucking. You might be happier.

      Lupe has hours of video with other cocks before she met Evan. ‘kay? Are we cool now?

      Fuck off Porn Loser!!!

      MC White

      • mrsmiley89

        You obviously do not know much about anything. Its not about who they choose to have sex with (just their husband) Its these porn stars and many other men and women are very screwed up, because of their childhood or whatever it is, they do not have good relationships. And they treat each other like shit. That is what adam always complains about, idiots like these having kids.

  38. El Gordo Loco
    El Gordo Loco08-01-2012

    My preconceptions for Tptal Recall is that it is going to be a piece of crap. Philip K. Dick had so many great stories to choose from, and the ones already used were successfull (Blade Runner, Minority Report, Total Recall, Paycheck, etc..) that selecting a remake over a new story automatically tells me its driven by money and not in the interest of making a great movie

  39. Bob Buttface
    Bob Buttface08-01-2012

    I really liked New World Disorder. The other Biohazard albums I’ve ever heard were pretty mediocre. It’s a shame that Evan Seinfeld appears to be such a douche.

  40. Fred

    I was disappointed when I saw Evan Seinfeld was the guest this morning. I’m just not a fan.

    First, he ruins Tera Patrick for the rest of us and virtually bankrupted her career.

    Then he quit/got himself fired from Biohazard (right after the original lineup had reunited for a new record and world tour, no less, because he chose the porn biz, once again, over his brothers)

    BUT Despite all of that, I really enjoyed his and Rusty Coones’ appearance on today’s podcast. Both of them were lively and fun on mic and interacted wonderfully with Adam and Alison. I feel both of them, Rusty especially, have some great stories to tell they didn’t get too deeply into today.

    I’d gladly listen to them on the show again.

    But there’s no way in hell I’m buying an Attika 7 record. Barf.

  41. drb123

    These were a real set of dirtbag guests. No guest is better than guests like these

  42. Dragos4s20

    I don’t always agree with Adam, and not every guest is awesome, but I don’t understand all the negative comments. If you do not like something, don’t listen to it anymore. Keep up the good work Adam and Alison.

    • Quiet Monk
      Quiet Monk08-02-2012

      Just like Adam and the 80’s music station he hates, huh?

  43. The Anal Intruder
    The Anal Intruder08-02-2012

    Rusty says that he is totally legit now after serving time for guns and drugs. Of course that is the same thing he claimed prior to being busted and going to prison. I give him a year before he’s back inside and looking for new ways to manipulate the public.
    I do wish Adam would have brought up his dislike of loud pipes and ape hanger bars with Rusty, or his dislike of neck tattoos with Evan.

  44. Jefferson Fetters
    Jefferson Fetters08-02-2012

    Seattle’s got these signs all along the freeway (about what to do when you have a “fender bender”)…here’s a link to a photo (from somewhere else in the country) ~


  45. MC White
    MC White08-02-2012

    Favorite part: you can get 50% on porn star link affiliation. “Fuck Amazon.” Porn is better! Awesome, he earned that plug, putting down the other sponsor.

    Evan, you pick hot women, but you are still a douche nozzle.

    MC White

  46. MC White
    MC White08-02-2012

    I really wish you had done some research, and found out about Lupe Fuentes being arrested for using under age talent on her site. Last I heard, she was in some foreign country, and didn’t hear a damn thing after that. Thanks a lot, CBS News!

    Also, Evan, douche, bring your damn wife into the studio, if she’s just in the other room! Shit man! Let’s get some female on the podcast!!! I need some action, bitches!

    • MC White
      MC White08-02-2012

      Not that Allison isn’t the sexist woman on Podcast Planet right now, I just know she’s a nice girl who doesn’t fuck around like porn stars. Love it!!!

  47. Mat

    This is one of the funniest episodes in recent memory. Nice job guys!

  48. Juicefactory3300

    Agree with a lot of the douchebag observations. Having said that I felt plenty awkward for those guys during Adam’s somewhat disturbing gay prison raping rant-skit. Wow, calm down there Adam. Yikes.

    Also agree with some unimpressed with any H.A affiliations. Some douche might think it’s cool some guy is a big old tough guy or imagines they live some manly lives earning cash through fightin and motorcycle repairs but here is the ugly reality – they live off others. They would take Adam’s 19 year old ‘hate their Dad’ daughters, get them high and make them suck off truckers. They make money from selling shlt drugs to people. They take things from people who ‘owe them’ and use those people. They steal from people.
    Behind the ‘big ole burly teddy bears’ is a lot of cheap, sleazy, users, manipulators and sucking the life off of other often weaker vulnerable people. Not something badass or cool or admirable.

    • Big Sky
      Big Sky08-02-2012

      Agree on what the MC guys do routinely. Adam is dangerously naive to push buttons with these guys as he asks dumb questions, in public, in regard to MC business. There is a line which one must be wary about approaching with them. The problem is, the line moves; they decide where it is today and are utterly remorseless when it comes to their approach to problems, violence being their first, best option. People can crack wise about the relative douche bag qualities, but should be aware of whom they are mocking. That dog will bite.

  49. Shannon

    These guys are BUTTHEADS!

  50. Aceman

    I knew a girl once with a Rusty Coones

  51. Chic Feel Gay
    Chic Feel Gay08-02-2012

    I MC White gets VD from his mom and dies soon. that guy is the crud that gets stuck in the douchenozzle when Tara Patrick is wiping the disease infested loads off her herpelips…….,yuck

    • MC White
      MC White08-03-2012

      Wow! You got balls dude, you kiss your mama with those lips? I didn’t think so, bitch.

  52. Mr Writing III
    Mr Writing III08-02-2012

    Better off not having guests than having guests of this caliber. Just take calls for an hour rather than this.

  53. mrsmiley89

    Evan Seinfeld is a douche bag..i do not like guys like him..i am guessing he treats women like shit. He gives other men a bad name. To me he seems like a guy that would have raped a few girls when he was a teenager…maybe that is just me. Please do not have him on the show anymore.

    • MC White
      MC White08-03-2012

      Give him a chance, don’t make assumptions about stereotypes, hasn’t Adam taught you anything?

  54. George

    My god, what a homely group of guests.

    Eh, nice to not see so much political crap on the board for a day.

  55. marty

    I must have missed the beginning of this show…still have no idea who these guys are and really don’t care.

  56. goatfucker

    i uusually don’t know most of carollas guests, but i always give them a shot & its pretty good.
    but WTF can’t you captaion the goddamn names in order under the picture?????
    are you fucking retarded? it didn’t make sense trying to refrence the interview to the pic so i had to fucking google to figure out who was fucking who?
    why would you randomly scatter names under a picture of obscure guests????, WTF

  57. JPat

    How does that dude get a sunburned neck with that long, beard-curtain hanging off of his chin?

  58. rjvaldez

    Give Evan a chance, he’s quite the stant up guy, honorable to his word and very hard working for his family. How he treats women you ask, with extreme kindness. He treats others the way he would want to be treated.

    For all of you that dont know Attika7, you will. stay tuned to http://www.rockstaruproar.com and http://www.attika7.com

    stay humble and mature people.

  59. Mike G
    Mike G08-07-2012

    Hey look its the guy from revenge of the nerds!

  60. Jeff Smith
    Jeff Smith08-08-2012

    Evan Seinfeld is a bitch. Biohazard sucks. Stick to screwing washed up porn stars because you sure can’t play metal.

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