Adam and Erin Brockovich

Adam and Erin Brockovich

  1. dutchpig

    I was a little worried about this one but Adam and Erin did a great job and she’s got a great rack! Hubba Hubba

  2. Big Al
    Big Al12-20-2011

    “They’re called boobs, Ed.”

  3. ssalinas

    I was surprised she was so clueless about population health and epidemiology. FYI Erin, disease mapping and origination is nothing new. Academic institutions have been doing this for years. She would be better of partnering with an institution with some credibility and sticking to publicizing the issues.

    • Kevin

      @Ssalinas, I think Erin wants to bring these issues to the public, and what better way to do it than through Google. It’s a good idea to integrate the power of Google Maps with disease and give these utilities to cancer patients.

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