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Adam and Erin Brockovich

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At the top of the podcast, Adam thanks everyone for their kind words and support regarding his buddy Phillip the Juggler. The guys also watch a video of him, then Alison starts up the news. Time Magazine has awarded ‘the protestor’ as the person of the year, and Adam shares his thoughts on why he’s alright with protestors around the world. They also discuss a possible cell phone ban in cars, and a Christmas edition of Germany or Florida.

Erin Brockovich then joins the podcast, and Adam asks her what it’s like to have a movie based on her life. They flash back to where she grew up, and how she ultimately educated herself and got the job that skyrocketed her career. Later, they discuss an oil platform in the middle of Beverly Hills, and Erin talks about using the internet to unite people and share information about where problems are occurring.

Back to the news, a new world record has been set for most people doing jumping jacks in a 24-hour period. Alison also shares some stories from her playground days, and discusses some of the debunked rumors about the human brain. As the show wraps up, the guys talk about the nature of cinnamon sticks, and the 10 most popular US Christmas trees.


Visit http://Brockovich.com and pick up a copy of Erin’s new book, ‘Hot Water.’

Phillip the Juggler

Rich Eisen Football

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  1. dick manclaw
    dick manclaw12-20-2011


    • bobby

      I don’t know if Bald Bryan is trying to bring back rick rolling or what, but these jokes have a limited lifespan….knock that off and let Adam speak.

      • Ledgewood

        He’s never gonna give it up. Never gonna let it down. Never gonna around and desert it.

  2. stnuntrnd

    when is video for this episode on Ustream?

    • garysmith

      Later tonight or tomorrow every ustream show for this week will be uploaded. So if you have a ustream account you’ll get a few shows before they go out as podcasts. This was done in an effort to give everyone at Ace Broadcasting some time off and not force someone to come in every night to stream the pre-recorded shows. Thanks for your patience

      • stnuntrnd

        Thanks for the clarification. We’ve now got Norm and ACE Awards episodes on Ustream, is Erin B episode still pending?

  3. Backdoor Nugget
    Backdoor Nugget12-20-2011

    wow. great puppies.

    she is way hotter than Roberts.

  4. Dan Carrol
    Dan Carrol12-20-2011

    Best show in the world, right here.

    Keep it going Adam and crew!

    • Bobby

      I think you’re right. Just google “Erin Brockovich is a fraud”. Tons of convincing articles from varied and reputable sources. Great show though.

      • Steve

        Clearly, because the internet is always right.

    • Patrick Greene
      Patrick Greene12-22-2011

      That’s great… quoting from a right wing propaganda blog as if it’s news. You’re sad.

  5. JessMan

    as a lawyer, i’d say she’s the tits

  6. Ledgewood

    Still rockin that signature cleavage. Alright.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle12-21-2011

      If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  7. HamiltonNJ

    Kinda disappointed you didn’t ask Ms. Brockovich why her firm took more than the agreed upon 40% of the 333 million dollar settlement and why she basically became exactly like the dickhead villains she was initially going after. Oh her response to the tiny fact that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s own risk information concluded that “no data were located in the available literature that suggested that (Chromium 6) is carcinogenic by the oral route of exposure.” The substance has been shown to cause cancer only through inhalation of large doses over many years. High-dose tests in rodents and dogs failed to demonstrate ill effects.

    Woulda been nice to hear what she had to say about all of this…or if she would fess up to finding a way to make a ton of money by exploiting people’s health.

    • Stoney

      Well said. Ace you need to call these leeches out!

  8. cg

    Brockovich is a fraud. Came out about a year ago that incidence of cancer in that town were actually a little lower than the national average. Just one of the wild inaccuracies from that joke of a movie.

  9. rushbaby

    Nice show. I believe that Erin is the first guest to ever get Adam to stop talking. It was almost like a real interview!

