Sen. Ted Cruz, Bryan Callen, Brendan Schaub and Matt Atchity

Sen. Ted Cruz calls in to chat with Adam about the latest Republican Debate and his proposed flat tax. Plus, Bryan Callen and Brendan Schaub discuss why making money doesn’t make you happier, and Matt Atchity hosts a Christmas-themed round of the Rotten Tomatoes Game.

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Kevin Sorbo

Kevin Sorbo is in studio for a podcast about the importance of father figures, his multiple strokes while filming Hercules, and more on Seth MacFarlane’s amazing Christmas party.

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Michael Rapaport and Jo Koy

Michael Rapaport sits down for a podcast about making docs, Gina’s history with KISS, and what Adam should ask Donald Trump in his upcoming interview. Plus, Jo Koy helps comment on the worst Christmas song ever written.

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Adam, Gina and Bryan

Adam, Gina and Bryan chat about Adam’s whirlwind weekend; from Kevin Costner’s incredible snow day, to Seth MacFarlane’s epic holiday party. Plus Sonny and Natalia discuss why Adam is such a cool dad.

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Illeana Douglas

Illeana Douglas sits down for a podcast about her success in Hollywood, growing up in a hippie commune, and the movies everyone was way too young to experience when they saw them. The gang also shares their favorite holiday tunes.

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