  10. chucker

    Amazon.com is responsible for a race to the bottom where communities are starved of local sales tax because Amazon pays none and small stores will close due to the price check competition further exasperating the problem.

    I wish Adam would quit hawking this enterprise until Amazon adopts some social justice standards.

    • Mark

      Maybe the solution is to abolish sales tax to level the playing field. Maybe cities shouldn’t have such bloated fucking budgets that they take from the citizens.

    • Gooch McNooch
      Gooch McNooch12-20-2011

      Social justice is just a code word for the government taking one persons money by force and giving it to someone else to buy their vote. If Amazon can get goods to the masses at the cheapest possible price and cut out the taxman, then rock on AMAZON!!!!

      • Bobby

        You are absolutely right!!! Social justice my ass. Call it what it is lefties…. Marxist redistribution of wealth- which is totally alien and hostile to our founding principles of individual liberty & freedom with limited government directly accountable to We The People, as opposed to ruling, dictating, and babysitting an infantilized population.

      • People's Republic of Vermont
        People's Republic of Vermont12-22-2011

        Considering the record level of income disparity, the FACT that those responsible for the present economic troubles haven’t been held accountable, the bank bailout, the AIG bailout, and the Bush taxcuts a little redistribution of wealth at this moment in time is desirable.

        Speaking of our “founding principles” and “individual liberty”, it’s doubtful that while the Constitution was in the process of being authored the founding fathers ever had corporate lobbying, sub prime lending, and unregulated/unaccounted for credit default swaps in mind.

    • RobK

      Let me guess: small business owner.

      And this apocalypse you speak of consists of some small (overpriced, tax-collecting) shops closing and people having to shop online at sites like Amazon, get what they want for the lowest price and not be forced to fork over a cut to the State, which does nothing to deserve it and wastes it anyway.

      I might be able to live with that.

  11. Elliot

    Interesting article about the Erin Brockovich movie among others:

  12. Straight Dave
    Straight Dave12-20-2011

    Alison- I always kinda liked you until just now that I heard you complained about butts-up. That was the best game of my childhood.

  13. GuyDudeBro

    Lmao… you are like an indian with big boobs

  14. Derrick

    Great Show!

  15. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee12-20-2011

    Narcissible – Urban Dictionary

  16. Flatulator

    I want to liberate her feed bags.

  17. jpmoneypants

    Get a hands free rich guy. I hate having to be overly defensive on the road because of the retards on their phones. Its a public safety issue (and a huge one if you look at the stats). Baseball games are not the same as you choose to go there. There’s no other choice for the roads.

  18. Ruben

    Ace-man! please let people know how you measure your cock- I believe you said start from the center of the anus just pass the tip?

    Sniff! yeaaaaah! Get it on.

  19. Fenom


  20. Mark

    “Back to Africa tree” – Alison

    I love you Alison. But not because of your wit. Rather because you are a stone cold fox.

    • dbtoppers

      This. I don’t even know what the fug this means. But, you’re smokin Alison

  21. Wall-E

    You described a mash up of 3 awesome games we played…but being Seattleites we were more sophisticated in our playground rules…..Wall Ball was a tennis ball and a wall, and if you bobbled it you had to run to the wall and touch it before someone else picked the ball up and hit the wall with it, 3 lives and you were out

    Then muff was the one where you had to go butts up against a wall, and it was with a soccer ball….much more painful and dangerous

    But we also played smear the queer, which was the most simple: whoever had the football was the queer and everybody else tried to tackle them….great fun but it got shut down for some reason…so we played tackle football without pads

  22. Wall-E

    and to Chucker….the word you’re searching for is “exacerbating” ….not quite exasperating and not quite masterbating.

    You’re welcome.

  23. Brazilana

    Why no Ustream show for this one???

    • garysmith

      Later tonight or tomorrow every ustream show for this week will be uploaded. So if you have a ustream account you’ll get a few shows before they go out as podcasts. This was done in an effort to give everyone some time off and not force someone to come in every night to stream the pre-recorded shows. Thanks for your patience

  24. Juiceman3001

    Hate to say this but I got a bad feeling this is exactly the kind of lawyer who gives the lawyers that reputation of being bloodsuckers and the Ace-complaint of screwing up the whole country into lawsuits over nothing. I might have liked to see her challenged on this to some degree but then again her and her people would sue Adam for 300 million for some you-cant-prove-its-not-true pollution crimes.

  25. Dean


    That “butts up” drop made sitting through this interview bearable. Keep that one in rotation.

    • Poopy McDoodyhead
      Poopy McDoodyhead12-21-2011

      Amen! That repeated “Butts Up” drop had me in stitches!!! 😀

    • jjthejetplane

      I know! I laughed every time I heard it for some reason.

    • Braying Sports Aficionado
      Braying Sports Aficionado12-21-2011

      But where was the “Look what’s in my butt!!!” Alison drop during all of the Butts Up talk?!?!? Missed opportunity dude!!! …. SNIFF!

  26. Matt Smith
    Matt Smith12-20-2011

    Sorry for posting this each show. Can’t get it noticed any other way: I made an extension for google chrome that reminds you to go through adam’s amazon link if you had instead typed in amazon.com directly. That’s all it does. No spying. I made this because I kept forgetting to click this link myself. Search the google chrome extension gallery for “Adam Amazon”. Email me for source if you want to check or if you want to help me make it better. Let’s make this popular on our own and help Adam out!

  27. Cronus

    I really don’t like that Allison told her dad about butts up, that is such a pussy thing to do

    • Ledgewood

      She was 8.

  28. Will

    Question: Did Adam ever fully express why he hates telepictures and what happened recently? Listening to old episode and reminded me. Cheers.

  29. BigMonya

    that Brokovich is full of shit

  30. duke lacrosse
    duke lacrosse12-20-2011

    once again a pontentualy boring interview turned compelling thanks to the ace man. thank you Ace and crew

  31. Leaf blower hater
    Leaf blower hater12-21-2011

    Everyone, I started a petition to stop the use of leaf blowers, here’s the link


    its easy to sign with facebook.

    Thanks everbody

  32. Aaron

    Aceman, I’ve been using your Amazon click through a lot, can you please spend some of that money on a stylist or at least a trip to Target for some new clothes (even Target would be a step up from some of the stuff we’ve seen you in!)

    You look like a semi-homeless 60 year old in the NFL clip!! Disheveled, white socks with black shoes, old man cap… c’mon Ace, you don’t have to dress like a model, but step it up a notch buddy!

  33. Susie

    Loved this show! I feel like Erin is the only one that can really talk over Adam and get away with it : )
    Also– HOLY SHIT- re: Beverly Hills High! WTF were they thinking??

  34. Brad

    There’s nothing more pathetic and cringe-inducing than Bryan fishing for opportunities to use f*cked-out drops: “Hey, Adam, how about doing this as a PSA?” “Hey, Adam, what do you call a pie made out of cherries?” “Hey, Adam, how about if we did this in 1987?”

  35. Matt

    A lot of hate. You don’t like it don’t listen. Love the drops Bald Bryan.

  36. Claudio

    Loved this!

  37. Backdoor Nugget
    Backdoor Nugget12-22-2011

    Ace was either being intentionally obtuse or he was WAY out of his depth. either way, not a good look.

    and i’m surprised Brockovich didn’t mention Tort Law ‘reform’. she may well be such a massive egotistical self-promoter that it doesn’t fall in her scope or she thought the topic wouldn’t fly with us dumb-arsed Carolla fans (most likely).

    still, boobies & push-up bras scored many a mention so not a complete waste of pod.

  38. RobK

    Those PSA’s were funny as shit. Retire some of the overused bits and do those now and again.

  39. SLD

    Wow, she sounds a lot like Julia Roberts.

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